Chapter 1245: It's Too Late!

He was headstrong and stoic, and even back when they were passionately in love with one another, he was never capable of saying anything romantic to convey his feelings. She was unable to believe her own ears. Was this really something that Chen Xinjie was capable of saying? Was this really him?

Chen Xinjie looked on at her slack-jawed expression, and he strode toward her in an urgent manner. "Do you not believe me? I mean every single word I just said. In the instant that I heard that Shrek Academy had been destroyed, my first thought was that if I were given a chance to do everything again, I would lay down all my pride and love you with all my heart, but I knew that there was no redo button in life. However, at the height of my despair, the heavens brought you back to me and gave me another chance. I've already missed out on a life with you for over 100 years; I can't pass up this opportunity no matter what.

"Even if you no longer love me, I'll cling to you like gum on the bottom of your shoe. Wait for me here, I'll go back to the control center and retire right away, and after that, I'll go wherever you want with you. Wherever you go, I'll be by your side."

Chen Xinjie then immediately turned to leave.

Long Yeyue reflexively yelled, "Stop!"

Chen Xinjie immediately did as he was told before turning back toward her, following which an enlightened look appeared on his face. "You're right, I can't go on my own."

He hurriedly returned to Long Yeyue's side before latching onto her hand. "Come with me. I'll never part with you ever again."

"Let go of me!" Long Yeyue struggled free from Chen Xinjie's hand in an indignant manner, and exclaimed, "You're an old man; have you no shame?"

Chen Xinjie smiled in response. "You're right, I'm an old man, so why would I feel any shame? I've already wasted 100 years of my life. From the instant that I realized what was important to me, everything else paled into insignificance. Do you think the social norms of the world can still bind us? I'm the Boundless Ocean Douluo, and you're the Light Dark Douluo; no one can stop us, and there's no way I'm letting you leave my side."

Long Yeyue was at a loss for words. Her fury toward Zang Xin had already completely disappeared, and she was even feeling a hint of gratitude toward him.

If she hadn't come here today, she would've never met this completely new and different Chen Xinjie. However, she discovered that after hearing his confession, she couldn't bring herself to tell him the purpose of her visit as she didn't want to use someone who had just made the epiphany of his life and was in such an emotionally vulnerable state. She couldn't use their relationship as leverage. She would rather see the same old stoic and dogmatic Chen Xinjie, and even fighting him here and now would be easier for her to deal with than this current situation.

In the face of this Chen Xinjie, she was at a complete loss for what to do.

"I'm leaving." Long Yeyue's body swayed, and she instantly appeared over a kilometer away.

"Where are you going?" Chen Xinjie hurriedly set off in pursuit in an urgent manner.

They were both Soul Masters of the same caliber, and Long Yeyue was slightly superior when it came to speed, but there wasn't a major disparity.

"Yueyue, is this still not enough? What do I have to do?" Chen Xinjie raised his right hand, and the entire sky turned a clear blue color. An enormous burst of suction force akin to that of the receding tide surged through the surrounding space, stopping Long Yeyue on the spot.

"Go away, I don't want to see you." Long Yeyue turned around before thrusting her right hand through the air, and the dull roars of countless giant dragons erupted alongside the emergence of countless dragon projections, tearing through the tide before she attempted to fade into space again.

An enormous vortex appeared, and the tremendous suction force from the vortex caused the giant dragon projections to twist and warp. Chen Xinjie appeared in front of Long Yeyue again, and asked, "Yueyue, how can I show you my heart?"

"It's too late!" Long Yeyue suddenly roared in a furious voice.

"100 years have already passed; what were you doing 100 years ago? I'm just a bag of wrinkly skin and bones now, and my life is about to come to an end. My heart is already dead, so why would you say something like this to me at a time like this? I don't want to waste the rest of what little time I have left with you. I hate you, Chen Xinjie. I truly regret ever meeting you. Without you, I wouldn't have been put through this torment for 100 years. If you hadn't ever appeared in my life, I would've already found my own happiness. Do you think that 100 years of resentment can be ironed out with just a few words from you? I'll never forgive you!"

Long Yeyue had tears in her eyes as she lashed out with her right fist, and two giant dragon projections, one golden and one black, appeared behind her. The projections raised their massive heads and let loose thunderous roars, and a vortex that appeared to be very small, but was even more powerful than a ninth-grade soul missile took shape in front of her fist.

Chen Xinjie had already been rooted to the spot by her words.

 Indeed, 100 years had already passed, and they had both lost far, far too much. There was no way to make up for the 100 years that had already passed them by.

A wry smile appeared on his face, and the massive vortex beneath him vanished, exposing him to the full brunt of Long Yeyue's attack.

He didn't attempt to defend himself against Long Yeyue's fist. Instead, he merely closed his eyes in acceptance. She refused to forgive him in the end, and he didn't know how to repent for what he had done, so he was being wilful one final time and using his life to express his remorse.

If Long Yeyue didn't forgive him, there was no meaning to his life anyway.

Never did Long Yeyue think that Chen Xinjie would simply allow himself to be struck by her attack, and at this point, her signature Dual Extreme Explosion had already reached his chest.

In that instant, she saw a faint smile of relief on Chen Xinjie's face. His entire body was relaxed, and it was if he were allowing himself to be set free.

Long Yeyue's heart shuddered violently upon seeing this, and all of her indignation and rage transformed into remorse. She immediately swatted her own right fist away with her left hand, causing the Dual Extreme Explosion to veer off course, and the explosion of light and dark energy made even the sun in the sky pale into insignificance. Chen Xinjie had completely relinquished all defenses, and he was sent flying by the resulting shockwaves.

"You're a bastard!" Long Yeyue yelled before her body vanished into space.


Tang Wulin sat on the roof of the hotel and cast his gaze into the distance. He was slightly worried at the sight of the explosion taking place from afar, and he asked, "Your Majesty, Elder Long and the Boundless Ocean Douluo aren't actually going to fight each other, are they?"

Zang Xin chuckled, "Of course not. If they were actually fighting, they'd be creating a far more violent scene. This is just how two Limit Douluos flirt with one another; you just need to get used to it. Having said that, I'm planning to go into hiding for a while. I've almost gotten what I need out of the Dark Phoenix Douluo, so it won't be too much of an issue even if Elder Long fails here." 

"What do you mean?" Tang Wulin turned to Zang Xin in a perplexed manner.

Zang Xin shrugged in response. "We'll be making an exchange with the Holy Spirit Cult. In exchange for the Dark Phoenix Douluo, they've agreed to declare responsibility for this attack, as well as a few other conditions."

"We're letting her go? What conditions could compare with a Hyper Douluo? We went to so much effort to capture her..."

"How about the Atlas Douluo's soul?" Zang Xin asked.

Tang Wulin shuddered violently upon hearing this. "What did you say?"

Zang Xin turned to him with a smile. "And that's not all. Do you think I'd go around spilling the Light Dark Douluo's secrets without a backup plan?"

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