Chapter 1258: Peerless Killing Intent

They were Tang Wulin's most important trump cards, and he hadn't even revealed them when he was being abducted by Na Nali. However, in order to rescue his parents, he had summoned these Great Beasts to aid him.

A golden visor appeared over his face, and he handed his father over to the Beautiful Silk Tulip. Meanwhile, the Delicate Inferno Apricot Flower and the other Great Beasts carried Lang and the three other panicked women with her out of the room.

Tang Wulin's eyes were filled with unbridled fury, and his palpable killing intent was emanating from his body. He held onto his Golden Dragon Spear and strode out of the room. He had a spiritual connection with the Beautiful Silk Tulip, so he could constantly monitor Tang Ziran's condition while the Beautiful Silk Tulip used its energy as an immortal plant to nourish his body.

Tang Wulin charged out of the room, and at this point, blaring sirens had already rung out across the entire level.

As soon as Tang Wulin emerged, he was greeted by a series of soul lasers, and it was at this moment that he displayed his prowess on the battlefield.

He activated his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body and stomped his right foot onto the ground without taking any evasive measures. A series of golden dragon's rose up before revolving around him, keeping all of the oncoming attacks at bay.

Meanwhile, Bluesilver Emperor vines intertwined to form a protective barrier that shielded everyone behind him. At the same time, countless spear projections erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear, and all of the weapons that had appeared from the ceiling and the walls were destroyed.

In the distance, one guard after another appeared, and all of them began to attack Tang Wulin from afar with their soul weapons. Tang Wulin's third golden soul ring lit up, and a Golden Dragon Roar erupted alongside his dragon's might. Amid the thunderous roar of fury, large swathes of Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters were felled like wheat in a harvest.

After attaining a spiritual domain, Tang Wulin's spiritual power had improved even further, and there was no way that these low and mid-grade Soul Masters would be able to withstand his Golden Dragon Roar.

After all, this was only the Dou Spirit Empire and not the Douluo Federation. They charged headfirst into the elevator, and at this point, it had already been disabled, thereby making it inaccessible.

Tang Wulin put away his Golden Dragon Spear before tearing through the wall with his golden dragon claws, forcibly plowing open a passageway through the earth.

Yellow light emanated from his Mountain Dragon King torso bone, and the earth parted for him as they rapidly ascended in a diagonally upward direction.

His heart was burning up with urgency, and he had no time for subtlety. Nothing was more important now than his father's life. The sooner they could reach the Holy Spirit Douluo, the greater the chances of his father's survival.

The entire Spirit Pagoda had already been plunged into complete turmoil. The elevators had been disabled to prevent enemies from rising up from underground, but when the higher-ups of the Spirit Pagoda piled into the elevator to descend to the underground levels, they discovered that it had already been destroyed.

Prior to tearing through the earth, Tang Wulin had destroyed the elevator's soul-power-operated system with his golden dragon claws. If he couldn't go up, then they wouldn't be able to come down, either.

"Brother Luo, once we get out of here, take my parents to find the Holy Spirit Douluo. I'll take care of everything here." After tearing through the metal walls, the earth was no longer able to pose any hindrance to his spiritual detection. Earth elements were also a part of his world, and with Tang Wulin's affinity with this entire plane, it was naturally a simple task for him to transmit his spiritual power through these earth elements.

He didn't even dare to turn around to look at his father right now as doing so could make him completely lose control. He was constantly telling himself to be calm, and the best course of action he could take now was to hold back everyone from the Spirit Pagoda while the plant-system Great Beasts took his parents away.

"But Wulin, you'll be on your own... Alright." The Beautiful Silk Tulip accepted this arrangement in the end, following which a set of golden dragons emerged from the ground amid a violent thump.

Tang Wulin used his soul power to part the earth, and the six plant-system Great Beasts immediately rushed out before rapidly traveling toward the direction that Tang Wulin had pointed out for them using his spiritual power.

As for Tang Wulin himself, he had no intention of leaving this place. His friends had already received notification from him that he was going to destroy this place.

He had initially still harbored a shred of hope toward the Spirit Pagoda. After all, this was an organization founded by the legendary Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao! The last time the Holy Spirit Cult threatened to lay waste to the continent, the Spirit Ice Douluo had spearheaded the effort to bring them down. Never did he think that the Spirit Pagoda would actually collude with the Holy Spirit Cult, and on top of that, it was yet to be seen whether his father would survive this ordeal.

