Chapter 1215: Arriving at Skysea City

It was undoubtedly the case that following their return from the military, all of Shrek’s Seven Monsters had matured significantly, both mentally, as well as in terms of their abilities. Even Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue had to praise the overall power of their group.

In her eyes, perhaps not all of Shrek’s Seven Monsters would become Limit Douluos, but they definitely all had the potential to become four-word battle armor masters.

If Shrek Academy could have seven four-word battle armor masters among their ranks in the future, then its resurgence was all but assured.

The secret rebuild project of Shrek Academy entered a quiet period of inactivity during the coming days.

Wu Siduo and the others had already set off for the demonic island with Wu Zhangkong in accompaniment, and Tang Wulin and the others could only express sympathy toward them.

Some of the inner court disciples had also traveled to the demonic island as part of their group, and the demonic island was definitely going to be a lively and bustling place for a long time to come.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and his friends were also making preparations.

Amorous Douluo Zang Xin had disappeared for a long time, and no one knew what he was up to. All of Shrek Academy's inner and outer court disciples were working hard in their cultivation every day, and in Wu Zhangkong's absence, the duty of instructing the outer court disciples fell upon Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng. The Tang Sect's resources were also sent to the Sea God's Lake sanctuary through various different avenues, and it had been decided by Tang Wulin and Elder Long that only the disciples who satisfied the conditions to become inner court disciples would be sent over to the Tang Sect headquarters.

These were necessary arrangements as the rebuilding process for Shrek Academy had only just begun, so they had to keep everything as confidential as possible in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The seven monsters also began their combat training together, but their opponents weren't A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi; it was Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue instead.

This made the seven monsters feel as if they had returned to the demonic island. Only by truly facing a Limit Douluo could one comprehend just how powerful Limit Douluos were.

They were constantly improving through their training, and they had also begun constructing their suits of three-word battle armor.

Tang Wulin had originally planned to construct his own mecha as well, but he gave up on that plan as there simply wasn't enough time. As such, he had only forged the metals required for his mecha.

His daily schedule was completely packed: he forged in the morning, engaged in combat training in the afternoon, and discussed ideas with the Tang Sect's master mecha makers at night.

Only after truly coming into contact with Tang Sect's underground world did Tang Wulin realize just how powerful the Tang Sect was. There were 16 ninth-rank mecha designers and 21 ninth-rank mecha makers constructing their mechas for them, and Tang Wulin very much doubted that even the federation could assemble such a large group of highly-skilled craftsmen.

Indeed, not only was his mecha being constructed, the other six monsters, as well as A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi, were also getting their mechas constructed at the same time.

Thus, everyone was going to possess a black mecha of the highest caliber produced by the Tang Sect. The only reason why the mechas were black rather than red was because the metals themselves weren't up to that standard.

Theoretically, red mechas could be constructed using soul refined metals, but according to the most stringent set of judging criteria, a mecha couldn't be referred to as a divine-grade mecha unless its core was constructed from heavenly refined metals. This was why divine-grade mechas were so rare on this continent.

However, black mechas also had different calibers, and the ones being constructed for Tang Wulin and the others were definitely going to be of the highest caliber. This process required a lot of communication as everyone had different requirements for their mechas.

The role of a top-tier mecha was to maximize a Soul Master's combat prowess, so it had to have perfect synergy with its wearer and act as an extension of their body.

Hence, prior to constructing the mechas, Tang Wulin had to forge more soul refined metals to satisfy the requirements of the mecha makers, and on top of that, he and his friends also had to be constantly communicating with the mecha designers and mecha makers involved. They had to allow the craftsmen to develop a better understanding of their needs and abilities so they could construct the mechas that would suit them the best.

Aside from Tang Wulin, everyone had already begun mecha piloting training in the mornings, and A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were quite averse to this.

They both preferred to fight with their bodies, and they firmly believed that Soul Masters were always going to be superior to mecha pilots, so they were quite unwilling to dabble in the field of mechas, but they reluctantly agreed upon persuasion from Tang Wulin.

However, Tang Wulin quickly came to understand that the most powerful Soul Masters didn't necessarily have the best mecha piloting aptitude; the clumsiest mecha pilot was none other than Sima Jinchi. Even with his powers as a Titled Douluo, it took him a very long time to finally grow accustomed to piloting a mecha.

In direct contrast to him was A'Ruheng. With his exceptional bodily control, he was able to rapidly acclimate himself to mecha piloting, and he also quickly fell in love with the art. His requirement for his mecha was also very simple: he wanted it to be able to maximize his strength.

After working from morning to night, Tang Wulin was always able to almost instantly enter a meditative state when he retired to his room to rest. The fact that he was exhausting himself despite his immensely powerful physical constitution was a testament to just how hard he was working every day.

He had always been the one who had to work the hardest as there were simply too many things that he had to do.

The battle armor construction process had commenced, and just as Tang Wulin had planned, Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were going to be prioritized in this process, and they would then construct his suit of battle armor once their battle armor was ready.

All of Shrek's Seven Monsters were very much looking forward to their suits of three-word battle armor, but this was not a project that could be completed overnight. ...... 

Three months passed by in the blink of an eye.

Eastsea City.

This seaside city was just as peaceful as ever. As one of the largest cities on the east coast of the continent, it had always been an important trade center of marine products.

Not far away from Eastsea City was Skysea City, which had the largest dock on the entire continent and was also where the most powerful naval legion in the federation, the Eastsea Fleet, was situated.

Ever since the Eagle Faction had gained the upper hand in the federal parliament, the training drills of the Eastsea Fleet had become more and more frequent. Even members of the general public could regularly see massive warships slicing through the waves in the distance and occasionally hear a burst of rumbling booms.

At the Eastsea Soul Train Station.

Nine people strode onto the platform before stopping at the VIP boarding section, waiting for the soul train to arrive.

At the forefront of the group stood a tall and broad young man with a set of warm and handsome facial features, who gave off a placid disposition. Beside him was a group of ordinary-looking young men and women, and judging from their attire, it seemed that they were students of a certain academy.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that they had the words "Skysea Academy" embroidered on their uniforms.

The student standing right next to the young man was another young man who was fidgeting with his hair and clothes as he grumbled in a low voice, "This is really uncomfortable!"

He had a head of long hair that draped down the sides of his cheeks to conceal his chiseled facial features.

Another burly young man standing beside him chuckled, "That's what you get for being bald."

The long-haired young man glared at him, and countered, "You're one to talk! Look at your face; you look like a hard-boiled egg with the shell removed now that you've shaved! Are you trying to become a pretty boy?"

"F*ck, who did you call a pretty boy?"

"That's enough from you two!" the young man leading the group scolded.

Both of them harrumphed in unison before turning away, and everyone else in the group was quite amused. There was never a moment when these two weren't bickering about something.

"Why do we have to take the soul train? Isn't it better if we drive there?" the long-haired young man asked as he flexed his neck from side to side.

The leader of the group replied, "There have been regular military drills taking place around Skysea City recently, so it'll be very troublesome getting through the checkpoints on the roads. If we take the train, we can directly reach the center of Skysea City, where someone will be waiting for us."

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