Chapter 1228: Sudden Underground Change

With that in mind, the senior colonel heaved a faint sigh of relief. These special deliveries were indeed quite dangerous, but at the same time, they would be counted as significant military contributions. Hence, after taking all of the relevant factors into account, he decided to bring his cousin along with him.

After carefully checking the screens again, he was able to ascertain that all of the figures were normal, and there were no suspicious individuals that had been discovered. In order to facilitate this delivery, the entire highway had been sealed off to civilian vehicles.

There were over three hours left, and he couldn't wait for it to be over!

Just as the senior colonel was preparing to relax a little, he suddenly felt a burst of faint tremors.

"Hmm?" The senior colonel faltered momentarily before immediately becoming more alert.

The highway was extremely smooth and flat, so how could these tremors have arisen? The lieutenant colonel who was driving the vehicle had also sensed that something was amiss, and just as befuddlement began to well up in his heart, an astonishing turn of events suddenly unfolded.

"Boom!" Violent tremors erupted from beneath the vehicle, immediately followed by a strong sense of weightlessness.

The road suddenly exploded, and the explosives had been set up very accurately so that their explosions only destroyed the road down below without affecting the vehicles in the convoy. The 20 military vehicles began to plummet downward almost in unison. These vehicles were extremely heavy, so the sudden fall instantly brought horrified looks to everyone's faces.

These vehicles were holding soul missiles! Even if just a single one of the missiles were to be detonated, all of them would explode! The entire area in a massive radius would most likely be razed to the ground as a result.

As such, all of the mechas in the air above were completely stunned by the sight of the 20 military vehicles abruptly plummeting downward. In that instant, they didn't even know whether they should rush downward to assist the vehicles.

Mecha pilots didn't have much knowledge in the field of construction, so they had no way of identifying whether the highway had been damaged by explosives, or if it had simply crumbled as it had been unable to withstand the enormous weight of the convoy.

As such, everyone was at a temporary loss for what to do.

The senior colonel sitting in the first vehicle was the first to react as he heard a grinding scraping sound that made his skin crawl.

There were rocks and soil tumbling down all around him, but through the windows of the vehicles, he could still clearly see that a series of chains had appeared around the vehicle. The unpleasant scraping sound was coming from none other than the chains grinding against the vehicle as they supported the vehicle's weight. The sense of weightlessness also abruptly disappeared.

"This is an enemy attack! This is not an accident! Please reinforce us!" he roared into the communication device.

However, in the instant that his voice rang out, all of the images on the screens before him had been reduced to static, and an extremely powerful disruptive signal had instantly made all of the electronic equipment in the vehicle malfunction.

This was undoubtedly a planned enemy attack, and it had struck very abruptly.

There were battle aircrafts and mechas accompanying the convoy in the air above, but who could’ve anticipated a surprise attack from underground?

The vehicle was quickly stabilized, following which the senior colonel and lieutenant colonel realized that they couldn't see anything. Everything around them was a vast expanse of greyness, and they didn't know if this was a dense cloud of mist or dust, but in any case, this was definitely not good news for them.

The chains had already completely enveloped the vehicle like a giant cobweb, both holding the vehicle’s weight and also imprisoning its passengers.

"Thump!" A dull thump rang out, and something seemed to have struck the vehicle, causing the entire vehicle to sway violently. Immediately thereafter, a burst of powerful pulling force erupted up ahead, forcing the vehicle to advance.

At this point, the mechas in the air above had already sprung into action. As federal soldiers, all of them were very well-trained, and even though they were momentarily held back by the fear in their hearts, the two black mechas leading the battalion still quickly issued an order before quickly flying downward with all of the other mechas.

Due to the huge storm of dust that had erupted, they were unable to see what was happening down below. At the same time, not only had the powerful disruptive signal affected the vehicles down below, it had also impacted the mechas' detection and communication systems.

All of the soul vehicles down below contained soul missiles, so no one dared to unleash any attacks; all they could do was descend onto the scene before reacting to the situation.

Right at this moment, over 100 streaks of light suddenly erupted from within the gigantic crater before surging toward the mecha battalion up above like lightning.

