Chapter 1220: Sudden Peril

It was a soul missile! Only a soul missile could produce such terrifying destructive power!

Furthermore, this was most likely a ninth-grade soul missile. Otherwise, the explosion definitely wouldn't have been so fearsome.

A black-grade warship that was docked by the port was blasted into smithereens by the explosion, and there were also two purple-grade frigates in the distance that were capsized by the massive waves. Thankfully, the battleships hadn't been docked too close to one another, so the damage was limited.

Had there been an attack? Someone had attacked a federal fleet, and they had used a ninth-grade soul missile to do so!

Among the federal fleets, there were red aircraft carriers, black warships, purple frigates, yellow gunboats, and white patrol boats. Battleships of different grades also had different equipment, and these types of warships combined to form a fleet with the aircraft carrier acting as the core of the fleet.

At this moment in time, there were three aircraft carriers docked on the sea near the coast of Skysea City, and there were only six carrier-based vanguard groups in the entire federation. These three carrier-based vanguard groups had been prepared for the imminent war that was about to be instigated against the other two continents, and all of them had been fitted with the best equipment.

Who could've anticipated that someone would dare to unleash an attack at a time like this? Furthermore, they had used a taboo weapon in the form of a ninth-grade soul missile.

Seawater surged forth violently to strike against the shore, and it was as if doomsday had arrived. A fierce energy storm was wreaking havoc at the center of the ocean, and Tang Wulin had experienced the power of a ninth-grade soul missile for himself back at Shrek Academy, so he was naturally well aware of just how fearsome these weapons were.

As for Godslayer missiles, even the ancient Golden Tree and all of the most powerful beings of Shrek Academy had been unable to contain its explosion; that was the most terrifying part about human technology.

There were even researchers who had stated that with the current rate at which technology was advancing, humans would eventually die out to their own technology.

Ninth-grade soul missiles had been invented as early as 10,000 years ago, but extremely few ninth-grade soul missiles had actually been detonated, so they were definitely extremely important weapons. There was even a stretch of several thousand years where not even a single missile of this caliber had been used, yet Tang Wulin had witnessed its power in person on two occasions in just a few years; he really did have godawful luck...

In contrast with Tang Wulin's astonishment, Long Yuxue was experiencing a completely different type of emotion.

A doomsday-like scenario was unfolding before her eyes with enormous waves and terrifying energy storms, but she was being held by a pair of strong and reliable arms.

She could clearly sense the powerful blood essence fluctuations emanating from his body. Those fluctuations completely enveloped her, shielding her from all of the energy blasts erupting in the outside world.

His embrace was warm and secure, like the ideal safe harbor. With him by her side, she wasn't afraid of anything.

All of the emotions that she had repressed for such a long time were finally released, and Long Yuxue felt like everything she had given was worth it. This was a very clear feeling, and it filled her with a sense of comfort and release.

She closed her eyes and no longer looked at what was unfolding around them. Instead, she completely immersed herself in his masculine aura and powerful blood essence fluctuations. She wound her arms tightly around his waist, and even though they were separated by a layer of dragon scales, she really wanted this moment to last forever.

After briefly inspecting the situation, Tang Wulin immediately flapped his wings and flew toward the distant shore with Long Yuxue in his arms.

They couldn't stay here any longer.

In the wake of such a devastating attack against the carrier-based vanguard group, the entire military would most likely be stirred up into a frenzy. The entirety of Skysea City was going to be placed into lockdown, and all suspicious individuals on the coast were most definitely going to be detained for further investigation.

Hence, after a brief stunned stupor, Tang Wulin immediately fled the scene with Long Yuxue.

The tsunami was still raging, and seawater had washed over all of the buildings near the coastline. Thankfully, there were dams on the shore that kept most of the waves at bay, so not much of the city was affected.

Even as Tang Wulin was flying toward the shore, there were already loud sirens blaring. On the surface of the ocean, all of the battleships were swaying atop the turbulent waves while activating their protective barriers, and the entire ocean was illuminated by the light of these barriers.

