Chapter 1223: Execute You

After all, at the general level, it was difficult, even for one's higher-ups, to prosecute them. However, this commander clearly had no qualms doing so. He may have only been an admiral, but at times, he was even more influential than the military commander-in-chief as he had a few more identities that made him a figure of utmost importance to the entire federation.

He was the commander of the Sea God Legion, the Battle God Hall Master, and a Limit Douluo!

Any one of those three identities was enough to cement one's spot at the very pinnacle of the entire federation, let alone all three at once.

Furthermore, this commander was one of the representatives of the Eagle Faction. There were different factions even in the Eagle Faction itself, and he definitely belonged to the most aggressive one.

"I don't care who's involved and for what reasons; anyone who's been found to be the perpetrator of the attack or had colluded with the perpetrator will be executed!"

Right at this moment, a soldier outside suddenly yelled, "Report!"

The commander's expression darkened even further. "What is it?"

The soldier hurried over before extending a military salute. "Sir, a group of soldiers in strange military uniforms have arrived outside our barracks, and they claim to be special investigators sent by the federation to investigate the recent attack."

"Special investigators from the federation?" Chen Xinjie raised an eyebrow as he instructed, "Bring in their leader to see me; let me see what this is all about."

All of the other military officials present were also rather bemused. Special federal investigators? Could this have been a team that had only just been assembled to investigate this matter?

According to military regulations, there were indeed some special departments that were responsible for overseeing certain military divisions, but this united fleet was different! The commander of this united fleet was the current Battle God Hall Master, Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie; who would dare to barge in at a time like this, especially when he was at the height of his rage? Did they have a death wish?

With Chen Xinjie's status in the military, he could easily find an excuse to execute someone, and no one would dare to say anything about it.

Not long after that, a young man in a white military uniform was led into the room.

This was a tall and broad young man with wide shoulders and a set of handsome yet authoritative facial features. He appeared to be around 28 to 29 years of age, and his military uniform was pristine and completely creaseless. He also had a pair of major general epaulets on his shoulders, and gave off a rather imposing aura.

Despite the fact that there were several dozens of high-ranking military officials present, he was completely unfazed and strode over to Chen Xinjie before stopping around five meters away. He then made a fist with his right hand and thumped it against his chest in a rather special military salute.

A hint of enlightenment appeared in Chen Xinjie's eyes at the sight of this military uniform, and he was made aware of this young man's identity after witnessing this military salute.

However, his brows then quickly furrowed. Since when did this legion become the lapdog of the federation?

"Greetings, esteemed commander, I'm a special investigator from the federation military's supervision department. My codename is Blood Dragon."

Much to everyone's surprise, Chen Xinjie didn't immediately erupt into a thunderous rage. Instead, he appraised the young man calmly, and asked, "Why are you here?"

Blood Dragon replied, "We weren't responsible for investigating the united fleet initially, but we suspect that the recent attack has something to do with the matter that we're investigating. Skysea City is currently in a state of lockdown, which hinders our investigation, which is why I've come to see you. If possible, I'd like to speak with you in private."

All of the other military officials present were quite relieved to hear this. They had been rather suspicious of the identity of these so-called special investigators. After all, the explosion had only just taken place, and they had already arrived, but it made a lot more sense if they happened to be in the area investigating something else to begin with. However, how could there be such a young major general? Furthermore, the fact that he could remain so composed even in the presence of Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie was quite remarkable. None of the high-ranking military generals present could remain so calm in Chen Xinjie's presence.

Chen Xinjie instructed, "Take him away for now, and I'll see him after the meeting."

He waved a hand as he spoke, and the soldier led Blood Dragon away.

Xu Yangyun turned to Chen Xinjie, and asked, "Commander, is he from that place?"

The major generals present were oblivious to Blood Dragon's identity, but as a general, Xu Yangyun knew many federal secrets, so he was able to identify Blood Dragon's origins.

Chen Xinjie nodded in response. "It does look like it. I'll ask him about this later. If he really is from that place, then perhaps he can provide some leads for us in regard to this attack."

Xu Yangyun nodded in response. "If he really is from that place, then he really does deserve our attention. They've made extremely significant contributions to the federation. I heard that..."

Chen Xinjie raised a hand to cut him off, and Xu Yangyun also realized that he was about to reveal too much, so he fell silent and sat down. However, the newly promoted admiral sitting across from him, Admiral Zhu Ming, was rather perplexed. However, he had also realized that the major general in white most likely had something to do with the secrets of the federation. It was just that he hadn't been in this position for a very long time, so he hadn't been made aware of all of these secrets.

Blood Dragon was taken to a guest hall, and he sat down on the couch as he inspected the room around him.

The decor in the room wasn't very lavish, but it was quite refined. The carved timber doorframe and the timber furniture all had an antiquated feel to them, and this resembled the office of an artist rather than that of an admiral.

Blood Dragon closed his eyes to rest, and he thought back to his performance following his arrival here. After ascertaining that he hadn't slipped up at any point, he entered a meditative state.

Of course, Blood Dragon was none other than Tang Wulin. His decision to visit this place seemed to be quite a risky one, but he was actually quite confident. Most importantly, he couldn't afford to allow things to continue to progress according to the Eagle Faction's plan. Otherwise, severe problems could arise in the near future. 

Hence, he decided to come here with all of his friends, and prior to his visit, he had already done sufficient preparatory work.

The united control center meeting didn't progress for very long after that. The basic premise had already been set; they had to launch an exhaustive investigation and find the perpetrators at all costs!

The federation was determined to point the finger at the Star Luo Empire as the perpetrators of this attack, so it was undoubtedly the case that support for the Eagle Faction will continue to increase. A war truly did seem to be imminent now.

When Chen Xinjie strode into his office, he was greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin sitting in silence, breathing evenly with his eyes closed.

His back was ramrod straight, and his white military uniform made him look very sharp and dashing. It had been four hours since the meeting had first begun.

Chen Xinjie nodded internally in approval. As expected of a soldier from the Blood God Legion; his composure was truly commendable. It was no wonder that he could become a major general at such a young age.

However, what was rather surprising to him was that he was unable to identify Tang Wulin's exact cultivation rank. He could only sense that his soul power fluctuations seemed to be below the Soul Douluo level, but he seemed to possess some other type of energy fluctuations that were even more powerful, yet also more difficult to detect. On top of that, his spiritual fluctuations were also quite powerful.

From his blood essence fluctuations and bone structure, he could tell that this was truly a young man and not an older man in disguise; it truly was quite remarkable that he had achieved everything he had at such a young age.

Tang Wulin sensed Chen Xinjie's arrival, and he withdrew his aura as he opened his eyes to look directly into Chen Xinjie's sharp piercing gaze.

"Commander." Tang Wulin immediately rose to his feet before extending another military salute toward Chen Xinjie.

"Young man, do you know what my first thought was when you declared your identity?" Chen Xinjie asked in a cold voice.

Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "I do not."

"To execute you." Even though Chen Xinjie was only speaking, Tang Wulin felt as if there really were a soul laser gun pointed at his head.

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