Chapter 1236: The Love Story of the Battle God Hall Master?

Thus, Tang Wulin left his soul communication number with Chen Xinjie before departing. Chen Xinjie looked on at his departing figure, and a faint smile appeared on his face. "This is certainly no ordinary kid! Looks like I'll have to get the military to approve of my proposal even earlier now."

He pulled out his soul communicator as he spoke before dialing a number.

"It's Chen Xinjie. I'm calling regarding the sixth clause of my proposal. The Blood God Legion is given so much financial support by the military every year, so why can't they be officially included as part of the military? At the very least, I would like to strongly reiterate my suggestion for members of their legion to engage in periodic exchanges with members of our Sea God Legion. Of course, only the elite of the elite serve at the Blood God Legion, so those sent to their legion from our Sea God Legion as part of the exchange program will also be the best that we have to offer."

Tang Wulin returned directly to the Tang Sect. Even though they had successfully dealt a heavy blow to the Holy Spirit Cult today, they still hadn't completed their objective. Just what was that sly old Chen Xinjie thinking?

Was war really imminent?

Their successful operation against the Holy Spirit Cult had already proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Holy Spirit Cult had been plotting something in Skysea City. So many powerful beings from the Holy Spirit Cult had been sent here, including even two of their heavenly monarchs, so it would simply be unreasonable to assume that they had nothing to do with the recent attack.

As such, everyone had already returned. They were all living in the same hotel, and of course, this was a hotel that belonged to the Tang Sect.

Zang Xin was absent, so he was most likely taking care of the matters surrounding the Dark Phoenix Douluo. Meanwhile, Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui had resumed working on everyone's suits of three-word battle.

"What's the situation like, Boss?" Xie Xie asked. He was the only one with Tang Wulin as everyone else had gone back to rest or were helping Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan in their battle armor construction.

This was a splendid victory, and it was also their first victory against the Holy Spirit Cult.

Tang Wulin replied, "The military refrained from giving a definite verdict, citing insufficient evidence, so we can only continue to wait and observe."

"This STILL isn't enough evidence for them?" Xie Xie's voice immediately sprang up a few octaves.

Tang Wulin shot a glance at him. "Quiet down! Are you afraid that people won't be able to hear you? The military has always been in support of going to war, and it's virtually impossible that no one from the military has participated, either directly or indirectly, in this attack. As the representative of the Eagle Faction and one of the most powerful figures in the military, his verdict will be extremely important. The fact that he's willfully turning a blind eye to this irrefutable evidence suggests that a war really is imminent."

"Not necessarily." A voice suddenly sounded from outside, and Zang Xin opened the door before striding into the room.

Only a powerful Limit Douluo like him would be able to overhear their conversation even after Tang Wulin had used his soul power to seal off the room.

"Oh? What do you think, then, Your Majesty?" Tang Wulin asked.

Zang Xin smiled, and said, "That old geezer, Chen Xinjie, is only putting on an act. He knows full well who was behind this attack, and he doesn't hate the Holy Spirit Cult any less than we do."

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. "Does the Boundless Ocean Douluo also have a vendetta against the Holy Spirit Cult?"

Zang Xin nodded in response. "Chen Xinjie has never married in his life as he once fell in love with a woman during his younger days. The two of them entered a relationship, but it didn't work out in the end due to some misunderstandings, and the fact that both of them were too stubborn and unyielding. However, from his decision not to marry, one can tell that he still hasn't forgotten her, and that woman never married, either. Despite this, they were both too stubborn and prideful to resolve their differences, and in the end, the woman perished at the hands of the Holy Spirit Cult. At the very least, that's what he thinks to be the case, so how could he not hate the Holy Spirit Cult?"

Tang Wulin was quite surprised to hear this. "Is that so? This Boundless Ocean Douluo is clearly very old, so his lover from back then should also be quite old; has their relationship not been diluted?"

Zang Xin replied, "Love is something you never forget, especially when one falls in love at a young age, and both of them are the type of people who will only love a single person in their lives. When his lover passed away, Chen Xinjie had flown into a thunderous rage and vowed to destroy the Holy Spirit Cult. This is not known to many people, but someone from our Tang Sect just so happened to hear about it. Following the event, he had even visited the original site of Shrek City to mourn his lover's passing."

