Chapter 1216: Rigorous Examination

A slightly forlorn feeling welled up in his heart as he spoke. He had passed through Eastsea City on the way to Skysea City as he wanted to return to the city where he had once lived and studied, and where everything had begun for him. It was here that he became acquainted with his first set of friends and the love of his life.

Upon his return, he discovered that Eastsea City didn't seem to have changed much, as if the passage of time hadn't affected it at all during the past 15 or so years. However, everything had changed in his heart.

He resisted the urge to return home as he reaffirmed his conviction to bring back his parents.

The soul train arrived, and everyone boarded. The VIP carriage was indeed very comfortable. Everyone had their own designated spacious area, as well as all types of beverages and foods that they could choose from.

After boarding the train, the leader of the group sat down in the seat at the very front, and a sharp look appeared in his eyes to replace his forlorn expression.

Everything was about to begin!

The Eagle Faction had gained the absolute upper hand in the federal parliament, and a war was imminent. There were all types of long-distance projects that had been set into motion in preparation for the war, and that was also why the security in Skysea City had become so rigorous.

All of the vehicles entering and exiting the city had to undergo thorough examinations, and this was perhaps a result of the trauma left behind in the wake of the Shrek Academy bombing.

The soul train arrived at Skysea City Station, and the first thing that the nine of them had to face was the security check.

The security check here wasn't as thorough as it was for cars and other vehicles, but they still had to be scanned by special devices. Only those who were able to pass the scans without a hitch would truly enter Skysea City.

The young man walking at the front of the group was naturally none other than Tang Wulin, and the long-haired man beside him was A'Ruheng.

His large bald head was far too eye-catching, so Tang Wulin had prepared a wig for him as part of his disguise. The result had been quite good, and at the very least; it made him look a lot less menacing.

Sima Jinchi's disguise was the simplest of all; he had his facial hair shaved and his eyebrows plucked a little to give him a more gentle appearance, and he suddenly looked like a different man. This was also why A'Ruheng was calling him a pretty boy.

Everyone else had also put on simple disguises to conceal their original exceptional appearances.

Due to the fact that Tang Wulin's parents were very likely on the Dou Spirit Continent, that was the continent that they were visiting first. On top of that, the Dou Spirit Empire was also weaker than the Star Luo Empire, so they were more in need of assistance from the Tang Sect, thereby further cementing it as the appropriate first destination.

Tang Wulin was very excited for this. If they could arrive at an agreement with the Dou Spirit Empire, then it would become a lot easier for him to search for his parents on the continent.

Tang Wulin was just walking out of the train station with his friends when a clear voice suddenly sounded. "Hey, which faculty are you from?"

A figure appeared in Tang Wulin's way, and he was greeted by the sight of a smiling face.

From just a single glance, it became quite apparent why this person had approached them. This was a young woman who appeared to be around 18 or 19 years of age, and she was wearing the same uniform as them.

She was very beautiful with a pair of large eyes and long eyelashes, and she seemed to be filled with youthful exuberance.

Even though Tang Wulin had disguised his own appearance, he hadn't altered his own height and figure. He was carrying a bag in his right hand that contained a few changes of clean clothes, and the strap of the bag was draped over his shoulder. His tall and athletic frame was perfectly accentuated by his tight-fitting uniform, so he still attracted quite a bit of female attention.

He was carrying a bag with him in order to make his disguise more complete. After all, it would appear a little suspicious if he were to emerge from the train empty-handed. After all, what was a student like him doing without a bag?

A slightly peculiar look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. These Skysea Academy uniforms were being used by them as disguises, but he didn't think that he would encounter an actual student from the academy here.

Skysea Academy was the largest academy in the city, and it had students of all ages, as well as a Soul Master faculty and a mecha pilot faculty. It was also the most powerful academy on the east coast of the Douluo Continent.

"We're from the Soul Master faculty," Tang Wulin said in an aloof manner, putting on a cold and forbidding display that was essentially telling her to go away, clearly not wanting to have anything to do with her.

Alas, it was impossible to read the heart of a young maiden, and much to his dismay, the young woman seemed to have only become more intrigued by his cold demeanor. "You must be an upperclassman, right? I'm a new student of Skysea Academy, and I'm also in the Soul Master faculty. I don't know how to get there; can you take me there, Upperclassman?"

