Chapter 1257: Tang Ziran's Dire Condition

The man in black who was sitting in a chair at the very rear of the group immediately stood up with a stunned and infuriated expression, and he waved his right hand through the air, upon which a green halo instantly appeared beneath Tang Wulin's feet. Dense green toxic mist instantly surged upward, causing Tang Wulin's movements to noticeably decelerate, and even his Fury of the Masses had been weakened to a certain extent.

One of the men in black standing near the front of the ground released his soul rings, of which there were a total of seven, consisting of two yellows, four purples, and one black. At the same time, a pair of huge inky-black axes appeared in his hands before being swept toward Tang Wulin like lightning.

Meanwhile, one of the other men in black had summoned a crimson longbow and shot an arrow at Tang Wulin from close range, while another man in black pulled out a soul tool that blasted a series of scattered pellets toward Tang Wulin amid a loud boom.

The Evil Soul Masters had reacted very quickly, releasing their martial souls to retaliate as soon as Tang Wulin unleashed his Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws.

The red arrow hurtling toward Tang Wulin was instantly destroyed, but it continued to permeate toward him as a cloud of red toxic mist. Meanwhile, the ax-wielding Evil Soul Master clashed directly with Tang Wulin's Fury of the Masses, and a string of collisions ensued. The heavy-looking axes were no match for Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear and were swept aside with ease while the spear plunged into his chest.

Even though they were both Soul Sages, there was clearly no Soul Sage who could be a match for Tang Wulin.

In response to the scattered pellets unleashed by the soul tool, Tang Wulin thrust his left hand forward, and a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines intertwined with one another to form a shield that kept the attack at bay. At the same time, a massive tulip bloomed behind him. In the face of the aura being released by the giant purple flower, all of the red mist in the air and the green mist rising up from the ground instantly melted away into nothingness.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip was the monarch of all immortal plants, and the bane of all poison!

"Roar!" A thunderous roar of fury rang out, and a giant golden dragon head appeared in front of Tang Wulin. The remaining three Evil Soul Masters shuddered in response to his roar, and the one who had been seated before displayed the least reaction, but his two companions had completely stiffened on the spot.

Tang Wulin stepped forward before sweeping his Golden Dragon Spear horizontally through the air, and a halo proliferated outward. At the same time, Bluesilver Emperor vines shot forth toward the three men in black as countless spears. The surface of every single Bluesilver Emperor vines was covered by a layer of fine thin scales, and they were hurtling through the air with peerless might.

This was his blood soul fusion skill, Blue Emperor Dragon Impaling Array!

The two Evil Soul Masters around him were only Soul Emperors, and they were instantly punched full of holes and killed on the spot. Meanwhile, the Evil Soul Master directly up ahead waved his right hand through the air, and a dark green toxic spring suddenly erupted from the ground to dispel the Blue Emperor Dragon Impaling Array.

He was the leader of all of these Evil Soul Masters, and he was a rank 91 Titled Douluo. His martial soul was the Poison Spring.

However, for some reason, in the face of this enemy who clearly possessed a far inferior cultivation rank, he felt as if he were being overwhelmed.

Right at this moment, he suddenly sensed that everything around him seemed to have slowed down, and the opponent before him had become slightly blurry and indistinct.

For some reason, the poison spring that had gushed forth suddenly began to withdraw and it was also in this instant that a speck of golden light abruptly reached him.

The Evil Soul Master's pupils contracted violently, and he was barely able to believe his own eyes. In the next instant, all of his energy was abruptly deprived from him by a burst of enormous invisible force before flowing into the spear that had run through his chest.

Tang Wulin had reverted back to his original appearance, and his entire body was covered in golden scales, giving him the appearance of a celestial deity that had descended into the mortal world.

It had only taken him less than 20 seconds to kill all of these Evil Soul Masters, including that Titled Douluo.