Tang Wulin said, "But from our communication today, he seems to still be in support of a war, and this doesn't conflict with his hatred of the Holy Spirit Cult. Perhaps we should hand the Dark Phoenix Douluo over to him?"

Zang Xin shook his head in response. "No. The Dark Phoenix Douluo is going to be very important to us; more specifically, for our trip to the other two continents, so we can't hand her over to him. We've already proven that powerful members of the Holy Spirit Cult had infiltrated Skysea City en masse, so what we have to do now is to convince Chen Xinjie."

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "That's probably going to be very difficult; the Boundless Ocean Douluo is a very stubborn man."

Zang Xin nodded in response. "Indeed, Chen Xinjie is a dogmatic and conceited old fart. Neither of us will be able to convince him, but someone can, and you have to convince that person to go and see Chen Xinjie."

A puzzled look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Who are you referring to?"

The smile on Zang Xin's eyes widened as he replied, "I'm naturally referring to his 'deceased' lover. She's the only one who can convince him!"

A series of thoughts flashed through Tang Wulin's mind, and a thought quickly occurred to him, upon which his mouth gaped open in shock. "You don't mean..."

"The one you're thinking of is exactly the person I'm referring to. As such, you need to make a trip back. I'm sure it won't be a difficult task for you to leave Skysea City despite the city's current state of lockdown. Make sure to get her here as quickly as possible. The Dark Phoenix Douluo is going to be very useful to me, and perhaps I'll have some good news for you when you come back. "

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "That's a very tall order. Is there no other way?"

Zang Xin shrugged in response. "Do you think I would've told you something like this if there were an alternative? I have to go into hiding after this. Otherwise, that lover of Chen Xinjie's is going to be out for my blood! Do you think you're the only one facing a lot of pressure? I'm also going to be facing a lot of heat after this!"

"What are you two talking about, Your Majesty? Why can't I understand what you're saying?" Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin and Zang Xin with an indignant expression. He could understand the story that Zang Xin had told, but after that, the conversation took a completely inexplicable turn to him. Who was this person that Tang Wulin and Zang Xin had been referring to?

Tang Wulin chuckled, "Do you not have a brain? Think about it; this is someone who's in the same generation as the Boundless Ocean Douluo, and is outstanding enough for mutual attraction to appear between them. She also 'died' recently at the hands of the Holy Spirit Cult, but we know her, and we know that she's still alive. Is that still not enough to clue you in?"

Xie Xie wasn't an idiot, and his jaw also quickly dropped to the ground. "My God! No way! Is that really true? This is a secret among secrets! Your Majesty, which one is more powerful between you and her?"

"How about you make this trip in Wulin's stead?" Zang Xin asked with a smile.

Xie Xie hurriedly shook his head vigorously in response. "No, thanks! I don't have what it takes. Only our Sea God's Pavilion Master can pull off something like this."

"Then shut your trap!"


Two hours later, Tang Wulin had gotten on a soul train back to Heaven Dou City.

He had disguised himself as a middle-aged man, and he was traveling alone to attract the least attention possible. Even now, he was still stunned by this revelation.

It was undoubtedly the case that Chen Xinjie's love story was a secret of the past, and the story had probably taken place over a century ago. This meant that even though the Boundless Ocean Douluo appeared to be a middle-aged man, he had to be around 200 years old.

It was truly remarkable to think about a love story that had taken place over 100 years ago. What about the Soul Masters of 1,000 years ago or even 10,000 years ago?

Humans had a traceable history of around 30,000 years on the Douluo Continent. This was an extremely lengthy process, and during this time, technology had constantly advanced. As the occupation of Soul Master emerged, people learned to use their innate martial souls to combat the soul beasts, which were the rulers of the continent at the time. Gradually, the power balance shifted, and humans became the masters of this continent. At present, soul beasts were teetering on the precipice of extinction, and the entire Douluo Star was also suffering from resource shortages. During these past 30,000 years, far too many things had happened in the human race.

The most important reason behind the widespread support that the federal military was receiving was that the future they described was a reliable and feasible one.

They were going to obtain more resources, then go into space exploration to find a new home for the human race. After all, as the resources on the Douluo Star continued to be depleted, even the planar ruler was becoming more feeble. If things were to continue in this fashion, the vitality of the entire planet would most likely be snuffed out eventually.

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