Chapter 1217: Lina

He directed his spiritual power toward this young woman, and to his surprise, despite the fact that she only appeared to be around 18 to 19 years of age, she had already reached the pinnacle of the Soul Elder level, and was only one step away from becoming a Soul Ancestor.

A Soul Master of her caliber was naturally quite mediocre among Shrek Academy disciples of the same age, but this was already quite exceptional under normal circumstances.

"I did!" Lina quickly fished her identification card out of her bag as she said, "The academy has sent me my uniform, enrolment registration, and identification card, and they also reminded me to make sure I had everything with me as the security checks at Skysea City were very stringent. I prepared everything as I was told, but this is my first time making such a long journey on my own, so I'm still a little scared. I'm so glad you're willing to help me, Upperclassman; you're the best!"

Tang Wulin's expression softened slightly at the sight of her bubbly and energetic display. "Let's go, then."

He led Lina back to his friends, then allowed Lina to walk at the forefront of the group.

Sure enough, just as Long Yuxue had cautioned, there were soul power detection devices placed at the exit of the station, and everyone who tried to leave the station would have to be scanned by this device.

Tang Wulin briefly inspected his surroundings before releasing his spiritual power, which spread around him like a huge net.

One had to realize that his spiritual power was currently comparable with that of a Hyper Douluo, so he was quickly able to grasp the entire situation around the station.

There was a mecha squadron patrolling near the train station, and over 30 federal soldiers were situated at the exit. There was also a mecha and 10 soldiers situated at the soul power detection devices, and they would immediately conduct identity verification as soon as they discovered any suspicious individuals.

Tang Wulin made a hand signal to everyone behind him, and they all slowed down a little while Tang Wulin and Lina walked on ahead. At the same time, they were secretly adjusting their own soul power fluctuations.

When the two of them passed by the soul power detection device, it immediately began to beep, and the soldiers instantly directed their attention toward them. They raised their soul laser guns and aimed them at the two of them as one of them said, "You two, please come over here."

Lina was given a fright by this development. "What are you doing? How could you point guns at us! We're students of Skysea Academy!"

"This is a regulation check. Please come over here so we can verify your identities." 

A few soldiers were already approaching them, and Lina seemed to have been frightened by this as she turned toward Tang Wulin in a panicked manner. "What do we do, Upperclassman?"

"Just let them conduct their checks," Tang Wulin replied in a calm manner and gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

The two of them followed the soldiers to the soul power detection devices, and all of the soldiers put down their soul laser guns.

"Please display your identification documents."

Lina glanced at Tang Wulin, and after receiving a nod from him, she handed over her acceptance certificate and identification card. Tang Wulin did the same. His identification documents were also genuine. With the Tang Sect's resources, it was no problem at all to arrange some genuine identification documents.

Following a thorough examination, the soldier responsible for conducting the checks said in a warm and reassuring manner, "There's no need to be scared; this is just a regulation check. You may go now. It's very impressive to see such a young Soul Elder and Soul Ancestor; keep up the good work."

Lina cast an admiring glance at Tang Wulin. He didn't appear to be much older than, yet he was already a Soul Ancestor, and she was very impressed.

Tang Wulin nodded before departing with Lina. 

Right at this moment, the soldier that was inspecting the soul power detection device suddenly exclaimed, "What's going on? Why did the screen suddenly go black? Is there a power outage?"

The soldiers hurriedly began to conduct some checks, and meanwhile, Shrek's Six Monsters, as well as Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng, had already emerged from the exit, and the soldiers were none the wiser.

After exiting the station, Lina turned to Tang Wulin, and said, "Thank heavens you were there, Upperclassman; I was so scared back there. What's going on with Skysea City? Why are those soldiers using their guns so liberally? I heard that a war is about to start soon; is that true?"

Tang Wulin asked, "Do you want it to be true?"

Lina shook her head, and replied, "Of course not; wars are the worst. The novels I've read say that lots and lots of people die during wars; it's so scary!"

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "I still have some errands that I need to run. Now that you're in Skysea City, you shouldn't have any more problems. I'll hail a taxi for you, and the driver will take you straight to the academy. I hope we meet again."

A surprised and disappointed look appeared on Lina's face. "You're not coming to the academy with me?"

Tang Wulin replied, "I still have some important things to take care of. If I meet you bump into you in the academy, I'll treat you to a meal."

"Alright, then," Lina pouted in a displeased manner, and said, "You have to keep your word, Upperclassman."

"I will." Tang Wulin waved farewell before departing with his friends. Long Yuxue and the members of the Blood Dragon Squad were already waiting nearby.

Lina looked on in a displeased manner as they departed before making her way toward a nearby taxi. As she turned away, her displeased look suddenly vanished, and a hint of green flashed through her eyes. "Two Titled Douluos and seven Soul Sages; how interesting. Could they be from the Battle God Hall?"

After getting onto the cars that Long Yuxue and the others had already rented in advance, Tang Wulin and the others arrived at a medium-sized hotel at the center of Skysea City.

By the time Tang Wulin arrived at his room, Amorous Douluo Zang Xin was already waiting there for him.

"Your Majesty." Tang Wulin extended a salute toward Zang Xin.

Zang Xin also rose to his feet. "Welcome, Sect Master."

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I still can't get used to that."

Zang Xin smiled in response, revealing a set of pristine white teeth. If it weren't for the slightly jaded look in his eyes, Tang Wulin would seriously be led into believing that Zang Xin was around the same age as him. After all, his appearance suggested that he was only a young man in his twenties! 

"You'll get used to it eventually. We'll be setting off in three days, and all of the preparatory work is complete," Zang Xin said in a concise manner.

Tang Wulin replied, "I don't know how you did it, but I truly admire your resourcefulness. I heard that the ports have already been shut down, and no merchant ships are allowed to travel to the other two continents. All news regarding the two continents have also been placed on lockdown; how did you manage to get a massive ferry that would go on this trip?"

Zang Xin smiled, and said, "Our Tang Sect has a strong presence on all three continents; if we can't even do something like this, then we'll truly be bringing shame to our illustrious 20,000-year-long history. You'll know everything when the time comes. This is an extremely important trip, and we'll be counting on you to liaise with the other two empires."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "Rest assured, Your Majesty, I'll be sure to do my best, not just for the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, but even more so for all of the innocent people on the three continents. We have to prevent this war from happening no matter what."

Zang Xin said, "Everything will progress according to the plan. Once we get there, there will be someone to meet us on the other side."

Tang Wulin replied, "Alright. Do you have anything else you want to tell me, Your Highness?"

Zang Xin was silent for a moment before replying, "I must remind you that not only do you have to provide our weapons to them, you have to do your best to make sure that those weapons don't actually get used on our federal soldiers. Otherwise, the Tang Sect will truly become traitors of the federation. The conflict between the three continents had been raging for many years, and if the Dou Spirit Empire and Star Lou Empire were to use these powerful weapons to attack the federation rather than just to intimidate, then the federal military will suffer heavy losses, which is not something that we want to see.

"We have to maintain a delicate balance. Even though the Tang Sect has a lot of influence on the other two continents, we can't guarantee that some more aggressive factions won't try to take the initiative to start the war before the federation can. As such, don't hesitate to stamp your authority when necessary. Make it known to them that we can support them, but we can also bring about their downfall."

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