All of the battleships had white protective barriers, but they were of different calibers depending on the caliber of the ship. As the loud sirens began to blare, all types of military radars were also beginning to scour through the surrounding area.

One battle aircraft after another quickly took to the sky, and many mechas were rushing out of the battleships. 

With Tang Wulin's immense spiritual power, he didn't even have to look to "see" the scenes unfolding around him, and he was truly astonished by just how powerful the federal military was.

Tens of thousands of mechas were gushing out of the battleships, and when he occasionally turned around, he could even see some red figures among the mechas.

The sensory scope of the military radars soon encompassed an area with a radius of several hundred kilometers, and it was as if the entire carrier-based vanguard group had transformed into a massive hedgehog.

The two capsized purple frigates had already been pulled upright again, but the black warship that had been directly struck had already completely sunk, and its only remnants were the countless fragments floating on the surface of the ocean.

Tang Wulin had no time to marvel at the power of the ninth-grade soul missile as he could sense that he was already inside the sensory scope of the military radars. After all, no matter how fast he was, he was still a human, while radars could be instantly activated to scan through large areas, so there was no way that he could outrun them.

At least 100 mechas instantly detected him and Long Yuxue before flying toward them.

Mechas weren't all that worrisome to Tang Wulin as his golden dragon wings would allow him to outspeed the vast majority of mechas; the main concern was that there were also battle aircrafts that were flying toward them from all directions.

Tang Wulin had learned how to pilot battle aircrafts on the demonic island, so he was naturally very aware of just how fast they were. If he were to be caught by these aircrafts, then there was no way he would be able to escape.

Even a Titled Douluo wouldn't be able to resist the power of the federal military, let alone a Soul Sage like him.

He couldn't keep running like this!

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind at once, and he instantly made a decision. He immediately crushed Long Yuxue against his chest, and the abrupt tightening of his embrace even struck Long Yuxue with a sense of compressive pain.

At the same time, he instantly withdrew his golden dragon wings, and a burst of yellow light erupted from his body as he plummeted straight toward the ground like a shooting star.

He was at an altitude of around 100 meters, and with the assistance of that yellow light, he was instantly able to plummet at an incredible speed, and he was accelerating even further during his descent.


Long Yuxue's entire body jolted violently, and if it weren't for Tang Wulin holding her tightly in his embrace and protecting her with his energy, she would've most likely been knocked out by that impact.

She was then struck by the feeling that the air around her had become very sparse, and she was soon having difficulty with her breathing.

However, she was a Soul Emperor and a two-word battle armor master herself, and she hurriedly circulated her own soul power to make her breathing more shallow in order to minimize her oxygen needs.

At this point, she had already snapped out of her love fantasy and immediately realized the nature of the situation that they were in.

To put in the simplest way, they had been in the wrong place at the wrong time...

Regardless of who it was that had been responsible for this attack, they were Soul Masters near the scene, and they had fled right after the incident, so they were definitely going to be detained for investigation. However, both she and Tang Wulin had extremely sensitive identities and couldn't allow themselves to be investigated by the authorities. As such, they could only run, and they had to avoid being captured by the federal military no matter what.

However, at this point, Skysea City was like an inescapable cage that had almost been completely encompassed by radars, so it was virtually impossible to get away.

Even so, Tang Wulin still chose to flee, and from the dwindling supply of air in the surrounding environment, Long Yuxue could tell that they were currently most likely burrowing deep into the ground. She didn't know how Tang Wulin had accomplished this, but this was definitely the best course of action to take.

There were battle aircrafts, mechas, and radars in the air, and only by burrowing deep into the ground could they escape the detection of the radars. It wasn't that easy to activate the underground radars, and the process took time. By the time the radars were activated, they'd be long gone.

The ability that Tang Wulin had used to achieve this was his Mountain Dragon King torso bone's gravitational control ability.

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