Chapter 1243: Mental Manifestation

Only after the train arrived at the station did Long Yeyue reopen her eyes, and she sighed, "Wulin, you have someone you love as well now, right?"

Tang Wulin nodded reflexively in response.

"If you're sure that you love someone, then make sure you don't let them go. Life may be very long, especially for Soul Masters like us, but true love often only comes once a lifetime. If you grab it, you'll be happy for life, but if you let it slip, you may lose it forever."

After that, Long Yeyue stood up and strode out of the train.

The meaning behind her words was quite simple, but how much of her past sorrows and regrets did those words contain? It seemed that the story between Long Yeyue and Chen Xijie was truly a complex one.

"Where is he?" Long Yeyue asked after they emerged from the train station.

"He should be at the united control center. The Boundless Ocean Douluo is the commander of the united fleet," Tang Wulin replied.

"Do you have a map?" Long Yeyue asked.

"I do." After being at Skysea City for so long, Tang Wulin had naturally already prepared these basic facilities.

"Point out to me where the control center is on the map," Long Yeyue instructed.

Tang Wulin pulled out a map before pointing out the location of the control center to Long Yeyue.

"Alright, you can go back now. Tell Zang Xin that he won't be getting away with this. You can follow your original plan for everything else; I'll take care of everything here. After this, I'll return to Heaven Dou City. Come and find me when you go back as well."

After that, Long Yeyue stepped forward, and her body suddenly turned transparent before vanishing right before Tang Wulin's eyes. As for all of the surrounding bystanders, it was as if they couldn't see what had happened at all. To them, it seemed that Long Yeyue had never even been here in the first place.

It was quite clear that Elder Long was at a level that was still completely incomprehensible to Tang Wulin, and he had a feeling that her powers definitely exceeded that of Zang Xin.

It was no wonder that Shrek City was such a force to be reckoned with in its heyday; both Elder Long and Atlas Douluo Yun Ming were most likely true demigods, and in addition to them were the two Limit Douluos of the Tang Sect. With the presence of these four almighty beings, even the Spirit Pagoda wouldn't have dared to oppose Shrek City's will.

Tang Wulin returned to meet up with his friends, and after close to 20 minutes, an illusionary figure appeared outside the united control center before gradually taking on a more substantial form.

The elderly Long Yeyue appeared on a small hill while holding her cane, and she cast her gaze toward the control center as countless images flashed through her eyes. The same images gradually began to appear around her, but they weren't very clear. One could only just barely make out some humanoid figures flashing in the images and occasionally hear a faint voice or two.

This was mental manifestation!

If a Limit Douluo were present, they would definitely be able to identify the scenes unfolding around Long Yeyue as the sign of a true demigod.

It was said that a true god could travel through space and time to return to any point in time. However, this was only a legend, after all, but the most powerful beings in the world, the demigods, were indeed able to manifest their thoughts in an almost substantial form. This was a type of spiritual fluctuation as opposed to a domain ability. 

Thus, Long Yeyue continued to stand still in silence, and close to 20 minutes later, a large military SUV emerged from the united control center before driving directly toward this hill.

Long Yeyue was situated quite close to the united control center, and she was standing completely still on the spot, so the radars had already discovered her, and the patrol squad was naturally drawn to the scene.

The sound of the SUV's soul core seemed to have jerked Long Yeyue out of her train of thought, and all of the projections around her instantly vanished. She cast her gaze toward the approaching SUV, and it drove all the way to the foot of the hill, following which eight lithe soldiers who were armed to the teeth jumped out of the vehicle.

They were then quickly led by a lieutenant up the hill, and after arriving before Long Yeyue, the lieutenant said in a serious voice, "Madam, this is a military control zone, so I'm going to have to ask you to vacate this area as soon as possible."

If she were only an ordinary person, then she wouldn't have been picked up by the radars. To the soul power detection radars, Long Yeyue appeared to be a normal person with no detectable soul power fluctuations, but the projections that had appeared around her had been captured by the radars.

The military official overseeing the radars had no idea what this entailed, which was why he had issued a command for the patrol squad to investigate the situation.

The fleet bombing had taken place not long ago, so the united fleet was still in a state of high alert in case some other issues were to arise.

Long Yeyue glanced at the lieutenant before her voice rang out. "Chen Xinjie, get over here."

Her voice was very calm and placid, but it was filled with a sense of implacable might. To the soldiers before her it seemed that she was merely speaking in a normal voice. Furthermore, they had no idea who Chen Xinjie was. At their level, how could they possibly know the name of the united fleet commander?

Just as they were perplexed about who this Chen Xinjie was, an astonishing scene that they wouldn't forget for as long as they lived unfolded.

"Chen Xinjie, get over here..."

"Chen Xinjie, get over here..."

A series of echoes rang out like rumbling thunderclaps, encompassing the entire united control center and the united fleet on the shore. The placid yet almighty voice encompassed everything in a radius of several tens of kilometers, and the echoes lingered in the air, refusing to fade.

The area of the ocean that was encompassed within the range of this voice became completely placid and smooth as a mirror, making it resemble a peaceful lake more so than the sea.

The lieutenant and his soldiers were completely flabbergasted, and they stared at the elderly woman before them in an astonished manner, but none of them had the courage to even raise their soul laser guns at her.

What kind of being was this?

Long Yeyue naturally wasn't going to pay a visit to the united control center to find Chen Xinjie; that simply wasn't her style. Even if she was the one seeking him out, she wouldn't go directly to him; that was her pride.

The soundwaves surged over the entire control center and united fleet, and all of the people encompassed within this scope, of which there were over 1,000,000, were all stunned by this voice.

Those who knew who Chen Xinjie was were even more astonished. Who would dare to speak to Chen Xinjie in this manner?

This was the man who had been the Battle God Hall Master for close to 100 years, and the Sea God Legion Commander, Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie! He was arguably one of, if not the most powerful people in the military, yet he was being summoned like a pet dog!

This was downright incredible! Who was the one calling his name? Who would dare to speak to him in this manner?

The lieutenant gulped nervously, and he was suddenly struck by the urge to jump into the ocean. It didn't take a genius to know that he was in the presence of an extremely powerful being! Why was he so stupid? He had clambered to accept this mission earlier, thinking it would make an easy contribution to his military resume, and now, he was in a situation where he couldn't leave, but it was downright painful for him to stay.

He could only stand on the spot like a deer in the headlights, staring blankly at the elderly woman in complete silence.

The soundwaves finally faded, and peace and quiet returned. Long Yeyue continued to stand on the spot, casting her gaze calmly toward the united control center, looking as if she hadn't even been the one who had spoken just now.

Right at this moment, a burst of bright light appeared in the air above, and the placid ocean returned to life as waves began to appear over its surface again.

The burst of light appeared before Long Yeyue virtually in an instant, then faded to reveal a man with such dazzling epaulets that the lieutenant was almost blinded by inferiority.

Chen Xinjie had already heard this voice during the first echo, and he was in complete disbelief. He had never thought that he would be able to hear this familiar voice ever again.

The echo was like a mirage, yet everything was so realistic, and when the sirens began to blare, he finally returned to his senses. He immediately issued an order for the entire united fleet to stand down and await his orders, then rushed over to the place where the voice had originated from as quickly as he could.

She had changed. No, she was most likely in disguise; this wasn't what she had looked like in the past.

Her back was hunched, and her figure was frail, but she was still her. She was still the proud and unyielding Light Dark Dragon Empress. No matter how many years had passed, she was still the proud princess in his heart.

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