Chapter 1237: So Handsome!

However, why didn't the members of the general public who supported the military consider how difficult it was going to be to find another habitable planet? No one knew what the world outside the Douluo Star was like. If they couldn't find a habitable planet in 100 years, then they could afford to stretch the search to 200 years. But what if they continued to fail in that endeavor? What could they do? Give up?

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed involuntarily as he followed this train of thought.

He could clearly sense the seed of life's yearning for life force energy. If the seed of life had sufficient life force energy to support the ancient Golden Tree, perhaps Shrek Academy could've avoided destruction altogether.

Humans were constantly plundering the planet's resources to satisfy their own wants and needs, and to create terrifying weapons. Eventually, this was going to lead to humanity destroying itself.

Tang Wulin found the Dove Faction's ideologies to be easier to accept. They championed population control, reductions in the exploitation of the planet's resources, environmental conservation, and conserving more resources for future generations. Technological advancement was a must, but this rate of development was definitely not sustainable. 

Technology on the Douluo Star had been advancing far too quickly, and that would inevitably result in the expenditure of a vast amount of resources. Without resources, technology wouldn't be able to continue to advance, and that was what had resulted in this current situation, where war was all but inevitable.

During a conversation via soul communicator, Mo Lan had once told Tang Wulin that the Dove Faction had suggested a plan in parliament that involved exchanging technical information with the other two empires for resources, but this plan was turned down by the parliament.

In the eyes of the majority, particularly from the perspective of the Eagle Faction, they deemed it unnecessary to engage in an exchange when they could take what they wanted by force using their superior weaponry. Weren't these exchanges only going to strengthen the opposition?

This viewpoint received majority support, both in the federal parliament and among the general public. After all, in the eyes of the people, the Douluo Continent was too powerful for the other two continents to contend with, and the war was only going to take place on foreign soil, so it had nothing to do with them.

Mo Lan's counterargument to this was that the inhabitants of the other two continents were humans, just like those on the Douluo Continent, and this viewpoint resonated greatly with Tang Wulin. Perhaps the absence of his parents from a young age gave him a stronger yearning for familial bonds, and that made him quite sensitive in this area. How terrifying would it be for someone to lose all of their loved ones? If this war were to eventuate, it was undoubtedly the case that countless people were going to be stripped of their loved ones.

The soul train had already accelerated to full speed, and as Tang Wulin looked out at the rapidly passing scenery outside the window, he was suddenly struck by a hint of amusement. Perhaps it was due to his recent drastic change in status that had him worrying about the state of the entire world. In reality, his most important objective for making this trip to the other two continents was to find his parents.

A surge of warmth flowed through his heart at the thought of his parents. Even though his parents had disappeared when he was at a very young age, it was only through his father's guidance and his mother's kindness that he went on to become the resolute young man he currently was. It was exactly due to their abduction that he had more motivation to cultivate and learn, to constantly improve himself in the hope of being able to rescue his parents someday, and now, he had finally gained the power to begin taking steps toward that objective.

He closed his eyes to rest, and his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power circulated naturally throughout his body. Even though his cultivation speed had improved dramatically, Tang Wulin had become even more averse to slacking off. During this recent period of time, he had integrated all of his abilities into a cohesive package, and he was confident that he would be able to progress to the Soul Douluo level without encountering any bottleneck.

After reaching that level, it was about time that he considered breaking his 12th Golden Dragon King seal.

According to the past trend, after breaking the 12th seal, he would receive a new Golden Dragon King ability, and every such ability that he attained had enhanced his powers drastically.

"Is this seat taken?" A pleasant voice suddenly sounded beside Tang Wulin, and he reflexively raised his head as alarm bells began to ring in his heart.

Prior to this voice sounding beside him, he had completely failed to sense that someone was approaching him. With his powers, this was virtually impossible even if he had been in deep thought. This could only mean one thing; the person who had approached him was quite a powerful being in their own right.

Na Nali was still wearing the same school uniform as the one she had worn during their first meeting, and she sat down beside Tang Wulin with a smile, looking as if she really were a student. Tang Wulin's heart immediately sank at the sight of her.

He had already carefully disguised himself, to the extent that he had even altered his own figure and aura, so why had he still been discovered?

Perhaps this was a coincidence? Surely that was too much of a stretch.

Despite the tumultuous emotions in his heart, Tang Wulin managed to remain expressionless as he replied in a coarse voice, "Not at all."

"Heehee, you have a really good poker face. Shouldn't you show me what you actually look like? I'm super curious. It's not good to always wear a disguise." She reached a hand toward Tang Wulin's face as she spoke.

Just as Tang Wulin was about to stop her, she transmitted her voice to him as a warning. "There are close to 2,000 passengers on this train; you'd better listen to me or none of you will live to see tomorrow."

Tang Wulin remained still in the end and allowed Na Nali to place her hand on his face, but his heart had turned ice cold. He had no idea how she had seen through his disguise.

Na Nali's palm seemed to possess magical powers, able to sweep away Tang Wulin's disguise in an instant to reveal his true appearance.

"Wow, you're so handsome!" Na Nali couldn't help but exclaim as her eyes lit up at the sight of Tang Wulin's large eyes, long eyelashes, and handsome facial features.

She sidled up closer against Tang Wulin before wrapping her arms around his arm and whispering into his ear in a seductive manner, "Did you know that a really good-looking person automatically possesses the equivalent of a captivation domain ability? How about you let me eat you up?"

Tang Wulin remained silent. He was all alone here, and there was no way he could oppose Na Nali at such close quarters. Countless thoughts quickly flashed through his mind as he scrambled to find a way out of this situation, but much to his dismay, he discovered that he had no chance against someone who was so close in power to a Limit Douluo. Furthermore, who knew just how many members of the Holy Spirit Cult were on this train?

"Are you curious about how I found you? Your disguise technique is actually really good. If you want to ask, then go ahead; ask and I'll tell you," Na Nali encouraged with an innocent smile on her face.

Tang Wulin's heart was filled with nothing but disgust at the sight of her. This was a heinous old hag who was trying to pose as a schoolgirl, and it was truly abhorrent.

He remained silent, and at the same time, he was preparing for the worst.

"Are you really not curious? I was planning to refuse to tell you if you had asked me. Now that you refuse to ask me, I'm going to force the answer on you! I actually left my soundwave vibrations on you during our last clash. This is my soundwave tracking ability, and those soundwave vibrations would've disappeared after a few more days. Without this, I really wouldn't have been able to see through your disguise. I didn't think you'd be leaving to go somewhere on your own so soon after our battle, so I immediately followed you here; isn't it funny how fate works sometimes?"

Tang Wulin could only lament his own ill-fortune. Indeed, fate really did work in some "funny" ways.

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