Chapter 1255: Infiltrating the Spirit Pagoda

The branch chairman replied in an indifferent voice, "Do you think the Dou Spirit Empire can withstand an invasion from the federal fleets?"

"Of course they wouldn't be able to; they would still be significantly lacking in power even if they were to somehow recruit the assistance of the Star Luo Empire. However, I'm worried about our old enemy. The Tang Sect headquarters may have been bombed, but they've only become more aggressive here in the Dou Spirit Empire, and the royal family is oppressing us very heavily. They're even turning the royal family against us by telling them that we're partially responsible for instigating this war. If they step in to assist the Dou Spirit Empire, things will become a lot more complicated. 

"We all know that no one can compare with the Tang Sect when it comes to the ability to create soul missiles. If it isn't for the fact that some of the special metals have been under the control of the federation this entire time, the Tang Sect would've most likely developed soul missiles in excess of the ninth grade long ago. No one knows exactly how powerful the Tang Sect is."

The branch chairman's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. "You're saying that the Tang Sect could support the Dou Spirit Empire?"

"That's right. There are no clear signs to suggest that this could happen at the moment, but according to the information we've gathered over the past few months, the people of the Tang Sect have clearly grown a lot closer with the royal family of the Dou Spirit Empire, and it would be far too naive of us to think that the Tang Sect would be unaware that a war is most likely imminent. This isn't the Douluo Federation; the Tang Sect is more powerful and influential than us here, so we have to be wary of them."

The branch chairman nodded in response. "This is indeed an issue. When are those people leaving? If they haven't left yet, we might need their help. We won't be able to resist the Tang Sect on our own."

"The research is finally close to fruition, and those people will leave as soon as they get their hands on the results. All of the researchers will be taken care of so they won't be able to leak any information. We're finally close to getting results after so many years of research and development. Hopefully, they'll be able to make good use of this. In all honesty, I don't think this is a good thing. The chairman thinks that he can control everything, but those people are downright deranged..."

"Alright, let's not discuss this here. Tell everyone over at Heaven Dou City to focus and keep their eyes peeled for anything abnormal. In particular, if there are any unfamiliar people visiting the royal palace, make sure it gets reported to us right away. I'll also be keeping the chairman updated on the situation here, and the federation will most likely make a move in half a year at most."



After entering the Spirit Pagoda, Tang Wulin's gaze remained focused up ahead. With his spiritual power, he could clearly sense everything around him even without having to look around.

During the past two days of practice, he had basically mastered all of the mannerisms of his adopted identity. He was a mid-level official in the Spirit Pagoda and was mainly responsible for some areas of logistics such as purchasing and distributing resources.

It was not an extremely important role, but it brought him into contact with many people in the branch as everyone had to come to him for resources. His name was Ni Chen, and he possessed a second-rate dragon martial soul. On top of that, he had a slightly portly figure, so he was jokingly referred to as Little Fat Dragon by his colleagues in the Spirit Pagoda.

He always wore a harmless-looking smile on his face, and having cultivated the Body Sect's congenital secret method, Tang Wulin was able to alter his body to resemble Ni Chen's appearance with ease. On top of that, he had also disguised his cultivation rank very well, and he occasionally greeted the people that he passed by as he walked along.

Ni Chen was very good at taking care of interpersonal relations, so he was on friendly terms with everyone. According to the information and map that he provided, Tang Wulin could ascertain that there was a special place underground here, but he wasn't sure whether it was a research center.

At the very least, this was an important lead. As for his own safety, Tang Wulin wasn't all that concerned. With his current level of powers, he would at least be able to escape unless he was to encounter a Limit Douluo, and there were no Limit Douluos in the entire Dou Spirit Empire, which was why it was the weakest of the three continents. In fact, in terms of overall power, it couldn't even compare to half of the Star Luo Empire.

After strolling around in the Spirit Pagoda for a while, Tang Wulin returned to his office and began to take care of some daily duties, as instructed by Ni Chen.

The sound of door-knocking suddenly rang out, and Tang Wulin smiled as he said, "Come in."

The door was opened, and a woman who appeared to be around 27 to 28 years of age strode into the room. She had above average looks, and her figure was quite exceptional. There was a smile on her face as she said, "Little Fat Dragon, can you get some things for me?"