He had never been so furious in his entire life, and on top of that, he was absolutely convinced that the Spirit Pagoda had to be almost directly responsible for the Shrek Academy bombing.

The entire Spirit Pagoda was in a state of turmoil, and all of the detection devices had been activated, so they naturally immediately detected Tang Wulin, who had just emerged from underground.

To the higher-ups of this Spirit Pagoda branch, the sirens blaring from underground were like alarming thunderclaps. It wouldn't be too severe an issue if their research were to be leaked, but the most important thing was that they had Evil Soul Masters from the Holy Spirit Cult down there! If those Evil Soul Masters were to be exposed, the Spirit Pagoda would be severely impacted.

Several figures descended from the top floor of the Spirit Pagoda like massive birds, and blaring sirens had rung out across almost the entire city.

Hordes of Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters were pouring out of the building, and several dozens of mechas had flown out of designated mecha openings on the building before descending onto the ground. The Spirit Pagoda branch was like a porcupine that was brandishing all of its spikes in a menacing display.

It was also right at this moment that a series of figures rushed toward Tang Wulin from behind. These were the other six members of Shrek's Seven Monsters, as well as A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi.

They had been waiting here all along, and they weren't accompanied by any of the people from the Tang Sect's Dou Spirit Empire branches. In order to not affect the overall plan, Tang Wulin had requested Li Yun to keep the members of the Tang Sect from directly participating in this matter as this was a personal affair.

"What's the situation, Boss?" Xie Xie arrived by Tang Wulin's side first, and he was stunned by Tang Wulin's current appearance.

He had never seen Tang Wulin in such a furious state, and what was even more terrifying was the violent aura emanating from his body.

Tang Wulin replied in a heavy voice, "I found my parents, but Father is on the brink of death. There were Holy Spirit Cult members in there. The Spirit Pagoda really is colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult!"

Everyone fell silent upon hearing this.

All of a sudden, A'Ruheng's body expanded drastically, and a peerlessly powerful aura erupted forth as he roared, "F*ck them up!"

Sima Jinchi didn't say anything, but he had already arrived by Tang Wulin's side, and the massive Dragonslaying Saber appeared in his grasp as his aura also swelled at an alarming rate.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters also fanned out with Tang Wulin at the forefront and Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui on either side of him. Xie Xie vanished into thin air, Xu Xiaoyan stood behind him with Xu Lizhi by her side, and Yue Zhengyu brought up the rear. The seven of them maintained a near triangular formation, and at this point, the figures descending from above had already arrived. The first to land on the ground was none other than the branch chairman of the Spirit Pagoda.

"Who dares to attack the Spirit Pagoda?"

The branch chairman was quite surprised to see Tang Wulin and the others, not because of the terrifying aura erupting from A'Ruheng's body, but instead, due to the fact that they hadn't fled the scene. This was a clear indication that they were confident in their own ability to contend with the entire Spirit Pagoda branch.

Tang Wulin didn't say anything as words couldn't express the fury in his heart. His golden visor had concealed his face, but his bloodshot eyes were still visible.

He abruptly stepped forward and stomped his right foot heavily onto the ground. A dragon's roar akin to a rumbling thunderclap immediately rang out, and was audible within a radius of several kilometers. A massive halo that was over 100 meters in diameter rose up from the ground to encompass everyone within it. The halo was comprised of countless intertwined golden dragons, and it was none other than his Violent Golden Dragon Domain. 

At the same time, Tang Wulin's body began to swell in size as pieces of battle armor emerged. This wasn't a complete set of battle armor, but he already had a helmet, visor, pauldrons, cuirass, and gauntlets.

The metal used to construct these pieces of battle armor were like golden crystals inscribed with dragon scale patterns, creating a sight of streamlined beauty. On his shoulders, he had a pair of thick and heavy pauldrons that resembled the shape of dragon claws, and his pair of Golden Dragon King wings abruptly spread open on his back. What was even more terrifying was that in that instant, Tang Wulin's aura swelled to several times its original intensity. It was as if his blood had been set alight, and golden flames had ignited over his body.

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