A resigned look appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and everyone else was also rather bemused. This had become a rather farcical situation.

"I'm in a hurry. Figure it out for yourself." Tang Wulin turned and departed, giving her the cold shoulder in the process. Everyone else naturally followed along, and the young woman stood on the spot as she pouted in an indignant manner.

What the hell's his problem! Am I that unappealing to him? But his cold demeanor is sooooo cool! Hmph, we're both from the Soul Master faculty, so I'll see him again sooner or later! 

Xu Xiaoyan chuckled, "It's rare to see you get embarrassed like that, Captain!"

Xie Xie sighed, "People just aren't born equal in this world! Even after applying a disguise, he can still attract young women."

"Who do you want to attract?" Yuanen Yehui asked in a placid manner.

Xie Xie immediately shuddered as he replied, "No one! My only objective in life is to attract you! Ever since I saw your 'that which shall not be named', my heart and soul were both taken captive by your 'that which shall not be named'!"

"Do you have a death wish?"

Tang Wulin was also feeling a little apologetic. He didn't know if his cold demeanor would hurt the feelings of that young woman, but he really didn't want to waste any time here.

Right at this moment, the soul communicator on his wrist began to ring, and he answered the call, upon which he was greeted by Long Yuxue's voice on the other end of the line. "Bad news, Captain; I don't know what happened over at Skysea City, but they suddenly made their examinations even more rigorous. In particular, all of the security checks at transport junctions have had soul power detection devices added to them. All Soul Masters at or above the rank 30 in soul power will need to undergo detailed identity verification. You've made it to Skysea Station, right? Be careful when you're passing through the security checks."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. What was going on? Could it be that the Tang Sect's operation had been discovered?

The soul power detection devices were going to be a little troublesome. The newest soul power detection devices from the federation were extremely advanced and could detect minute soul power changes.

Tang Wulin could use his bloodline power to conceal his soul power fluctuations, but that was too difficult for everyone else.

They all had fabricated identities, but if it were discovered that they were all at or above the Soul Sage level, that was very likely to attract a lot of unnecessary trouble.

The biggest advantage they had was that news of Shrek Academy's rebuild hadn't been leaked yet, so everything could progress in the shadows.

"We'll be waiting for you at the exit. If any problems arise, we'll cover you," Long Yuxue reassured.

"There's no need to be so nervous; I'll take care of the situation," Tang Wulin replied before ending the call.

A slightly forlorn look appeared on Long Yuxue's face as she put away her soul communicator. His words were always so reassuring, and he seemed to be becoming more and more influential to those around him. Just a simple "I'll take care of the situation" instilled her with confidence that he would indeed be able to handle the situation. Was this an effect of his charisma?

Unbeknownst to her, once a Soul Master's spiritual power reached the Spirit Domain realm, they would naturally emanate some minute spiritual fluctuations that would influence those around them and make them appear more charismatic.

"What is it, Captain?" Ye Xinglan asked.

Tang Wulin replied, "There are soul power detection devices up ahead. Give me a moment."

He then turned around and quickly walked back the direction they had come from.

The young woman from Skysea Academy was in the process of stomping her foot in indignation, and she was just about to leave when Tang Wulin suddenly turned back toward her.

"Let's go, I'll take you to the academy," Tang Wulin said in an indifferent manner.

A faint blush appeared on her face as she looked at his tall and broad figure, and her heart rate began to accelerate despite her best efforts to remain calm.

"My name's Lina; what's your name, Upperclassman?"

"I'm Gu Yue," Tang Wulin replied with a slightly resigned look in his eyes, "Are you from another city?"

"I am! I'm from Eastsea City, and I attended Eastsea Academy before, but I was accepted into the Skysea Academy Soul Master faculty based on my excellent results," Lina replied with a smile.

Eastsea City? What a coincidence. It seemed that she was on the same train as them.

Tang Wulin nodded, and said, "Let's go, then. You've prepared your proof of identification, right? The security checks in Skysea City have been very rigorous of late, especially when it comes to Soul Masters like us."

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