Chapter 1211: The Six Monsters' Trump Card

Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword True Body also struck the golden light, but it was as if she had struck a furnace, and the spiritual shock she was struck by instantly made her sword soul recoil.

Yue Zhengyu's attack was also repelled, and in the blink of an eye, Tang Wulin's Path of Regal Domination had stretched for over 100 meters.

The Path of Regal Domination was imbued with unstoppable might!

This was a perfect integration of his essence, energy, and spirit, as well as a culmination of all of his abilities.

Not only did this produce enormous offensive power, it was also the perfect skill for him to get out of a sticky situation.

Tang Wulin didn't stop there. As his Path of Regal Domination stretched onward, his body suddenly became as fearsome as a black hole, and in that instant, his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power was elevated to its very maximal extent. The huge Beautiful Silk Tulip appeared behind him again, allowing him to absorb all of the energy around him in a frenzy.

With the sensory ability of his spiritual power and the effect of his Devouring Heaven and Earth, he was able to draw upon some natural energies even though he was still inside Xu Xiaoyan's domain.

Immediately thereafter, the Divine Atlas Spear in his left hand was hurled through the air, not toward his friends, but simply toward the very air itself.

All or Nothing!

This was the other technique that Tang Wulin had invented alongside his Path of Regal Domination.

In the same instant that the Divine Atlas Spear was hurled forth, dazzling white light erupted from the spear. The scorching white light was just like the final radiance that Atlas Douluo Yun Ming had released when nullifying the explosion of the Godslayer missile, and it was filled with an air of peerless might.

A series of antiquated silver runes appeared along the spear, and a boundless aura erupted as the runes shimmered and flashed. All of Shrek's Six Monsters felt as if they could see the handsome and mighty figure who had once protected them and unleashed that peerless spear strike.


The domain tremored, and all of the surrounding stars were snuffed out by the devastating spear strike.

Everything instantly shattered and crumbled away, and as the domain fell apart, the outside world was revealed again.

They were still on the drill ground, but under the influence of the domain, A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi had already rushed into the distance on two different sides of the drill ground. Not only that, but there was a beam of starlight shimmering above each of their heads, constantly raining rays of light down upon them. Not only was this starlight encroaching upon their bodies, it was also slowing down their movements, making them look as if they were moving in slow motion.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin himself was still being surrounded by Shrek's Six Monsters.

Xu Xiaoyan let loose a muffled groan as her legs gave out from under her, and she sat onto the ground. Her face was quite pale, and her seventh soul ring had dimmed significantly, clearly indicating that the destruction of her domain had also affected her physical condition.

Only after Xu Xiaoyan had collapsed onto the ground did the starlight above A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi's heads fade away, following which the two of them immediately turned and rushed toward Tang Wulin as quickly as they could.

This was way too embarrassing! The two of them were Titled Douluos, and even though they weren't using their suits of battle armor, it was still simply incredible that they had been bamboozled to such an extent by the control system soul skill unleashed by a Soul Sage.

Tang Wulin broke the domain with his spear strike and heaved a long sigh of relief. A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were only just over 100 meters away from him, so it would only take them an instant to arrive by his side. As such, all he had to do was withstand one more wave of attacks.

He immediately activated his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, and every single one of his scales became as smooth as mirrors. At the same time, he brandished his Golden Dragon Spear and unleashed a blood soul fusion skill version of his Fury of the Masses.

Yue Zhengyu's trio was still in their martial soul true body forms, but they had been affected by the destruction of the domain, and their attacks had clearly been delayed a little.

Xie Xie's body faded into an indistinct shadow as he pounced toward Tang Wulin like an imaginary giant dragon.

"Roar!" Tang Wulin's dragon's might erupted forth alongside his Golden Dragon Roar.

Even though Xie Xie's abilities posed quite a threat to Tang Wulin, it had been proven in the past that his Golden Dragon King bloodline had a suppressive effect on all dragon-type martial souls.

As soon as Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Roar rang out, the enormous pressure it created immediately forced Xie Xie to revert back to his original form amid a muffled groan.

Tang Wulin's dragon's might was simply too powerful.

Only then was Tang Wulin able to see that Xie Xie's Dragon Night battle armor had been covered by a layer of scales that seemed to be both substantial and illusionary at the same time. It was impossible to tell what color these semi-circular scales were as the color seemed to be constantly transitioning, thereby presenting quite a peculiar sight to behold.