Tang Wulin quickly scoured through the information Ni Chen had given to him, and he was instantly able to identify this woman as another official of the Spirit Pagoda. She was responsible for the matters in the Spirit Ascension Plane, and her position was slightly loftier than that of Ni Chen's. She was a very promiscuous woman and would often go around the Spirit Pagoda in a flirtatious manner. It was said that she had an intimate relationship with one of the higher-ups here, and her husband was in another branch. Her name was Jia Feifei.

Tang Wulin rose to his feet and intentionally put on a suggestive expression as he asked, "What do you want this time, Feifei?"

Jia Feifei replied, "Same as always; we expend a lot more uniforms on my end, so get me 10 more sets of uniforms."

A troubled look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "That's going to be rather difficult. As you know, the uniforms are all numbered, and you already took five last time. If I give you 10 more, the higher-ups won't take kindly to me if they find out."

Jia Feifei sidled up closer to him before gently pinching his portly waist and aiming a flirtatious look at him. "Don't give me that; everyone knows you're in charge of resources here. Hurry up and get it done."

A resigned look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I really can't, Feifei. I would love to help you, but..."

Jia Feifei harrumphed coldly as she placed her hands on her hips. "So you're gonna play hard to get, are you? Let me tell you this; the vice-chairman is also aware of this. Hurry up and get the uniforms for me. Otherwise, the vice-chairman will come to see you in my stead, and he won't be anywhere near as easygoing."

Tang Wulin was well aware of why Jia Feifei wanted uniforms. The management in the Spirit Pagoda was very strict, and all uniforms were numbered. A uniform was the equivalent to identification documents in the Spirit Pagoda, and she was hoarding these uniforms so she could sell them to outsiders wishing to enter the Spirit Pagoda.

This was not the first time that Jia Feifei had done something like this, but she was asking for more uniforms than usual on this occasion.

Of course, none of this had anything to do with Tang Wulin. It was just that handing over the uniforms without offering any objections would be far too uncharacteristic for Ni Chen.

"Alright, alright. Feifei, if something happens, please put in a good word for me with the vice-chairman," Tang Wulin sighed in a resigned manner.

The cold look on Jia Feifei's face immediately gave way to an elated smile. "Alright, let's go. The vice-chairman really did instruct me to get the uniforms this time. Otherwise, why would I be asking for so many at once? They're going to be given to some guests, so no one will accuse you of anything."

She latched onto Tang Wulin's arm and rubbed it against her own body as she spoke.

Tang Wulin resisted the urge to retract his arm in disgust and nodded in response. "Do you want them right now?"

"Of course! Let's go." Jia Feifei dragged him out of the room as she spoke.

Tang Wulin was dragged by her to the resource storage unit in a resigned manner and brought out 10 uniforms for her.

"Feifei, who are these guests that you were talking about?" Tang Wulin asked.

A hint of fear flashed through Jia Feifei's eyes. "I don't know."

However, she was clearly lying, and her expression also made Tang Wulin quite perplexed. Who could strike so much fear into the heart of a Spirit Pagoda official like her?

"Do you need me to accompany you?" Tang Wulin asked.

Jia Feifei immediately replied, "Of course! Are you going to make me deliver all of these uniforms by myself? You can come with me to lend me courage as well."

It was quite apparent that these were no ordinary guests, and Tang Wulin followed Jia Feifei to the main elevator of the Spirit Pagoda branch.

After entering the elevator, Jia Feifei pressed the button for the third underground level, and Tang Wulin was ecstatic to see this as this was his target!

Ni Chen had once been to the third underground floor, and the security there was very tight. He could only roughly deduce that this level was at least 30 meters below the ground, and the defense system there was of the highest level in the entire Spirit Pagoda. Even if a high-grade Soul Master were to infiltrate that level, they would be in grave danger if their cover were to be blown. He didn't think that he would have such splendid luck as soon as he infiltrated the Spirit Pagoda.

Soon, the elevator arrived, and the doors opened. Tang Wulin emerged from the elevator and immediately released his spiritual power.

Now that he was underground, it should be much easier for him to detect his parents using his spiritual power.

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