Chapter 1249: Millennium White Clouds

What kind of feeling was this? And who were those two people in that distant place?

Old Tang said, "Alright, don't think too much about this for now. You've already mastered Fury of the Masses, so it's time I taught you the next spear technique."

Tang Wulin's eyes immediately lit up. "What is it?"

It could be said that Fury of the Masses had led him onto the path of spearmanship, and it had allowed him to familiarize himself with his Golden Dragon Spear, thereby leading to the genesis of All or Nothing and Path of Regal Domination.

The more powerful he became, the more he came to realize just how powerful Fury of the Masses was, and he was filled with anticipation for this next spear technique.

Light flashed from Old Tang's hand, and he conjured up a spear that resembled the Golden Dragon Spear. "Fury of the Masses is only a basic foundational spear technique that's designed to allow you to familiarize yourself with your spear, whereas a true spear technique will allow you to perfectly integrate your essence, energy, and spirit, which correspond directly with spear intent, spear soul, and spear spirit. If you want to reach the pinnacle of spearmanship, you have to master all three of them and integrate them to perfection.

"Your emotions, your will, everything you have must be poured into your spear, and the resulting spear techniques will resemble domains; they are true spear techniques that belong to you. You were able to invent Path of Regal Domination and All or Nothing through Fury of the Masses, and both of those techniques are a result of combining your will with your spear. You've taken the first steps on the path of the spear, and that's very commendable. This is also a required foundation for me to continue to impart more spear techniques upon you.

"This next spear technique that I'm about to teach you will take an even longer time to master. You can't just master it through training and practice; you'll only be able to truly inherit it through attaining enlightenment. Pay attention, now."

Old Tang slowly raised his Golden Dragon Spear as he spoke, and his aura immediately began to transform.

From Tang Wulin's perspective, it was as if Old Tang had become insubstantial, and the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand also seemed to have vanished in that instant. An indescribable ethereal feeling then swept toward Tang Wulin, and he felt as if he had been transported back into that abstract place that he had been sent to after touching the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal.

Everything around him surged and transformed into faint light mist that permeated through the air. Within the light mist, it seemed that there were countless minute particles, each of which contained its own story and its own time and space.

Tang Wulin felt as if thousands of years had passed as he basked in the ethereal fluctuations. There was no pain, nor any sense of the spear's existence; it seemed that the only thing that was happening was the passage of time.

He then discovered that his body had begun to change. His strong and youthful body became more muscular and developed, then gradually aged and shriveled up, finally disintegrating into a skeleton, which then fell away as dust. He had been buried without a trace by the passage of time.

The entire process was completely painless, but that was what made it all the more alarming. He didn't even know what had happened, nor what he had just endured.

All of a sudden, Old Tang reappeared before him, and his body also returned to normal. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

"What was that..." Tang Wulin's heart was filled with astonishment as he stared at Old Tang.

He had no idea how Old Tang had unleashed that spear technique, but the feeling of aging and wasting away had been so realistic. Thousands of years had passed in an instant, and his body had crumbled away into nothingness.

As opposed to answering Tang Wulin's question, Old Tang prompted, "Tell me what you felt."

Tang Wulin immediately nodded in response. He was worried that he would forget the feelings he had just experienced, so he was eager to tell Old Tang what he had felt so Old Tang could correct him if he had developed any misconceptions.

"I feel like that spear technique was the spear of time. The spear technique was filled with the intricacies of the passage of time. I don't know how you used it, but in that instant, I felt like thousands of years had flown by, which was far beyond what the human body can handle, so my body completely crumbled and was destroyed by time. Is the essence behind this spear technique control over time?"

"Yes, but no. Is that all you have to say?" Old Tang's expression remained unchanged, and his reaction to Tang Wulin's words seemed to be quite minimal.

"Yes and no?" Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly.