Ever since his spiritual power had reached the Spirit Domain realm, his aura in battle had become overwhelmingly powerful, and this also seemed to partially be the result of the Golden Dragon King bloodline's influence.

With his current level of power, it still wasn't that easy for him to take down a Titled Douluo, especially when neither of them had donned their suits of battle armor. After all, he was still only a Soul Sage.

However, perhaps it was due to the massive psychological shock that he had received or how extensively he had pondered Millennium White Clouds on the journey here, but in that instant, he was abruptly struck by a sense of enlightenment. His spiritual power took on a substantial form and warped time to a certain extent, thereby stalling the Titled Douluo for a split second, which was all the time that his Golden Dragon Spear needed to pierce through his body.

That's right, his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power had been elevated once again, and he had attained a spiritual domain!

Never did he think that he would take this all-important step at a time like this. In reality, he had already been extremely close to making this breakthrough, but if he had a choice, he would rather never attain a spiritual domain than witness what he had just seen.

His father's aura had clearly already become extremely feeble, and he didn't even dare to take him away from here.

After taking care of all of the enemies, Tang Wulin quickly helped his father down from his back while wiping away the disguise from his face, and tears were already flowing uncontrollably from his eyes.

"Father, it's me, Wulin!" He poured his soul power incessantly into his father's body to maintain his vitality.

Tang Ziran forced his own eyes open with great difficulty. At this point, all of the color had left his face, and Tang Wulin could sense that his life force was close to non-existent. There wasn't even much blood flowing in his veins.

The Evil Soul Master that had just stabbed him had a Vampire Praying Mantis martial soul, so not only did he stab through Tang Ziran's heart, he had also sucked away most of Tang Ziran's blood. If Tang Wulin had arrived on the scene any later than he did, Tang Ziran would already be dead.

Only through Tang Wulin's sustained injection of soul power could he just barely cling onto life.

Tang Ziran raised his hand feebly to point toward a certain direction, and a gratified smile appeared on his face.

He was no longer capable of speech, but he was truly very happy. He didn't think that he would get a chance to see his son before he passed away. Following the passage of over 10 years, he had grown up from a little boy into a handsome and heroic adult.

This was his son!

Tang Ziran's heart was filled with elation as he witnessed Tang Wulin killing those bastards who had constantly terrorized him and his wife for the past decade. Even though his feebleness was being exacerbated by the second, his heart was filled with happiness.

He had imagined killing all of these Evil Soul Masters and destroying everything here on countless occasions, and never did he think that his son would accomplish all of this in his stead. What could make him happier than this?

Tang Wulin turned toward the direction that Tang Ziran was pointing in, and he was greeted by the sight of a metal wall. He hurriedly picked up his father in his arms before rushing toward the wall and tearing it down.

Cries of alarm rang out from the neighboring room, and there were four women in there, all of whom were wearing identical work uniforms. One of those women was none other than his mother.

Lang let loose a cry of grief at the sight of Tang Ziran before quickly rushing toward him. She had failed to recognize her own son, but she could see that her husband was on the brink of death!

"Mother!" Tang Wulin cried out with intense sorrow in his voice.

Lang had aged. She clearly had more white hairs than in the past, and more wrinkles had also appeared on her face. Her eyes were swollen and soulless, and her body shuddered violently upon hearing Tang Wulin's voice as she turned toward him in an incredulous manner.

Tang Wulin had changed far too much during the years they had been apart. He had grown from a boy into a man, but the shape of his facial features was still familiar to her, and those large clear eyes proved to her beyond a doubt that this was indeed her son.

Tears immediately gushed out of Lang's eyes, following which a horrified look appeared on her face. "Get out of here! Those bastards will kill you!"

"We're getting out of here together!" His final hope lay in the Holy Spirit Douluo. Only she would be capable of bringing her father back from the brink of death.

Bright golden light erupted from Tang Wulin's eyes, and six figures separated themselves from his body. They were none other than the six plant-system Great Beasts.

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