Chapter 1230: The Amorous Douluo's Soul Skills

The countless sword projections instantly surged forth to encompass Zang Xin's entire body; this was her Phoenix Reverence Parade!

Every single sword projection had a special debilitating effect, and anyone struck by them would feel as if they had sunk into quicksand.

Regardless of what the Dark Phoenix's current mental state was like, there was no way that she would hold back against Zang Xin. She was at rank 97 in soul power, and one of the most powerful beings among Hyper Douluos. On top of that, she had obtained some secret techniques from the Holy Spirit Cult, but even so, she was well aware that she was still far inferior to Zang Xin in power.

The Holy Spirit Cult was unable to construct any suits of four-word battle armor, and that was one of the biggest problems they had to face. As such, her suit of battle armor was still only at the three-word level. It had been elevated to the pinnacle of the three-word level, but there was still a fundamental difference between it and a suit of four-word battle armor.

This was why the Holy Spirit Cult had tried to assassinate Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua on countless occasions. Without a Divine Blacksmith, no one would be able to attain suits of four-word battle armor.

Even the powers that were supporting the Holy Spirit Cult in the shadows knew that they definitely couldn't allow these deranged extremists to get their hands on suits of four-word battle armor. As such, there were extremely powerful forces protecting Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua both on the surface, as well as in the shadows, which was why the Holy Spirit Cult hadn't managed to succeed in their assassination attempts.

To this very day, there was still no second Divine Blacksmith on this continent.

This phoenix feather was a type of sword, and it was constructed from a true legendary phoenix feather. It wasn't very sharp, but it was able to unleash sword projections that resembled sharp needles. These sword projections were imbued with the aura of the phoenix, thereby granting them extremely potent penetrative power.

The Dark Phoenix Douluo's Dark Phoenix Feather hadn't yet reached the divine weapon level, but it was most definitely a weapon of the highest caliber. On top of that, it took up one of her nine soul skills, and was one of her most powerful abilities.

Zang Xin harrumphed coldly as he slashed his Amorous Sword through the air, and a layer of vapor seemed to have appeared in the air. As soon as the Dark Phoenix Feather sword projections surged into the vapor, they quickly vanished like sandcastles disappearing in the rising tide.

Furthermore, this strange vapor was expanding, seemingly at a slow rate, but was actually quite rapid, and all of the Holy Spirit Cult powerful beings who were retreating as quickly as they could felt as if the air around them had become more viscous. They slowed down significantly as a result, and no matter how much they struggled, they couldn't free themselves from this effect.

In the face of someone as powerful as the Dark Phoenix Douluo, Zang Xin didn't dare to let down his guard, either. It could be said that the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy had a sworn vendetta against the Holy Spirit Cult. It was the duty of those with justice in their hearts to eradicate the evil in this world, so Zang Xin wasn't planning on allowing any of these Evil Soul Masters to get away. Thus, he unleashed his battle armor domain right away.

The Amorous One is Left to Rue What Could've Been!

The two Limit Douluos of the Tang Sect consisted of the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo, and there had always been a saying surrounding these two: the heartless one denies his innermost feelings, while the amorous one is left to rue what could've been. This sounded like a barely concealed description of their relationship, but in reality, this was also a combination of the names of Zang Xin and Cao Dezhi's domains.

The Amorous One is Left to Rue What Could've Been captured the passion between lovers, and once the domain was released, those caught within the domain would be struck by a sense of infatuation. This was an ultra-powerful assistance domain with a massive range. All opponents within the domain would be severely debilitated both in terms of offensive power and speed, and the degree of debilitation correlated directly with the power of the Soul Master caught in the domain.

The Dark Phoenix Douluo's Phoenix Reverence Parade was an extremely powerful attack, but it was still instantly debilitated by The Amorous One is Left to Rue What Could've Been, let alone all of the other Evil Soul Masters. All of them had been slowed down so significantly that they looked as if they were moving in slow motion.

The Dark Phoenix Douluo had known Zang Xin for a long time, so she was naturally aware of how troublesome he was as an opponent. His domain had been rated as one of the three most abhorred domains among all battle armor masters of the three-word level or above on the Douluo Continent. It was glue that was almost impossible to struggle free from once it clung onto a target's body.

The Dark Phoenix Feather instantly transformed as she let loose a sharp cry, and her sixth soul ring abruptly lit up. Within the darkness, a streak of dark purple light suddenly shot forth from the tip of the Dark Phoenix Feather, hurtling directly toward Zang Xin.

