Chapter 1227: Convoy

After a period of fugitive-hunting, the defenses around Skysea City gradually eased, and the military lockdown was removed. However, there were still rigorous checks taking place at all of the important transport junctions in the city in order to prevent the same thing from happening again.

The defenses around the carrier-based vanguard group became a lot tighter, with all types of detection radars constantly activated to conduct surveillance.

The attack's success could be linked directly to malfeasance from the radar surveillance department, and the relevant personnel had already been sent to military court. Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie would be keeping an eye on the proceedings of the case in person, and his stance on matters remained firm no matter who pleaded for the innocence of those people. Hence, they were going to be prosecuted soon, and their sentences were going to be very severe.

Meanwhile, there were a total of 20 large soul vehicles traveling along the highway toward Skysea City.

Each of these large soul vehicles was over 30 meters in length and over 8 meters tall, with 30 massive wheels required to carry their enormous weight.

The vehicles were painted a navy blue color, and there were skull designs painted on them, as well as special military symbols, indicating that these were dangerous military resources.

In the sky above, there were 100 mechas led by two black mechas to protect the group of vehicles in case of any mishaps, and it was quite clear that the vehicles contained extremely important military resources.

Mobilization of similar military resources had already commenced since a few days ago, and war seemed to be imminent. It was undoubtedly the case that the united control center was overseeing the mobilization of these military resources.

The convoy continued onward in an orderly manner, and the mechas in the sky were relatively spread-out, with some of them inspecting the surrounding area, while others occasionally reported the situation to the control center.

The person sitting in the passenger's seat of the first vehicle was a senior colonel, and even the driver was a lieutenant colonel. There was an electronic screen in front of the senior colonel, displaying to him the current situation of the 20 vehicles in the convoy, as well as some surveillance statistics being gathered by the detection radars that were on top of the vehicles.

"The control center is being really urgent with their resource mobilization; is the war really about to begin, Boss?" the lieutenant colonel asked.

The senior colonel's eyes remained on the screen as he replied, "Anything is possible before the actual order for war arrives, so it's hard to say."

The lieutenant colonel rolled his eyes in response. "Can you not speak like a politician, bro?"

The senior colonel and lieutenant colonel were cousins, yet very few people in the military were aware of this.

The senior colonel scolded, "Just focus on driving! What's the point in asking so many questions? I don't know if the war is going to commence or not. To be honest, I hope the war will commence sooner rather than later. With the power of our military, the Dou Spirit and Star Luo Empires are no match for us. In my opinion, this war should've begun long ago. The earlier we unite this whole planet, the sooner we'd have access to more resources. The federation has been holding back this entire time due to the obstacles posed by the Dove Faction and neutral faction."

It was quite clear that this senior colonel was an Eagle Faction representative.

The lieutenant colonel pursed his lips in disagreement. "What's so good about a war? Wars always result in death; I have no interest in that. I only just got married, and my wife is pregnant. At a time like this, I want to be as far-removed from wars as possible."

The senior colonel snapped, "Alright, quit complaining! I know you recently got married, which is why I put you in the logistics department. Even when the war commences, I won't send you to the front lines." 

The lieutenant colonel chuckled, "You're the best, bro! Speaking of which, how many soul missiles are we delivering here? There must be a massive number of them to have filled 20 of these huge vehicles. If all of these soul missiles get detonated, the entire city would most likely instantly be reduced to ashes."

The lieutenant colonel shuddered as he spoke. He was well aware of what was being transported by the convoy.

Soul missiles were considered to be weapons of war in the federation, and their power was simply far too fearsome. As soldiers, all of them knew very well just how powerful these things were.

Soul missiles had already been invented over 10,000 years ago, and following the last 10,000 years of development, the modern soul missiles had all improved significantly in power, range, variety, and functions. Not only could they be accurately controlled and strike targets a long distance away, there was also a lot of diversity among the missiles. There were radar signal jamming missiles, missiles purely for destruction, missiles that targeted large areas, as well as missiles that specifically targeted life forms or buildings, and that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Compared to over 10,000 years ago, soul missiles of the same grade had become several times more powerful. There were currently no longer any soul missiles that were below the fourth grade, so all soul missiles were regarded as the most important resources by the federation, which meant that they were also subjected to the strictest management.

"Can you wish for something good to happen? Why would this stuff suddenly explode? Less talking, and more driving! The sooner we get these hot potatoes into the storage units, the better. The soul missiles contained in these 20 vehicles are enough to equip quite a few black warships."

The lieutenant colonel paid no heed to the senior colonel's words. "I was just raising a hypothetical situation. Come to think of it, back when Shrek City was bombed, just two soul missiles had been enough to rase the entire city to the ground! That's downright unimaginable to me. Aren't Godslayer missiles supposed to kept under the highest level of security? How could they have been stolen? This is..."

"Shut up!" the senior colonel suddenly yelled, "Is this something that you should be asking? Shut up and drive!"

The two stolen Godslayer missiles had always been a taboo topic in the federal military, even to this very day, and the military still hadn't been able to release a proper explanation to the general public.

The Shrek City bombing was also around the time when the Eagle Faction began its rise to power, and during these past two years, the military had developed and expanded at a drastic rate, with much more money being poured into the military than in the past. Sure enough, the Holy Spirit Cult had kept a low profile ever since, but as for how the two Godslayer missiles had been stolen, there were still no decisive conclusions. 

At the very least, the federal parliament took full responsibility and underwent a complete reform, but who were the actual perpetrators involved, and where were they right now?

The new federal parliament had stated that they were going to launch an exhaustive investigation, but there were still no results.

There were many people like the lieutenant colonel who had doubts in their hearts, but this was a strictly taboo topic in the military.

"There are many things that we shouldn't know," said the senior colonel as he continued, "And the less you know, the better. That was not just a terrorist attack; there were definitely political elements involved as well. That's all I'll say on the matter; the rest is not for us to speculate about. How much longer until we reach the base?"

"We still have over 300 kilometers to travel, and at our current speed, it'll take around three and a half more hours to reach our destination." The vehicles were simply too heavy to be driven too quickly, and he could only maintain a consistent and even speed.

"Alright, we need to focus on the final stretch of this journey. Transporting such important military resources will look very good on your resume."


The lieutenant colonel fell silent and focused on driving, while the senior colonel focused his attention on the screens before him. He was the only one in the convoy who was aware that aside from a large number of regulation fourth to sixth-grade missiles, the convoy was also carrying three ninth-grade soul missiles that were to be equipped to red aircraft carriers, as well as over 30 seventh-grade and eighth-grade soul missiles.

Aside from the mecha battalion in the air above, there was at least a squadron of fighter aircrafts accompanying the convoy at even higher altitudes. That was a group of at least 36 battle aircrafts, and it was sufficient testament to just how important this batch of military resources was.

Perhaps there were also some secret resources that they were carrying that even a senior colonel like him didn't have the right to know about. As such, all he wanted was to get to their destination safely, and as quickly as possible.

But then again, with so many fighter aircrafts and mechas in accompaniment, there most likely wouldn't be any issues. After all, this was the power of the military.

The distance of over 300 kilometers that they still had to travel before reaching Skysea City seemed to be very long, but to these fighter aircrafts that were capable of breaking the sound barrier, it would only take them a few minutes to reach the city.

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