Chapter 123 - Zhang Yangzi's Bad Luck

Chapter 123 - Zhang Yangzi's Bad Luck

Wu Zhangkong felt that there was something special about Tang Wulin, as if he was a block of unpolished jade. Although Tang Wulin’s cultivation speed didn't seem particularly fast, Wu Zhangkong knew that Tang Wulin’s rate of improvement was actually the fastest out of his five students.  

Originally, there was an enormous gap between him and the others when he had first entered the academy, but in the last few months, he had drastically changed and now stood on equal footing with his peers. The most crucial aspects to his success were his tenacious personality, remarkable perception and high spiritual power. If his bloodline power also continued to grow, then perhaps he would be the most outstanding among the five students in the future.

After landing with a jolt, Zhang Yangzi steadied himself and took in his surroundings with eyes full of amazement.

This, this is a forest?

Zhang Yangzi found himself in a vibrant forest filled with the lively cacophony of insects and songbirds. The overwhelming vitality of the forest went against his dark-attribute martial soul, making him feel uncomfortable and discordant.

After the initial shock, however, he was astounded to discover that the forest’s aura had caused his soul power to circulate more quickly.

I need to prepare myself to fight at any moment.

Without the slightest hesitation, he released his martial soul; a pair of black wings unfurled from his back.

His martial soul was the powerful Shadow Phantasm Eagle, so his soul fusion skill with Wang Jinxi was called the Shadow Eagle Dragon. Unfortunately, their cultivation was still too shallow and their soul fusion skill incomplete, allowing Tang Wulin to defeat them so quickly at the Class Promotion Tournament.

That was right, Zhang Yangzi was still unconvinced. He refused to believe he was weaker than Tang Wulin, and the only reason he had lost during the tournament was because he had been unable to display his full power. He truly was bitter about it.

Hmph! You three better not let me find you.

With a flap of his wings, he shot up, just high enough to begin rapidly climbing a tree. He figured the best course of action for now was to secure a high vantage point and survey his surroundings.

It would be best if he could reunite with Wang Jinxi. With their powers combined, they would mutually augment the other’s strengths.

After transforming his hands into eagle claws, he quickly climbed to the top of the tree. At a height of about ten meters off the ground, his view of the surroundings drastically increased.

The tree he had chosen was the tallest one in the area, allowing him to view an astonishing scene.

It was an ocean of green as far as the eye could see. There was simply no end to it. With clear skies and boundless greenery, the giant treetops gave him a feeling of indescribable, vibrant vitality. It was as if this world was simply an endless spring of life.

This really is so lifelike!

He had heard about the spirit ascension platform previously too, but despite his family having the means to send him, he hadn’t been able to enter due to his insufficient strength and young age.

“Huh, what’s that?” Zhang Yangzi gazed at the vast sky.

A large, green bird was soaring high in the skies, but with a flap of its wings, it suddenly veered and headed straight for him.

Such a pretty bird! Zhang Yangzi was moved, but at the same time, arrogance appeared within his heart. I already have a chance to engage in real combat so early on. Let’s see just how strong the soul beasts are in here.

Two soul rings appeared underfoot while his spirit soul, the Dark Devil Eagle, appeared on his shoulder. Zhang Yangzi pushed off the tree trunk and used the rebound to spring into the sky. He spread his wings while his second soul ring started to shine.

Second soul skill, Eagle Soars the Sky.

From the very beginning, he had already unleashed his most powerful soul skill. He hadn’t had a chance to use this soul skill during the Class Promotion Tournament as he needed to coordinate with Wang Jinxi and their team. Having lost without being able to display all of his abilities, only the heavens knew how sullen his heart was.

Now that he was in the spirit ascension platform, the first thing he wanted to do now was to vent his frustrations.

His body shone with a brilliant, black radiance, his figure becoming illusory. As the Dark Devil Eagle fused into his body, his wings enlarged and his speed suddenly tripled. A powerful aura burst from his body, and like a black arrow, he pierced toward the large, green bird.

An eagle’s cry resounded through the sky.

Eagle Soars the Sky increased both his speed and power, combining to create a powerful attack. Zhang Yangzi had always believed that this attack-type skill was unequalled among his peers. After all, a single use of this skill consumed over fifty percent of his soul power.

His evaluation of his skill had greatly diminished, however, after encountering Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw. The tyrannical might of the Golden Dragon Claw was simply too terrifying for him to face. Furthermore, his skill was a close-combat type, which increased the risk of injury.

The gap between him and the bird rapidly closed before his eyes.

The large, green bird was also frightened by how quickly Zhang Yangzi had reached it. It spread its wings once more and flapped them, shooting out several green wind blades at Zhang Yangzi.

As the wind blades shot toward Zhang Yangzi, the bird issued a sharp screech, like it was flaunting its power.

Bang! Although the wind blades were smashed apart in the collision of black and green, they had succeeded in stopping Zhang Yangzi’s momentum, forcing him to spread his wings.

This is bad!  Zhang Yangzi cried out within his heart. He still wasn’t strong enough to fly with only his wings. He depended on Eagle Soars the Sky to stay aloft for a period of time. When he smashed apart his opponent’s attacks, it had forced him to halt and start falling.

He quickly glided down with his wings spread. He really was clever. From the bird’s five-meter wingspan, he had deduced that, the bird wouldn’t be able to pursue him any further if he took shelter in the forest.

However, his expression turned ghastly in the next moment.

One green figure after another appeared from the treetops. Wind blades shot at him from all directions from a multitude of large, green birds.

How did things turn out like this? This was the only thought running through Zhang Yangzi’s mind as he pressed the emergency exit button. Only at that moment did he finally understand the profound look the Spirit Pagoda staff member had given them before they had entered.

Darkness covered his eyes while his surroundings became tranquil. All of the attacks that had been flying toward him disappeared. He felt his body cooling down as light poured into the box.

“Get up.” Long Hengxu spoke without a single trace of happiness.

It was only after he sat up that Zhang Yangzi snapped out of his stupor and realized he was back in the Spirit Pagoda.

The screens in the room switched scenes at that moment, letting Zhang Yangzi know that he was actually the first one out. Upon realization, his face immediately blushed. He embarrassedly crawled out of the metal box.

Wu Zhangkong remained silent, simply pointing at the chair beside him for Zhang Yangzi to take a seat.

Taking in a deep breath, Zhang Yangzi calmed himself. He was still a bit dazed, a side effect of entering the spirit ascension platform, but he could clearly remember everything that had happened in there.

His gaze suddenly changed when he noticed the flock of green birds soaring in the sky on one of the screens. They seemed to be searching for something. Isn’t that where I was just now?

There were no less than one hundred birds on screen, covering the clouds and the sun. Their bright cries resonated throughout the skies, bringing more green birds to join their flock.

He swallowed a gulp of saliva when he realized that the flock of birds were actually searching for him! If it had been the real world, he would have already been dead even if there had been ten of him.

Long Hengxu only spared him a glance before continuing to watch the events occurring on the screens. Wu Zhangkong didn’t give him any words of criticism either.

True combat experience was best gained when experienced for themselves.

Zhang Yangzi began to ponder over his mistakes.  His eyes displayed strong excitement. Apart from being embarrassed, he found that he really enjoyed entering the spirit ascension platform. It was extremely realistic inside, and he was determined to survive even longer next time.

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