Chapter 1221: Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation

The Mountain Dragon King was an earth-attribute being, so its power in conjunction with Tang Wulin's powerful body allowed him to quickly drill his way into the earth.

His arms were occupied as he had to protect Long Yuxue, so he could only use the sharp edges of his wings to clear away the earth in his path. His physical constitution had already far exceeded the realm of what was humanly possible, and soon, he had burrowed several dozen meters into the ground.

At this depth, even underground radars would have a very hard time trying to detect him. However, it was also quite difficult to move this deep underground, so he wasn't exactly racing along.

In a situation like this, Tang Wulin's immense spiritual power played a very important role. Through his ability to sense earth-attribute elements, Tang Wulin was able to quickly get a grasp of the underground structure within a radius of around a kilometer, and he soon discovered an underground lake. He burrowed through the earth and into the lake, allowing its natural flow to carry them away.

The underground lake wasn't flowing very quickly, but it was still far faster than burrowing through the earth. The sense of peril gradually faded away, and Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh of relief.

However, right at this moment, he suddenly sensed that there seemed to be something wrong with Long Yuxue.

They had been underground for a while now, and Long Yuxue had been silently enduring everything this whole time, from the heavy impact of plummeting into the ground, to the subsequent sense of asphyxiation.

Even though she was a Soul Emperor, her physical constitution couldn't even hold a candle to Tang Wulin's, and internal soul power regulation could allow her to hold her breath for a long time, but that time period had already passed. In particular, the initial impact had completely knocked the breath out of her, and the situation had set her heart racing at far above its resting rate, so her body's oxygen needs had spiked even further.

At this point, her body was already beginning to stiffen, and her life force fluctuations were slowly ebbing away.

This was not good!

Tang Wulin was quite alarmed by this, and he hurriedly looked down at Long Yuxue. Through the use of his Purple Demon Eyes, he could see that Long Yuxue's eyes were tightly shut, and her face was completely pale, but also a little purple. This was clearly a sign that she was suffocating to death.

In this dire situation, Tang Wulin couldn't think of any other way to save her, and he hurriedly pressed his lips against hers to conduct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

His Mysterious Heaven Method ensured that he had a virtually endless supply of soul power, and with the cycle formed by his two energy cores within his insanely powerful body, he could hold his breath for half a day without any issues.

The air that Tang Wulin had injected into Long Yuxue's lungs brought her back from the brink of death, and her body clearly relaxed a little while her chest began to rise and fall drastically.

Her lips were soft and fragrant, but Tang Wulin didn't have the spare capacity to pay any heed to that. His mind was scrambling as he quickly rushed toward their hotel, guided by nothing more than his memory.

His spiritual power surged forth as he closed his eyes, allowing him to inspect the situation on the surface, and he finally found a rather secluded street, where he emerged from the ground with Long Yuxue.

After the two of them burst out of the earth, their lips parted, and Tang Wulin immediately dragged Long Yuxue behind a building. At the same time, he restrained his own soul power fluctuations in case they were detected by any soul power detection devices.

Long Yuxue was gasping for air, but her eyes were focused intently on Tang Wulin. 

He kissed me! He actually kissed me! 

She knew that he had only done so out of necessity, but she was still completely on cloud nine, and the pain of asphyxiation had been completely forgotten.

Tang Wulin tried to dust himself off as best as he could, which wasn't an easy task considering he was covered in soil and couldn't use any soul power. At this point, sirens were already blaring over the entire Skysea City, and it didn't take a genius to envision that the city was going to be placed under strict military lockdown for a long time to come. This was going to be very troublesome for them. However, everything would have to wait until they returned to the hotel.

Tang Wulin opened his soul communicator, and hesitated momentarily before sending out a signal to gather everyone together.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

Long Yuxue shook her head in response and buried that bittersweet memory deep within her heart.

"Let's hurry back to the hotel. The plan is most likely going to have to change, and we'll have to go into hiding no matter what that attack entails," Tang Wulin said in a serious voice.

Long Yuxue nodded in response.

Many of the citizens of Skysea City still had no idea what was going on. All they heard was an earth-shattering explosion that had been audible throughout the entire city, followed by loud blaring sirens, so everyone was cast into a blind panic. The streets were in a state of complete chaos, and Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue blended into the frenzied throngs of people as they quickly returned to the hotel.

Everyone had already returned to the hotel after receiving Tang Wulin's signal, and Yue Zhengyu asked, "What happened, Boss?"

Tang Wulin replied in a serious voice, "There's no time to elaborate on the situation. I've already contacted the people from the Tang Sect, and we have to get out of here right away. Someone just set off a ninth-grade soul missile to attack a federal fleet over at the military port, and a black warship was sunk. Skysea City is most likely going to be in a hypersensitive state for the near future, so we need to find a better place to hide."

"A ninth-grade soul missile?" Everyone's expressions changed drastically upon hearing this. They had almost perished to such a missile in the aftermath of the Shrek City bombing, and they didn't think that they'd encounter another ninth-grade soul missile explosion so soon.

Right at this moment, the door was flung open, and Amorous Douluo Zang Xin strode into the room. "Come with me."

The place they were living at belonged to the Tang Sect, so there were no records stating that they had checked into this hotel. Thus, everyone was led by Zang Xin into a passageway behind the hotel and entered the underground world again. However, compared to the underground world of Heaven Dou City, this one was a lot cruder and only consisted of a dank sanctuary.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters, A'Ruheng, Sima Jinchi, and the Blood Dragon Squad were all taken down here in groups, and it only took one hour for everyone to be gathered.

Just as Tang Wulin had predicted, the authorities had already placed the city into complete military lockdown and were scouring the city for the perpetrators. Furthermore, they were making efforts to keep this incident confidential, so news of the attack would be limited to the smallest area possible.

Soon, news returned, stating that the military had initiated an exhaustive search and were using all types of large-scale detection equipment. All Soul Masters at rank 30 soul power or above had to undergo strict interrogation in order to verify their identities.

Zang Xin had also brought back a piece of news that Tang Wulin found to be rather intriguing. According to the current information that the military had gathered, the ones who had initiated this attack came from a secret organization in the Star Luo Empire.

"That's impossible," Tang Wulin concluded, "The Star Luo Empire has agreed to work with us; how could they possibly do something like this to escalate the conflict now? A ninth-grade soul missile is indeed very powerful, but it's still just a single missile, and it can't do much to a carrier-based vanguard group. The only thing that this will accomplish will be to spark further animosity from the federation, which could lead to the war commencing even earlier than planned. Also, it's definitely not an easy task to transport a ninth-grade soul missile to the federation, especially to Skysea City."

Zang Xin nodded in response. "We all know that it's virtually impossible that the Star Luo Empire was behind this attack, but the military doesn't think this. A black warship is extremely expensive to construct, and the military must be completely riled up right now, so all of the accusations are being aimed at the Star Luo Empire."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly upon hearing this. "Who could it be if it's not the Star Luo Empire? Could it be the Holy Spirit Cult?"

Zang Xin replied in a serious voice, "I also think that the Holy Spirit Cult is most likely behind this attack. However, according to the military, they couldn't find any links between this attack and the Holy Spirit Cult. Instead, all of the signs suggest that the attack came from the Star Luo Empire."

Tang Wulin speculated, "Could it be that someone is intentionally directing the blame toward the Star Luo Empire?"

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