Chapter 1256: That Agonized Cry...

The third underground level was a world of metal. The ceiling, the walls, and the ground were all covered in thick layers of metal, and they contained clear energy fluctuations. It was no wonder that his spiritual power was unable to seep into this place; the defenses here were simply far too tight.

There were 10 armed Spirit Pagoda members standing in front of a thick and heavy metal gate up ahead.

"We've got the uniforms; this is a handwritten order from the vice-chairman." Jia Feifei strode over to the guards before handing them the order.

After Tang Wulin and Jia Feifei's identities were verified, the metal door was slowly opened. Tang Wulin discovered that this metal door was over a meter thick.

This was most likely the place. He held the uniforms and released his spiritual power beyond the door. Jia Feifei walked on ahead, making an extra effort to flaunt her thin waist and voluptuous backside, and all of the guards stared at her with desire in their eyes, thereby naturally ignoring Tang Wulin.

Unbeknownst to them, after the metal door was opened, Tang Wulin's spiritual power had quickly seeped into this metallic world to search for his parents.

Soon, he came to sense just how perilous this place was. After one's spiritual power reached a certain level, one became able to sense danger, which meant that the defense system here could pose a threat to him.

There weren't many people in here, and this level was much the same as the first floor of the Spirit Pagoda. Tang Wulin quickly felt a familiar aura within his sensory scope, and his heart immediately jolted in response.

His heart rate began to accelerate, and his hands reflexively tightened around the uniforms he was holding.

Following the passage of over 10 years, he was unable to completely ascertain whether that aura was the one that he was searching for, but it was very familiar to him. However, what was rather strange to him was that he felt no bloodline connection, which was why he wasn't able to immediately verify things.

Jia Feifei strode over to a metal door before pressing a button, and a man dressed completely in black soon emerged.

The man wore a mask that covered his entire face with holes only for his eyes, mouth, and nose, and Tang Wulin was given a massive shock at the sight of this man. He didn't know this person, but his aura was far too familiar to him. It was filled with evil and coldness, as if the entire world had no bearing on him.

He had a pair of dark purple eyes that resembled balls of purple flames, and he raised a pair of hands that were completely pale and devoid of blood.

This was an Evil Soul Master!

The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy had always speculated that the Spirit Pagoda could be connected to the Holy Spirit Cult, but how could Tang Wulin not be stunned to encounter an Evil Soul Master in such a secretive place in this Spirit Pagoda branch? He had stumbled upon this astonishing secret even before he had discovered the whereabouts of his parents.

It was now beyond a doubt that the Spirit Pagoda was colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult!

"Greetings, I'm here to bring you the uniforms you requested," Jia Feifei said in a rather timid manner.

"Hand them over." The man in black had a coarse and raspy voice, and he accepted the uniforms from Tang Wulin before closing the metal door.

The door slowly began to close, and it was quite clear that he had no intention of allowing Tang Wulin and Jia Feifei to come inside. Jia Feifei heaved an internal sigh of relief and immediately turned to leave, almost as if she were fleeing the scene. She was always struck by an indescribable sense of fear whenever she saw these people.

"Argh!" Right at this moment, an agonized cry suddenly rang out from beyond the doorway.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin sprang into action, raising a hand to catch the metal door with unerring accuracy.

The metal door was being closed mechanically, so it was moving with enormous force, but in the face of his hand, it instantly drew to a complete halt.

The man in black was walking away, and he turned toward the door again in a confused manner. He was then greeted by the sight of the thick and heavy metal door being completely torn open.

Tang Wulin didn't hesitate in the slightest as he abruptly stomped his right foot onto the ground, and violent shockwaves instantly erupted forth alongside a thunderous dragon's roar, propelling the Evil Soul Master up into the air. One golden dragon after another then rose up to catch him before crashing into his body like a series of bombs. This Evil Soul Master was at least a Soul King, but he was instantly reduced to countless scraps of flesh and blood.

Golden light flashed behind him, and Tang Wulin immediately spread open his Golden Dragon King wings before hurtling directly toward the direction that the agonized cry had come from.

If he couldn't be sure whether the aura he had detected was the correct one, that agonized cry was enough to erase all of his doubts. That was clearly his father's voice!

Even though more than 10 years had passed since their abduction, Tang Wulin would never forget the voices of his parents.

His father had taught him how to live his life at a very young age, and he could never forget how his father had told him that the only person in the world one could absolutely trust and rely on was oneself.

At the time, his father had told him that only by making himself more powerful would he be attaining true power.

His teachings had influenced Tang Wulin throughout his entire life, and these words had always stayed with him.

His father's cry just now had been so urgent and filled with pain and fury; how could he continue to turn a blind eye?

Beyond the metal door was a spacious area, beyond which were a series of rooms. Tang Wulin was guided solely by sound toward a certain room, and his body plowed straight through the metal door of the room as if he were a humanoid weapon.

His golden dragon claws protruded out of his hands, and he tore through the metal before charging into the room, upon which he was immediately greeted by a sight that set his blood boiling.

There were seven or eight people in the room wearing the same attire as the Evil Soul Master he had just killed. Aside from them, there were also a few people on the ground, laying in a large puddle of blood. The man in black at the forefront of the group had his right arm raised, and his right hand had already transformed into what appeared to be the front leg of a giant praying mantis. It had lacerated a body and was hoisting it up into the air.

The person that had been stabbed was none other than Tang Wulin's missing father.

Tang Wulin's eyes turned completely bloodshot in an instant upon seeing this. He had already sensed that there was at least one Titled Douluo present, but he didn't have the spare capacity to think about that right now.

He flapped his wings with all his might, and his body shot forth like a cannonball toward the man who had stabbed his father, and he immediately unleashed his Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws with his right golden dragon claw.

Massive golden claw projections encompassed most of the men in black present.

He had appeared far too abruptly; from the instant that the dragon's roar rang out to the moment that Tang Wulin burst through the door, only around a second had passed. On top of that, he had attacked without any hesitation as soon as he barged into the room, and the Evil Soul Masters were caught completely off guard.

"Boom!" Three of the men in black were instantly torn into smithereens by the claw projections, including the one who had stabbed Tang Wulin's father.

Tang Wulin immediately caught his father before quickly injecting his soul power into his body to seal off all of the blood vessels around the laceration wound.

Tang Ziran's body was spasming violently from excruciating pain, and he suddenly fell completely still in a stunned manner as he stared at Tang Wulin.

Who was this chubby stranger?

A Bluesilver Emperor vine erupted from Tang Wulin's body before winding itself around Tang Ziran, strapping him to Tang Wulin's back. At the same time, his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his right hand before being thrust backward. Fury of the Masses!

Countless spear projections erupted forth, each of which was shimmering with bluish-golden light, encompassing all of the remaining men in black.

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