Chapter 1239: Gu Yuena and the Young Man

His expression instantly stiffened at the sight of this person. The woman standing before him was none other than the woman who was constantly on his mind.

Gu Yuena was wearing a long white dress that complemented her silver hair and purple eyes to form an exquisitely beautiful package. Na Nali was already very beautiful, but she couldn't hold a candle to Gu Yuena, just as how a wild flower would pale into insignificance in the face of a lily in full bloom.

A hint of resentment flashed through Na Nali's eyes. She absolutely detested women who were more beautiful than her, and this one even dared to provoke her. She didn't want to make a scene in such a large city, but the situation really did get to her.

After a brief stunned stupor, Tang Wulin immediately realized the dangerous situation that Gu Yuena had unwittingly placed herself in, and he immediately grabbed onto Na Nali's arm. "You want to hear about my soul fusion skill, right? I'll tell you about it."

The resentment in her eyes faded, and she turned back to Tang Wulin with a smile. "Really? Why do I get the feeling that you know her? Are you trying to protect her?"

With her cunning and guile, she was able to glean many things through Tang Wulin's panicked reaction.

Right at this moment, a man approached Gu Yuena with a smile. "What's going on, Nana [this is a pet name that he has for Gu Yuena]? Who are you talking about?"

This was a tall and broad young man who appeared to be around 27 to 28 years of age with his golden hair arranged in a neat manner. He also wore a set of white robes, but in contrast with Gu Yuena's white dress, his attire had golden patterns on it, which made it appear more lavish and prestigious.

This young man was also extremely handsome. He appeared to be slightly less masculine compared to Tang Wulin, but his eyes were particularly bright, and there seemed to be something special within them.

"Oh, it's another handsome boy! Heeheehee," Na Nali's eyes lit up at the sight of the young man before she turned back to Tang Wulin with a smile, and said, "I still like you better. You're more energetic and masculine. Looks like she's already got a boyfriend, so she doesn't seem to have anything to do with you."

Gu Yuena replied in an indifferent manner, "No one."

She then turned and made her way over to the nearby waiting area before taking a seat.

The young man followed her and didn't take so much as a single glance at Tang Wulin and Na Nali. He had a smile on his face this entire time, but there was no way to conceal the superiority that was an integral part of his being.

Tang Wulin appeared to be quite calm, but how could he possibly be actually as tranquil as he looked? Never did he think that he would encounter Gu Yuena at a time like this, and the young man with her also seemed to have quite a special relationship with her.

Who was he? The aura he released was very powerful, so he was most likely a Titled Douluo. It was quite remarkable to see such a young Titled Douluo. Considering that Gu Yuena was from the Spirit Pagoda, this young man was most likely from the same organization.

These thoughts quickly raced through Tang Wulin's mind, but he didn't do anything. Compared to the possibility that he now had a new rival in love, Na Nali was far more fearsome a prospect.

He had to get this ticking time bomb away from Gu Yuena no matter what, even if doing so meant that he could be misunderstood by Gu Yuena.

It was quite clear that Na Nali had also sensed the white-robed young man's power, and there was an intrigued look in her eyes, but she didn't say anything about him.

Her main objective was still to capture Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin appeared to only be a Soul Sage, but his powers were not inferior to those of the average Titled Douluo, so she didn't want anything to distract her. In reality, it was just as she had said to Tang Wulin; she had been able to capture him purely by chance.

"Ignore those boring people, Nana. Why are you traveling to Skysea City? Are you really planning to take a trip to the Star Luo Continent? If so, I'd have to advise against that. That's a foreign continent, after all, and once the war begins, it's going to be quite dangerous over there. I think it's best if we stay at the headquarters. Your spiritual power has almost reached the Spirit Domain realm, right? Can you give me a chance after you make your breakthrough?" the white-robed young man asked.

Gu Yuena glanced at him, and replied, "We'll discuss that when the time comes. As for making a trip to the Star Luo Continent, I haven't made up my mind about that yet. I only want to go and visit Skysea City. I heard that there are three fleets gathered there, so it must be a very spectacular sight to behold."

"Alright." The white-robed young man didn't force the issue any further and merely gave Gu Yuena a captivating smile before sitting in silence beside her.

Tang Wulin had extremely good hearing, so he naturally overheard their conversation. She was going to Skysea City, and possibly the Star Luo Empire? Why?

"Do you know her? Is that your little lover? Looks like you've got a rival in love," Na Nali whispered into Tang Wulin's ear. She was clearly deriving gloating pleasure from this situation, but on a deeper level, a hint of coldness seemed to have crept into her voice.

Tang Wulin glanced at her and remained silent.

Na Nali was too dangerous; he couldn't afford for Gu Yuena to have a run-in with her! As such, at a time like this, he could only give her the cold shoulder and pretend not to know her.

There was still some time until the train back to Skysea City arrived, and there weren't many people on the platform. Tang Wulin, Gu Yuena, Na Nali, and the white-robed young man were all extremely good-looking, so they naturally attracted a lot of attention from passersby.

Tang Wulin remained silent while Na Nali maintained a smile on her face, and no one could tell what she was thinking. The white-robed young man also wore a warm smile on his face, giving him a graceful and refined appearance. In contrast, Gu Yuena's expression remained rather indifferent, quite similar to the expression that Tang Wulin currently wore.

All four of them were wrapped up in their own thoughts, and they presented a collection of exceptional eye candy for all of the other people on the platform.

Gu Yuena tucked a few stray strands of her long silver hair behind her ear, and a rather peculiar look suddenly appeared on her face. This was a very subtle change in expression that one would completely fail to notice unless they were paying very close attention to her. This was the slightest hint of a smile, and in the next instant, she abruptly sprang into action without any premonition.

Her movements didn't appear to be very fast or jerky. Instead, she made quite a natural and graceful gesture, pressing a palm toward Tang Wulin seemingly in an absentminded manner.

This simple-looking gesture caused the space in front of her palm to collapse; it was as if the air had become a balloon, which was being compressed by her palm. On the other end, the air suddenly warped around Tang Wulin, and a burst of powerful force crashed toward his body.

Everything had happened extremely abruptly, to the extent that both Na Nali and the white-robed young man failed to react.

Tang Wulin gave a muffled groan, and his body was sent flying as if it had been struck by some kind of powerful force.

Na Nali was quite alarmed by this sudden development, and she held onto Tang Wulin's hand with one of her hands while also pressing her other palm against the air to oppose the oncoming burst of force. A dull explosion rang out, and the shockwaves immediately surged through the surrounding area.

In the next instant, Gu Yuena sprang up into the air, sweeping her right hand through the air to conjure up a massive fireball out of nowhere, then sent it flying directly toward Na Nali. The scenes that unfolded next were quite astonishing, even to a being as powerful as Na Nali.

Following the emergence of the fireball was a ball of azure light that was constructed from fierce winds. After that, a rippling ball of water appeared, then a yellow ball of earth, and each ball of light flew through the air faster than the previous one. By the time they had flown 10 meters away from Gu Yuena, all of them had already fused together as one, forming a colorful yet extremely unstable massive ball of light that enshrouded Na Nali's entire body.

Even Na Nali couldn't help but be astonished by the elemental power that Gu Yuena was able to muster up in such a short time. At the very least, there was no one that she knew of that could accomplish this.

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