Chapter 1234: Might of the Law-enforcing Saber

Even as she was speaking, she was constantly preparing her attack. Having been disrupted by Tang Wulin, her attempt to free the Dark Phoenix Douluo from The Amorous One is Left to Rue What Could've Been domain had been thwarted.

If Zang Xin were to successfully capture the Dark Phoenix Douluo, she would be beyond saving, and on top of that, it would most likely become quite difficult even for Na Nali herself to escape.

A repugnant feeling welled up in Tang Wulin's heart. This Na Nali was clearly an old monster who was at least old enough to be his grandmother, yet she was still acting like a bubbly and energetic little girl.

Brilliant light erupted from her dark green bell, and Tang Wulin could indistinctly make out the glow of a soul ring from within the dense mist rising up from Na Nali's body. Immediately thereafter, a crisp tinkling sound rang out from the bell above her head.

"Tinkle... Tinkle...."

Upon hearing this sound, Tang Wulin was struck by the feeling that he had been plunged into a dark green world. Countless dark green needles were piercing into his mind in a frenzy in an attempt to destroy him on a spiritual level.

This was the first time that he had faced someone with a soundwave type martial soul, and to further compound his woes, she was also one of the most powerful Hyper Douluos on the continent. Even though he had already thoroughly prepared himself, he still couldn't help let loose a muffled groan, and he quickly felt blood beginning to flow out of his orifices.

What was even more alarming was that a relentless string of cracks had rung out from his Golden Dragon Body in the face of the soundwave attack; it was as if his body and even the space around him were rapidly being shattered.

What a powerful opponent! Was this the power of a Hyper Douluo?

His heart rate climbed, and his dragon core and soul core also began to beat more violently to provide him with an enormous supply of energy. At the same time, he took one deep breath after another, and his Golden Dragon King bloodline began to fluctuate more violently at his behest.


All of a sudden, Tang Wulin let loose a thunderous roar, and countless bluish-golden Bluesilver Emperor vines erupted from his body. These vines intertwined to form a dragon's head in mid-air, and it lashed out alongside his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura, dragon's might, and dragon's repulse.

The deafening dragon's roar clashed with the terrifying chimes of the bell, and Tang Wulin could feel his blood essence and soul power trembling violently. However, the effect that the soundwaves had had on his body had thankfully been nullified.

"Hmm?" Na Nali was quite taken aback by this.

When she had first met Tang Wulin, she had sensed that his soul power fluctuations were at around the Soul Sage level. The only thing remarkable about him was that his blood essence fluctuations were far more powerful than the average Soul Sage, but he was still just a Soul Sage, after all, so she thought that he would be an opponent she could easily brush aside.

She wasn't the most powerful of the four heavenly monarchs, but her abilities were the most unpredictable. The special nature of her soundwave martial soul also granted her the most destructive power among the four heavenly monarchs.

She hadn't held back at all in that last soundwave attack, which she had unleashed through her soul skill, yet much to her surprise, Tang Wulin had managed to withstand it. Furthermore, that thunderous dragon's roar had even impacted her own blood essence, striking her with a sense of unease.

With such a massive power gap between the two of them, Na Nali was truly astonished and perplexed by this turn of events.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin sprang into action. He abruptly stomped his left foot onto the ground, drawing upon his Golden Dragon Roar to enhance his aura, and his body shot forth like a speeding arrow toward Na Nali. As he hurtled through the air, his blood essence contracted, and his Golden Dragon Body returned to normal. At the same time, he activated his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, making his scales take on a mirror-like appearance, and the spear projection from his Golden Dragon Spear expanded drastically.

Through the use of his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Takes Flight, he reached Na Nali virtually in the blink of an eye, and at the same time, a string of dragon's roars rang out as he instantly unleashed his Violent Golden Dragon Domain. On top of that, he also adopted his martial soul true body form, thereby transforming him into a giant golden dragon that was over 10 meters in length.

In the face of this Hyper Douluo, he wasn't holding back in the slightest and unleashed all of his abilities at once.

This was what set the students of Shrek Academy apart from the rest of the Soul Master world. If a normal Soul Sage had been in Tang Wulin's shoes, there was no way that they would be able to stack so many abilities on top of one another, yet Tang Wulin had accomplished this. With the ultra-powerful physical constitution bestowed upon him by his Golden Dragon King bloodline, he was able to withstand the negative side-effects from receiving so many enhancements at once.

