Chapter 1229: Divine Space Time Shuttle, Dark Phoenix

This was downright incredible!

This was clearly an attack that had been planned in advance, and their target was none other than the resources in these 20 soul vehicles! The value of over 300 soul missiles amounted to an astronomical sum, but what was even more terrifying was their destructive capabilities.

No, I can't let them take these soul missiles! 

The senior colonel gritted his teeth as he clambered to his feet. He knew that he was no match for this enemy, but he still released his martial soul.

Not only was he a Soul Sage, he was also a two-word battle armor master, and his suit of dark red battle armor quickly encased his body. Flames then erupted from the battle armor while a pair of wings were spread open on his back, and he activated his seventh soul skill without any hesitation, transforming into a giant fiery winged wolf before pouncing directly toward the dazzling silver light.

A hand that was encased in black armor suddenly appeared, and this hand rapidly expanded in the senior colonel's field of view.

Everything around him congealed, and in that instant, he didn't feel like a giant flaming wolf in his martial soul true body form. Instead, he felt like a fly that had been caught in a cobweb.

A wince-inducing grinding sound rang out from his suit of battle armor, and he felt as if his body were being compressed by a burst of terrifying power. He felt like he would be completely crushed like a grape and reduced to a pile of mincemeat in the next instant.

What kind of terrifying power was this?

Right at this moment, the surrounding darkness suddenly lit up, and a sense of formidable pressure suddenly appeared. A dazzling sword projection descended from the sky, and it seemed to be capable of slicing through all lies and the root of all pain.

The terrifying force that was crushing the giant fiery wolf abruptly vanished, and the black-armored hand suddenly clenched itself into a fist before crashing upward.

A dull boom rang out alongside the pleasant ringing of a sword, and in the aftermath of the clash, a streak of light flashed back in retreat while the vehicles that were suspended in mid-air crashed down onto the ground. Only the first three military vehicles in the line had vanished into the silver vortex.

Under the illumination of the vehicles' headlights, the senior colonel could see two figures facing one another from afar. He wore a rather blank look on his face, and his body was trembling involuntarily from the near-death experience he had just suffered.

"Dark Phoenix!" An incredulous voice that was tinged with a hint of befuddlement rang out.

"When did the Amorous Douluo become so nosy?" A pleasant yet frosty voice rang out from the black-armored woman.

The senior colonel turned toward his savior and was greeted by the sight of a man in a suit of white armor. The suit of armor looked as if it had been carved out of white crystal, but there was faint golden mist within it, giving it an ethereal appearance. The massive pair of crystalline wings on the back of the suit of armor left one with a very deep impression, and a series of translucent crystalline feathers had been carved onto the surface of these wings. Even with the very limited light in this setting, those wings still reflected exuberant dazzling light.

There was a golden halo beneath his feet, within which was a simple design of what appeared to be a roaming celestial maiden. The halo had a diameter of over 30 meters, so it was larger than this Dark Phoenix's halo.

The senior colonel wasn't overly familiar with the abilities of top-tier powerful beings, but he knew that the larger a halo was, the more powerful the corresponding domain was.

In terms of how lavish and grandiose their suits of battle armor were, even the Dark Phoenix's suit of battle armor paled into insignificance in comparison to this suit of white armor.

Could this be a suit of four-word battle armor?

Indeed, the man in a suit of white armor was none other than Amorous Douluo Zang Xin. There was a translucent Amorous Sword in his hand, and it was shimmering with a faint light. There were no soul rings visible around his body, so he either hadn't summoned them, or they had been concealed somehow. In the instant that he appeared, it seemed as if the situation had already been completely turned on its head.

A series of figures emerged from the darkness before converging toward Zang Xin, and beams of light were still erupting into the air to keep the mecha battalion at bay.

"So the Divine Space Time Shuttle ended up in your hands. When did you join the Holy Spirit Cult? Your sister would be very distraught to hear about this," Zang Xin said as he appraised the woman before him with a grim expression. Never did he think that she would be the one to lead the Holy Spirit Cult members in hijacking these vehicles.

Their plan had worked to perfection. Under the control of Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie, the defenses of Skysea City had gradually been lowered, and it was all for this day.

In order to ensure that these Holy Spirit Cult powerful beings would be lured out by this bait, a third of all of the soul missiles on these vehicles were real. Of course, there obviously weren't any ninth-grade soul missiles. Even a man as powerful as Chen Xinjie wouldn't dare to take risks with such devastating weapons.

It was quite clear that the Holy Spirit Cult members had been convinced that all of the soul missiles on the vehicles were real, but never could Zang Xin have anticipated that the person standing against him in this scenario would be the Dark Phoenix Douluo.

"Retreat!" The light from the Divine Space Time Shuttle faded, and it vanished over her palm as a streak of light. In the instant that Amorous Douluo Zang Xin had appeared, she immediately understood that this was a trap that targeted the Holy Spirit Cult.

Regardless of whether the soul missiles in those vehicles were real or not, there was no way she would be able to take them away.

The figures in the surrounding darkness instantly converged toward the Dark Phoenix Douluo. Meanwhile, a long inky-black feather appeared in her hand. This was the feather of the Dark Phoenix.

Zang Xin's expression remained unchanged, but he heaved a faint sigh. "I had heard that the Holy Spirit Cult had one sovereign, two emperors, and four heavenly monarchs, amounting to a spearhead consisting of seven top-tier powerful beings; you must be one of the four heavenly monarchs, right? You should know that seeing as we've set up this trap, there's no way that we'll afford you an opportunity to get away."

The Dark Phoenix Douluo said in a cold voice, "I see you still spout just as much useless dribble as ever."

Zang Xin suddenly said, "I can understand the Holy Spirit Cult attacking the Tang Sect; we've always been sworn enemies, after all, but did you participate in the Shrek Academy bombing as well? You were even more infatuated with Yun Ming than your sister was; how could you let him die at the hands of the Holy Spirit Cult? Is that what you wanted to see?"

The Dark Phoenix Douluo shuddered slightly, and her baleful aura was clearly thrown into disarray for a moment. "Shut up! That's right, I wanted him dead! If I can't have him, then no one can! His body has already been defiled by that b*tch! Only death can cleanse his soul. I'll always protect his soul, and it'll always be with me. This is true love; love that rises beyond all of the filth in this world. He's forever mine, and no one can take him away from me!"

Zang Xin's expression changed drastically upon hearing her deranged screeching. "What? Yun Ming's Soul? Could it be that you extracted his soul from his body, making him unable to even reincarnate? How did you become such a toxic woman..."

Bright light abruptly erupted from the Amorous Sword, and a fearsome energy storm swept forth in all directions with Zang Xin at its center. Everything in the surrounding area suddenly brightened, and the full wrath of a Limit Douluo and four-word battle armor master was just beginning to descend. All of the dust and mist in the surrounding area instantly vanished, making everything clear again.

"Toxic? I'm toxic just because I want to be with the one I love, while those who took him away from me AREN'T toxic? Hypocrites like you can all die!"

The Dark Phoenix Douluo abruptly swept the feather in her hand through the air, and countless sword projections erupted forth. At the same time, a black phoenix that was radiating purple light rose up into the air behind her before letting loose a loud cry that reverberated through the air.

A burst of powerful force acted upon the senior colonel's body, instantly sending him flying so that he wouldn't be caught in the battle between these two almighty beings.

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