He was forced to reveal himself by the intimidatory effect of the dragon's might, but when Tang Wulin's Fury of the Masses struck his body, it merely passed through him without being able to inflict any damage upon him.

All of Tang Wulin's friends were wearing their suits of battle armor, which granted them extremely powerful defensive prowess, so he naturally wasn't going to be holding back in his attacks. Fury of the Masses was the spear technique that he was most familiar with, and he was unleashing it with all his might on the basis of his spear soul. On top of that, this was also a blood soul fusion skill, and all of his friends' attacks were kept at bay by this spear strike.

Tang Wulin heaved an internal sigh of relief, and his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body turned out to be an unnecessary precaution. The one-second mirror-surface effect disappeared, and he had finally dug himself out of the hole that he had been entrenched in.

A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi had almost arrived on the scene, and Xu Xiaoyan's domain had been broken, so her control abilities had to have been severely hampered as well. Once the three of them reunited, the victory was theirs.

Just as Tang Wulin, A'Ruheng, and Sima Jinchi all thought that this match was as good as over, an unexpected wild card suddenly appeared.

A hand silently imprinted itself onto Tang Wulin's back, and it had appeared in a very abrupt manner. The hand was very chubby and innocuous, and resembled a large meat bun, but in the instant that it struck Tang Wulin's body, he immediately stiffened, and his Fury of the Masses completely crumbled.

His eyes were filled with shock and incredulity. Never did he think that he would be the one to turn the tide of the battle.

Terrifying destructive energy surged into his body through his back, and even his Golden Dragon Body and dragon's repulse were only able to filter out a small portion of this destructive energy.

Tang Wulin had given everything he had to withstand the attacks of the four monsters. Regardless of whether it was his All or Nothing, Path of Regal Domination, the blood soul fusion skill version of his Fury of the Masses, or the Golden Dragon Tyrant Body that had just faded, every single one of those soul skills had been extremely taxing on him. If it weren't for his insanely powerful physical constitution, his body would've given out on him already.

Not only did the palm on his back arrive extremely abruptly, its timing was also perfect, striking him right when he had relaxed, which was also when he was at his most vulnerable.

"Roar!" The dragon's roar erupting from Tang Wulin's mouth immediately took an anguished turn, and his dragon core, heart, and soul core all began to thump violently. He forcibly activated his fifth Golden Dragon King soul skill, and his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion erupted forth as his body began to tremble violently.

However, the destructive energy being injected into his body also became more intense, and he was sent flying directly toward Yuanen Yehui amid a loud boom.

Both A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi had shocked expressions on their faces. From their perspective, Tang Wulin's entire body was flashing with purple light, and even his Golden Dragon King scales had become completely dull and lusterless.

Right at the spot where Tang Wulin had been standing a moment ago, there now stood an innocuous and harmless-looking fatso.

His battle armor was shimmering with gentle white light, and a ball of dark purple light was shimmering over his extended palm.

It was undoubtedly the case that this dark purple light was what had wounded Tang Wulin.

At this moment, Tang Wulin's entire body was completely numb, and he felt as if his Gold Dragon Body were about to crumble away at any moment. His soul power and bloodline power were both in tatters from the influx of destructive energy, making him unable to gather and muster up any power.

However, the destructive energy only condensed in his back, and even though it was affecting him quite significantly, it didn't actually erupt, so it was clear that Xu Lizhi was already holding back.

Smiles appeared on the faces of Yue Zhengyu, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, Ye Xinglan, and even Xu Xiaoyan, who was sitting on the ground.

They knew Tang Wulin far too well, so they were aware that not only did he possess insane combat prowess, his battle intent was also unmatched. With the combined powers of all six of them, they could still defeat him despite his resilience, but they definitely wouldn't be able to do so in a short time.

The strategy they had devised from the very beginning was to target Tang Wulin and take him out first, but they weren't sure of just how much Tang Wulin had developed after such a long separation.

Yue Zhengyu had described the attack that Tang Wulin had unleashed on Elder Long in detail to everyone, and that was when they had devised this extremely complex strategy.

Tang Wulin wasn't the only one who had studied on the demonic island; they had also suffered through that nightmarish ordeal, and it certainly hadn't been all for nothing.

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