All of a sudden, he was struck by a sense of inspiration as he thought back to everything Old Tang had said prior to demonstrating the spear technique, and his eyes immediately lit up. "Could it be that that wasn't the actual passage of time, but one's interpretation of the passage of time? Time itself hadn't changed, but due to the psychological blow I had received, I was led to think that thousands of years had flown by, which means that this was a spiritual attack that destroyed me on the inside, is that correct?"

A hint of surprise appeared on Old Tang's face upon hearing this, and he nodded in a pleased manner. "You really do possess extraordinary aptitude. Indeed, that's one of the most important points of this spear technique, but that's actually still far from the whole picture. What you just experienced was the complete version of the spear technique, and you won't be able to reach this level unless you become a god. The prerequisite of this spear technique is demigodly power; it requires you to master mental manifestation before you can unleash its power."

Tang Wulin was rather puzzled to hear this. If this technique could only be mastered by a demigod, then why was Old Tang imparting it upon him now?

Old Tang continued, "You must be confused about why I'm bestowing upon you such a high-level spear technique at such an early stage, right? That's because demigodly power is required to unleash the power of this spear technique, but as long as you can glean some of its intricacies and unleash even a sliver of its power, it'll serve you extremely well. At the same time, developing a better understanding of the intricacies of time will assist you in breaking your future Golden Dragon King seals. The name of this spear technique is Millenium White Clouds."

Tang Wulin's heart jolted slightly upon hearing this, and for some reason, this name seemed to be quite familiar to him. It was as if he had always been destined to learn this spear technique.

Old Tang continued, "Next, I'll begin by talking about time. If Millennium White Clouds were to be unleashed by a god, then thousands of years would truly pass in an instant, not just in the target's mind. Hence, the first thing you need to understand is the meaning of time..."

In contrast with Fury of the Masses, which Old Tang had simply demonstrated over and over again for Tang Wulin to see, Old Tang was more focused on imparting upon Tang Wulin theoretical knowledge on this occasion. Millennium White Clouds had no set form. Just as Old Tang had said, it was a godly spear technique that perfectly integrated one's essence, energy, and spirit, and was unleashed with one's spiritual power as the essential source.

As such, this was an extremely difficult spear technique to master, even for someone with Tang Wulin's extraordinary aptitude. However, through Old Tang's teachings, he was still able to develop a clearer and clearer understanding of time, and even space.

Time slowly passed by, and after an indeterminate period of time had flown by, Old Tang finally ceased his lecture. At this point, Tang Wulin felt as if his mind had been inundated by newly imparted knowledge.

As he awakened from his meditative state, his eyes were still filled with hints of confusion.

Too much knowledge had been imparted upon him at once, and it was not an easy task to process and digest it. He required more time to think and ponder everything he had just learned.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. Millennium White Clouds had shown him another level. The three Limit Douluos had been able to appear and disappear around him at will, and that was a demonstration of their control over space. 

If he could master a portion of Millennium White Clouds, he would at least develop a far deeper understanding of time.


The submarine was quite massive, but they were still deep under the ocean, so there was no way that there could be cultivation venues in here as large as the ones on land. Hence, Shrek’s Seven Monsters and the members of the Blood Dragon Squad were all cultivating in their own rooms.

The voyage was a very lengthy one, and it would require around two months for them to reach the Dou Spirit Empire.

Compared to the Star Luo Empire, the Dou Spirit Empire was even further away, so they were traveling to the Dou Spirit Empire first, then doubling back to the Star Luo Empire before finally returning to the Douluo Continent.

Aside from cultivating every day, Tang Wulin was also constantly pondering Millennium White Clouds. However, time and space had always been the most complex abilities in the world, and even with Old Tang's guidance, this was not something that he could make significant breakthroughs in just a day or two.

Thankfully, Old Tang would always appear during his mediation in this period of time to instruct him in his cultivation.

Tang Wulin could sense that he was still very far from being able to use Millennium White Clouds, but this process of learning and pondering had benefited him immensely, nonetheless.

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