Chapter 1259: Dragon King Onslaught

"Roar!" A thunderous dragon's roar abruptly rang out, and Tang Wulin's body swelled once again to seven meters tall. The scales brought to him by his Golden Dragon Body were far thicker and heavier than before, and layers of them stacked on top of one another. An extremely fearsome aura erupted from his body, and his Golden Dragon Spear expanded along with his body. A layer of dragon scales had also appeared over the surface of the spear as if it had been influenced by Tang Wulin's power.

A burst of piercing golden light suddenly erupted from Tang Wulin's body, and it extended forward to form a long golden path that instantly struck the branch chairman. At the same time, Tang Wulin's aura also swelled to its peak.

At this moment, his heart was filled solely with violence and slaughter. The yearning he had felt for his parents for so many years had already been transformed into the purest hatred. It was as if his Golden Dragon King bloodline had truly been set alight, and he was completely plunged into a state of mindless violence.

The effect of the Violent Golden Dragon Domain seemed to have become several dozenfold more potent, and this wasn't all that prominent to everyone else, but Tang Wulin was benefitting immensely from it.

"Boom!" The branch chairman's entire body was instantly illuminated into a golden color, but at the same time, he unleashed a layer of white light that abruptly exploded as a light barrier. The explosive force generated as a result propelled him into the distance, thereby allowing him to evade the direct trajectory of Tang Wulin's Path of Regal Domination.

However, just because he was able to evade it didn't mean everyone else could as well. Around a dozen Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters had arrived on the scene, and they immediately suffered a gruesome fate.

Tang Wulin's Path of Regal Domination seemed to be releasing a burst of invisible suction force that drew in all of the Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters within a range of several dozens of meters. These Soul Masters were then all reduced to golden statues before exploding into nothingness.

A'Ruheng had always thought that his own battle methods were already quite violent, but what Tang Wulin was currently putting on display could no longer just be referred to as violent; it was borderline deranged!

Even his closest friends were only seeing this side of him for the very first time, and they were slightly rooted to the spot, which prevented them from working together with him from the get-go. In any case, the current Tang Wulin didn't seem to require any assistance anyway.

The golden path continued to linger in the air, and Tang Wulin's massive body sprang up before crashing into a purple mecha.

The mecha was instantly stained golden in color before it was torn apart and thrown aside like a rag doll by Tang Wulin's left golden dragon claw.

Yue Zhengyu gulped in awe at the sight of Tang Wulin's rampage. "Is this what Boss fights like when he's serious?"

"Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub!" A powerful heartbeat rang out from A'Ruheng's body, and he thumped himself vigorously on the chest while the sound of the heartbeat struck all of the oncoming Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters with a sense of disorientation. The two Titled Douluos were stopped in their tracks by him, and he immediately attacked them with his massive fists.

A dazzling saber projection flashed up above like a bolt of lightning, and a Titled Douluo who attempted to attack Tang Wulin from the side was instantly sent flying.

Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng were both still only Titled Douluos, but they already possessed Hyper Douluo level combat prowess. The Spirit Pagoda had a total of seven Titled Douluos on the scene, but the only Hyper Douluo among their ranks was the branch chairman, and over half of them had been stopped in their tracks by Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng.

Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan had also released their suits of battle armor. Domain halos appeared beneath their feet, reflecting the complete suits of three-word battle armor that they were wearing.

Yuanen Yehui's suit of three-word battle armor was yellowish-brown in color, and had a very heavy and sturdy appearance. She was wielding a pair of giant hammers, and these weapons were truly gigantic!

Even in her Titan Giant Ape form, the hammers were disproportionately massive, and they appeared to be of a similar size to the mecha war hammers that Tang Wulin had once obtained, except the metals used and the method through which they were crafted were completely different.

Tang Wulin had expended a lot of effort on Yuanen Yehui's hammers, and just sourcing a sufficient amount of metal for them had been quite a tall order. If it weren't for the support in resources offered to them by the Tang Sect, there was no way that he could've completed the hammers, and they weren't actually a part of the designs for Yuanen Yehui's suit of three-word battle armor to begin with.

The two hammers were eight meters in length each, and their diameters were three and a half meters. They had been constructed from a type of siderite, and their most prominent trait lay in their weight. This type of siderite wasn't particularly precious, but a vast amount of it had been used to construct the pair of hammers. The two hammers contained a total of seven tons of this material, and the main function of their internal core circuits was to nullify the detrimental effect their enormous weight had on Yuanen Yehui's control over them. Due to the sheer size of the hammers, she could only use them in her Titan Giant Ape form. The core circuits of the hammers also significantly bolstered how resolute they were, and according to the calculations of the Tang Sect's mecha makers, these two giant hammers possessed sufficient defensive prowess to allow them to survive direct attacks from all soul missiles at or below the seventh grade.

The hammers only had a single offensive special effect: obliteration! All physical matter struck by the hammers would have to endure the explosive might of this special effect, and that made the hammers truly fearsome weapons of destruction. They weren't divine weapons, but on a battlefield, particularly one that included mechas, they were even more effective than the average divine weapon.

The main weapons crafted by the Tang Sect's mecha makers for Yuanen Yehui's black mecha was also a pair of giant hammers.

At this moment, she was swinging her hammers toward a Titled Douluo while hurtling toward him with unstoppable force, and the Titled Douluo was struck by a sense of asphyxiation, as if the surrounding air were about to be shattered. As a result, he hurriedly flew backward in a panicked retreat, not daring to face her attacks head-on.

Ye Xinglan's suit of battle armor was of a bright silver color, and there seemed to be countless stars shimmering within the dazzling crystalline metal. Her Stargod Sword glowed the brightest of all, and specks of starlight erupted around her before surging toward her opponent's saber martial soul.

This Titled Douluo was only a two-word battle armor master, and the disparity between their suits of battle armor compensated for the gap in their cultivation ranks. However, Ye Xinglan's understanding of the way of the sword was far superior to before. It was as if she had transformed into starlight that had surrounded her opponent, rendering him completely unable to escape.

"Don't judge a bun by its folds!" Xu Lizhi's seventh soul ring suddenly lit up, and he transformed into a massive steamer before rapidly rotating on the spot, sending one purplish-black Destructive Explosive Bun after another flying toward the surrounding enemies with unerring accuracy. It was also at this moment that dazzling starlight erupted, and streaks of starlight appeared in the perfect places to cut off the Spirit Pagoda's oncoming reinforcements.

Several kilometers away, Li Yun was standing on the top floor of the tallest building in Spirit Wave City, spectating this battle from afar. 

He was a veteran member of the Tang Sect, so he had naturally cultivated the Purple Demon Eyes, and he had already mastered the third stage. Hence, despite the fact that he was so far away, the battle was virtually unfolding right before his eyes as far as he was concerned.

His eyelids twitched involuntarily at the sight of the Spirit Pagoda branch chairman detonating his own power to propel himself away from Tang Wulin.

As expected, he really was no ordinary Soul Sage! What kind of aura was this?

Even from several kilometers away, he could sense the terrifying aggression, and the dazzling golden light was almost too scintillating to behold. Even this old rival of his had been frightened into retreat.

The Spirit Pagoda's branch chairman was the Air Douluo, Hua Tao. He and Li Yun had been rivals for many years, and even though Li Yun had constantly managed to maintain an upper hand throughout their rivalry, the advantage he held was far from a decisive one.

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