"You're like a suicidal moth diving into a flame!" Na Nali harrumphed coldly as she raised her right hand and snapped her fingers. On this occasion, as opposed to the chime of a bell, the deafening boom of a giant gong being struck rang out.

Layer upon layer of soundwaves surged forth to crash into Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon True Body, and one could clearly see that his martial soul true body was being gradually stripped away and destroyed by the soundwaves. However, Tang Wulin was like a giant dragon that had escaped from its cage, unleashing a thunderous roar of defiance and reaching Na Nali in a flash.

The biggest mistake that Na Nali had made was that she had underestimated Tang Wulin. However, any Hyper Douluo would most likely fall prey to the same error in the face of a Soul Sage level opponent.

Never did she think that Tang Wulin would be able to stack his Bluesilver Emperor, Golden Dragon King bloodline, Golden Dragon Spear, Golden Dragon Body, Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, and Violent Golden Dragon Domain on top of one another to unleash such a devastating attack.

Prior to this, Tang Wulin had faced Limit Douluos in battle before, so he had already formulated some judgment about her power level. A very large part of Na Nali's soundwave attacks targeted her opponent on a spiritual level, and in her eyes, there was no way that Tang Wulin would be able to withstand her attacks. After all, how much spiritual power could a Soul Sage possibly possess? She didn't even consider for a single split second that Tang Wulin could've already reached the Spirit Domain realm and was only one step away from mastering a spiritual domain.

It was exactly due to this series of errors that Tang Wulin was allowed to close down the distance between the two of them.

How could this be? This was the first thought that sprang into Na Nali's mind at the sight of the expanding giant dragon's head in her field of view.

However, she was still one of the most powerful Hyper Douluos, after all, so despite her astonishment, she still managed to react very quickly. Her body swayed, and the bell above her head abruptly expanded before completely encapsulating her body. At the same time, another tinkling chime rang out. 

This was her Dark Bell True Body!

In a one-on-one battle, Tang Wulin could already be quite proud of himself for forcing a Hyper Douluo to adopt their martial soul true body form.

Virtually substantial soundwaves erupted forth as a layer of dense dark green light that clashed with Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon True Body. In the end, the green light crumbled, yet Tang Wulin was also sent flying.

There was still a fundamental disparity between their cultivation ranks, after all.

Tang Wulin's blood essence circulated within his body, and his dragon core contracted violently to expel even more powerful blood essence. At this moment, Tang Wulin's incredible defensive prowess really shone through. His blood essence was churning within his body from being sent flying by Na Nali's attack, but he was the one who had taken the initiative, and Na Nali had still reacted slightly too slow in that instant, thereby preventing her from being able to unleash her full power. As such, Tang Wulin didn't sustain any serious injuries from that clash.

By the time he steadied himself, he had already reverted back to his human form. His right arm then abruptly swelled in size, and he transferred his Golden Dragon Spear into his left hand as he roared, "Come, my blade!"

A burst of dazzling golden light abruptly descended through the air like lighting, and an aura of peerless might immediately erupted from Tang Wulin's body. His dragon's might swelled in power by over tenfold, and a huge nine-colored projection appeared behind him before fading in a flash.

His entire body seemed to have expanded, and it was as if he had completely fused with the nine-colored projection that had appeared behind him. He slashed the Dragonslaying Saber through the air, unleashing a golden saber projection while countless dragon's roars rang out from all directions, completely drowning out the chimes of the bell. In the next instant, the golden saber projection struck the massive bell.

From the instant he had unleashed Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Takes Flight to the moment that he had slashed the Dragonslaying Saber through the air, only around two seconds had passed. Everything had progressed according to Tang Wulin's plan. He wasn't naive enough to think that his all-out assault would be enough to hurt a Hyper Douluo, so this was his true trump card.

After Sima Jinchi had discovered himself through the assistance he received from Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear, the two of them had forged a certain spiritual connection. Tang Wulin was naturally aware that there was no way he could hold back Na Nali on his own for 10 minutes, so he had already contacted Sima Jinchi in advance.

At this moment, he had finally arrived on the scene, and the two of them immediately unleashed their soul fusion skill to unleash this unprecedentedly fearsome attack.

Saber God Douluo was a Titled Douluo who was powerful enough to hold his own even against the average Hyper Douluo, and the immense offensive power of his soul fusion skill with Tang Wulin was enough to contend with Na Nali.

On top of that, Na Nali possessed a soundwave-type martial soul, so close-quarters combat was far from her forte, yet she had made the grave error of allowing Tang Wulin to close down the distance between them, thereby placing herself at a severe disadvantage.


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