This attack came extremely abruptly, and each and every soul laser had a diameter of over half a meter. Loud explosions rang out in the air, and over 10 yellow mechas were instantly blown into smithereens. The protective barriers of the purple and black mechas also swayed unsteadily, and not only was the mecha battalion kept at bay by the attacks, their formation had also been shattered.

The main issue was that they didn't dare to unleash any attacks, but the enemies down below were able to attack without any such qualms.

This was an enemy attack! It was most definitely an enemy attack, and it had come so abruptly that no one had been able to react. Even the fighter aircrafts up above had only just realized that something was amiss, but they had also been severely impacted by the disruptive signal, thereby rendering them unable to request assistance from the control center. It seemed that this entire area in a radius of 50 kilometers had been affected by this powerful disruptive signal.

The surrounding area had been inundated by darkness, but the grey mist was gradually fading. The military vehicles' headlights had been switched on automatically in response to the dim environment, thereby lighting up the dark tunnel up ahead.

The senior colonel and lieutenant colonel in the vehicle were in a highly alert state, but they didn't do anything reckless. The senior colonel was a Soul Sage, and he had already released his martial soul, but he knew that his mission wasn't to run away; it was to protect the soul missiles in the vehicle at all costs!

Right at this moment, a figure slowly approached them from the illuminated tunnel up ahead.

This was a human woman with a slender figure, and gave off a strange sense of beauty.

Her entire body was encased in a suit of armor, which was most likely her battle armor, and the entire suit of armor was of an inky black color. There was purple light spilling out of the gaps where the pieces of battle armor were connected with one another to illuminate the entire suit of grandiose battle armor.

The suit of armor looked as if it had been constructed from black crystals instead of metal, and under the illumination of the purple light, it was radiating faint dark purple light.

There was a crown of the same color sitting on her head, and at the very center of the crown was a miniature statue of a phoenix. The phoenix's eyes were of a bright purple color while its body was also completely inky-black. There was a black mask on her face that revealed only her eyes, which were also shimmering with purple light.

A giant and lavish pair of wings hung down her back, and the crease of her wings peeked out just above her shoulders, while the wings themselves trailed along on the ground behind her.

There was purple light flowing between every single feather, leaving a series of vibrant trails in her wake. There was also a massive halo that was over 20 meters in diameter beneath her feet, and within the halo was an extremely grandiose image of a soaring purple phoenix.

Her left hand hung by her side, while her right hand was held in front of her chest with her palm facing upward, and there was something sitting atop her palm.

This was a rhomboid crystal that was around a foot in length, and it was entirely of a strange silver color. This was a rather deep silver color, and it was made to look all the more dazzling by her purple suit of battle armor. On top of that, it illuminated her near-perfect figure.

There seemed to be a vortex at the center of the silver crystal, and light was constantly proliferating outward from the vortex, concealing the purple light that was flowing over her body.


The halo beneath her feet suggested that she was a three-word battle armor master, but could a suit of three-word battle armor really look this spectacular?

Her battle armor didn't even look like a normal suit of armor; it was more like an incredibly terrifying dark life form!

Both the senior colonel and lieutenant colonel felt as if a lump had appeared in their throats. In the next instant, dazzling silver light erupted in their field of view, and their vision blurred before they crashed heavily down onto the ground.

The lieutenant colonel fell unconscious on impact, but the senior colonel was a Soul Sage and had already released his martial soul, so he was just barely able to control his own body. Even so, all he could feel in that instant was that the world was spinning around him, and he had no idea what had happened.

He was then greeted by a sight that he would never forget.

One massive military vehicle after another rose up into the air with their bright headlights lighting up this world of darkness, only to then plunge toward the silver vortex in the distance.

When these vehicles were also illuminated to take on a silver color, the passengers in the vehicles were ejected out of the silver light before crashing to the ground. As for the vehicles themselves, they simply disappeared into the massive silver vortex.

Good heavens! What was that thing? Was that a spatial storage soul tool? But how could there be a storage soul tool with such a massive capacity? Did such a thing really exist in this world?

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