The purple light tore a gash into The Amorous One is Left to Rue What Could've Been domain, and at the same time, a vast expanse of dark purple light erupted from the halo beneath her feet. One layer of purple light after another was released, clashing with The Amorous One is Left to Rue What Could've Been domain to nullify part of its power.

In the face of the dark purple light, Zang Xin's body suddenly turned transparent as a warm and gentle look appeared in his eyes. He appraised the Dark Phoenix Douluo as if she were the woman he loved the most in this world, and his eyes were tinged with a hint of sorrow. In the instant that Zang Xin's expression shifted, the Dark Phoenix Douluo immediately closed her eyes. The Amorous Douluo's martial soul was the Amorous Sword, so to many people who didn't know him that well, it seemed that he was an assault system Soul Master.

However, in reality, Zang Xin had always been a spiritual control system Soul Master instead, and that was what made him so fearsome. All of his soul skills were related to spiritual control, and he had once been rated as the world's number one control system Soul Master. At the very least, among all of the Limit Douluos that were known to this world, he definitely possessed the most powerful control ability, particularly over a large range.

The soul ring that had lit up around Zang Xin was his fifth one. When the oncoming purple light reached him, his body had already vanished like an illusion. The dark purple light passed through Zang Xin, but in the next instant, he had already appeared in front of the Dark Phoenix Douluo.


This was a soul skill that many had once deemed to be completely pointless, but Zang Xin had made it his fifth soul skill. As he had become more powerful, everyone gradually came to realize that this seemingly impractical soul skill that could only allow him to bully the weak was actually an extraordinary ability when used appropriately.

Its effect was very simple: after entering this tracing state, he would become immune to all energy attacks for an instant. That's right, instead of being immune to physical attacks, his seemingly illusionary body was immune to energy attacks.

As soon as he was struck by an energy attack, the trace effect would instantly activate, allowing him to trace the trajectory of the enemy's energy attack and taking him to the enemy in an instant.

This was the effect of the soul skill, and it had been considered as a useless soul skill as it was simply impractical against more powerful opponents or even opponents of the same power level as Zang Xin himself. He could evade an enemy's attack using Trace, but it would also instantly close the distance between himself and his enemy; this was seen as downright suicidal for a spiritual control system Soul Master!

However, only after Zang Xin reached the Titled Douluo level did all of the powerful beings of the Soul Master world realize just how much foresight he had.

In the words of the current chairman of the Spirit Pagoda, Amorous Douluo Zang Xin wasn't the most powerful Titled Douluo he knew, but Zang Xin was definitely the one that he was most averse to facing in battle as all of his soul skills had been chosen to mess with his opponents.

The two prime examples of this were his domain, and this Trace soul skill.

Trace allowed Zang Xin to teleport directly to an enemy who had just unleashed an energy attack against him, and after that, Zang Xin had a whole set of ultra-powerful control soul skills that he could use. During a sparring match between him and Qiangu Dongfeng, the latter had suffered extensively as a result of this tactic.

At this moment, the Dark Phoenix Douluo was facing his most powerful ability.

Trace had taken Zang Xin straight to the Dark Phoenix Douluo, and at this point, his eyes were already filled with boundless passion and reminiscence.

His voice was extremely alluring, and he whispered, "Past."

His first soul ring lit up, and the Dark Phoenix Douluo was instantly struck by a sense of disorientation. Even though she had already closed her eyes and her ear canal, Zang Xin's voice traveled straight into her mind, and she was instantly taken back to the first time she had met Atlas Douluo Yun Ming.

Not only that, but the Dark Phoenix Feather in her hand instantly reverted back to its Phoenix Reverence Parade form. Of course, it was the instant that the Phoenix Reverence Parade had concluded, which was a second ago.

Zang Xin's first soul skill, Past, evoked within one the purest emotions from deep within one's heart, striking one with the feeling that they had just fallen in love for the first time, and at the same time, everything was reverted back to its former state from a second ago.

This was only his first soul skill! Many years ago, it was this soul skill that had caught the eye of the higher-ups of the Tang Sect, thereby leading to the Douluo Palace's decision to nurture him as an exceptional young prospect.

Trace and Past comprised a tried and tested combination that had felled countless enemies in the past. All of the powerful Soul Masters of the older generation knew that once Zang Xin successfully implemented his Trace soul skill, Past would definitely follow immediately thereafter. However, despite being aware of this combination, no one had been able to devise an effective countermeasure against it during the past century.

All they could do was activate their own defenses as much as possible.

However, there was also a flaw in this combination, which was that Zang Xin couldn't directly attack his opponent after implementing this combination as doing so would affect his own emotions, thereby resulting in catastrophic consequences. Otherwise, he would truly be invincible.

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