Chapter 1233: Na Nali

In the instant that he landed on the ground, a dragon's roar that was imbued with peerless might erupted, and the powerful blood essence fluctuations instantly proliferated outward to suppress all of the howling vengeful spirits.

Not only that, but scorching crimson-golden light was surging through the air, illuminating the surrounding area and clearing away the darkness.

The golden wings spread open to reveal a tall and broad figure in a suit of golden armor. The man's face was concealed by a golden visor, and there were dazzling golden scales all over his suit of armor. The golden dragon patterns on the suit of armor all seemed to be releasing dull dragon's roars, and the patterns weren't heavy at all, but they were full of substance.

HIs arms were particularly thick and strong, and aside from the layer of golden scales over those arms, they seemed to also have been encased in even larger pieces of armor.

The armor on his arms resembled golden crystals, and this crystalline appearance was a signature trait for suits of three-word battle armor. His hands had transformed into dragon claws, and the surface of the armor on his arms seemed to be covered in enlarged dragon scales. Dragon patterns extended all the way from the tips of his claws to his elbows, while a sharp spike protruded from each elbow joint. He also held a golden dual-tip spear in his right hand. 

This was a partial suit of three-word battle armor, so did this mean that this golden figure wasn't all that powerful?

Dark Bell instantly formulated her judgment.

It was undoubtedly the case that this man seemed to be wearing battle armor, but those scales were most likely a part of his martial soul, while the only pieces of actual battle armor were on his arms.

For a battle armor master, the process of upgrading their suit of battle armor actually made them very vulnerable as prior to completing a suit of upgraded battle armor, they would actually find themselves to be less powerful than before.

This man was a perfect example of this; only the forearm guards of his suit of three-word battle armor had been completed, and while they did look quite spectacular, he wasn't even a three-word battle armor master.

In contrast, Dark Bell was a three-word battle armor master of the highest caliber, and if it weren't for the Holy Spirit Cult's lack of access to a Divine Blacksmith, she would have upgraded to a suit of four-word battle armor long ago.

After instantly recognizing the disparity between their powers, Dark Bell quickly realized that she had been bluffed by this man, and missed out on the best opportunity to save the Dark Phoenix Douluo as a result.

The man who had just appeared was naturally none other than Tang Wulin. 

In reality, his helmet and visor had also been completed alongside his forearm guards, but they simply weren't as eye-catching in comparison. Furthermore, to Dark Bell, all incomplete suits of three-word battle armor were worthless anyway.

"Hmph!" She harrumphed coldly and wasted no time with words as she hurled the huge bell in her hand directly toward Tang Wulin.

The shrill howls rang out once again, and the power of her domain swept toward Tang Wulin in an all-encompassing wave. The bell continued to expand while hurtling through the air, and the unsettling howls and sobs were extremely disturbing to listen to.

Tang Wulin had actually arrived long ago, and he had constantly been surveying the entire battlefield. When the underground battle commenced, the battle above the ground had also begun to unfold. The Holy Spirit Cult was determined to get their hands on these military resources, and they had made extensive preparations for this cause. After the military vehicles sank into the ground, over 100 mechas had immediately begun launching attacks from down below to keep the mecha battalion in the air at bay. Not only that, but a surface to air soul missile formation had risen up not far away, launching a series of missiles into the sky to prevent the fighter aircrafts at higher altitudes from approaching the scene.

Tang Wulin had been completely astonished by this. He didn't think that the Holy Spirit Cult would already be this brazen and reckless. To think that they could control a mecha squadron and set up a surface to air soul missile formation so close to the Eastsea Legion base without being noticed; this was the ultimate slap to the face! If there had ever been any doubt before, it was now more than apparent that people within the federation were colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult.

All of his friends had already joined the battle on the surface, and everyone was carrying a special identification chip given to them by the united control center so that they wouldn't be targeted by the ally mechas up above. They had finally lured so many Holy Spirit Cult Evil Soul Masters into a trap; how could they not go all-out here?

As the captain, Tang Wulin kept tabs on the entire situation, keeping an eye on the battle on the surface while also inspecting the underground battle with his spiritual power.

Even though Zang Xin was the only one fighting underground, he was a Limit Douluo and one of the most powerful people in this world. With him present, Tang Wulin wasn't worried in the slightest about the leader of the Evil Soul Masters getting away.

Only after Dark Bell appeared did Tang Wulin quickly show himself, and his objective was very simple: he was here to buy time for Zang Xin.

Capturing someone alive was far more difficult than killing them, and Zang Xin's objective was to capture the Dark Phoenix Douluo alive.

The Holy Spirit Cult was such a fearsome organization, not just because they had amassed astonishing power. What was an even greater contributor to how dangerous they were was the air of mystery that always surrounded them. Regardless of whether it was Shrek Academy of the past or the Tang Sect of the present, none of them had any useful information about the Holy Spirit Cult. The unknown enemies in the shadows were always the most troublesome ones to deal with. If they could get some information out of the Dark Phoenix Douluo, who was one of the Holy Spirit Cult's four heavenly monarchs, that would undoubtedly be immensely helpful to combating the cult in the future.

The dark green wave continued to expand, and the terrifying aura of a top-tier Hyper Douluo made the air around him twist and warp violently. This Dark Bell certainly hadn't stumbled into her position as one of the four heavenly monarchs by sheer luck. Even though Tang Wulin had been making rapid progress of late, there was still quite a large power disparity between him and the top-tier powerful beings of this world.

In the face of the oncoming bell, he suddenly yelled, "Lina!"

Dark Bell faltered momentarily upon hearing this, and her control over her bell was compromised for an instant as a result. Right at this moment, Tang Wulin swept his right hand violently through the air, sending a burst of dazzling golden light surging forth. Countless streaks of bluish-golden light converged around that burst of golden light, and a thunderous dragon's roar erupted alongside overwhelmingly powerful blood essence fluctuations. At the same time, a dull yet powerful heartbeat also rang out.


A resounding boom erupted within the entire underground world, and a bright light radiated from all of the runes on the surface of the dark green bell. However, it was still forced back and tremored slightly as it returned to the air above Dark Bell's head.

This was Tang Wulin's blood soul fusion skill, Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

"Who are you?" Compared to the shock of having her bell forced back by Tang Wulin, she was more astonished that he had called out her name.

Tang Wulin's aura was as heavy as a mountain as he looked on at Dark Bell from afar. In terms of cultivation rank, he was naturally far inferior to his opponent, but at the same time, he certainly wasn't an ordinary Soul Sage.

He had mastered a portion of the Body Sect's congenital secret method, and that, combined with his powerful Golden Dragon King bloodline and blood soul fusion skills, closed the power gap between the two of them significantly. On top of that, his immense blood essence fluctuations also had a suppressive effect on Evil Soul Masters.

"Am I right to call you Lina?" Tang Wulin asked in an indifferent voice. He was in no hurry to unleash another attack. He knew that he couldn't defeat his opponent, so his objective was merely to stall for time.

Indeed, this Dark Bell was none other than that female student that he had encountered after reaching the Skysea City Train Station.

Compared to Lina's astonishment at Tang Wulin calling out her name, Tang Wulin had been even more stunned when he had first caught sight of her. Only now did he realize that the "schoolgirl" he had encountered at the train station was far from what she appeared to be on the surface.

"Heeheehee," Dark Bell giggled, "I see who you are. You changed your voice, but your aura still strikes me with a sense of familiarity. Let me guess; you're that kid from the train station, right? You even posed as my upperclassman; how sly of you! By the way, my real name isn't Lina, it's Na Nali. Of course, you can also call me Little Bell."

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