Chapter 1208: Suppression

The more she looked at Tang Wulin, the more pleased she was with him. Of course, she was also very pleased with her precious disciple.

Tang Wulin was looking more and more like a leader, and even powerful beings like A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi couldn't steal the limelight away from him.

The two sides drew closer and closer, and Shrek's Six Monsters were still adopting the same strategy of waiting on the spot. Xie Xie vanished once again, and light shimmered from Xu Xiaoyan's staff, looking as if she were about to spring into action at any moment.

Complemented by her suit of two-word battle armor, it was as if she had become the starry sky herself with countless specks shining starlight around her, basking her staff in a brilliant radiance.

She was the one who had the most attention directed toward her, and it was undoubtedly the case that she was going to be playing the most direct role in the outcome of this battle. The absolute nature of Xu Xiaoyan's abilities was simply far too fearsome, and even Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng were extremely wary of her.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly sprang into action. His entire body abruptly lunged forward by a huge step, and he stomped his foot onto the ground with a resounding boom.

Shrek's Six Monsters almost instantly reacted, and Xu Xiaoyan almost released a soul skill. However, Tang Wulin merely smiled after taking that step, and reassured, "Don't be scared!"

That was just a bluff? Peculiar looks appeared on Shrek's Six Monsters' faces, but in the next instant, Tang Wulin's body suddenly took on an imaginary quality.

Only A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi could see that he had abruptly flapped his golden dragon wings in an extremely discreet motion, and his third golden soul ring also lit up, indicating that he was unleashing his Golden Dragon Takes Flight! 

After charging ahead and being surrounded in the last battle, Shrek's Six Monsters were all under the impression that surely he wouldn't make the same mistake again, and Tang Wulin was using this preconceived bias to his advantage. He had stomped forward as a bluff to affect the mental states of Shrek's Six Monsters, then abruptly charged onward while they were still yet to recover.

Not only was this an eruption of power, a psychological warfare tactic had also been used. As such, as his body rushed forward, Shrek's Six Monsters were all slightly slow to react.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin instantly activated his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body. On top of that, his dragon's repulse also erupted in a frenzy. He was combining his dragon's repulse and Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion again, and on this occasion, he had unleashed both of them in the same instant.

Xu Xiaoyan reacted very quickly as her sixth soul ring flashed, and the light barrier that had thwarted Tang Wulin during the last battle appeared once again.

This light barrier was known as Absolute Star Barrier, and even though it could only last for an instant, it possessed extremely potent defensive power. Furthermore, it was also an absolute ability, and it was able to ward off all energy, spiritual, or physical attacks.

Tang Wulin had fallen victim to the effect of this barrier during the last battle, and now that Xu Xiaoyan had donned her suit of two-word battle armor, she was able to maintain her Absolute Star Barrier for a split second longer.

However, the events that unfolded next came as quite a surprise to her. Tang Wulin's full-frontal charge suddenly stopped cold just as he was about to crash into the Absolute Star Barrier, and only his devastating dragon's repulse surged into it.

Not only that, but his Golden Dragon Spear suddenly vanished, and in the next instant, he summoned his Golden Silver Impaling Array again. A vast expanse of vines immediately erupted forth, and Tang Wulin had intentionally manufactured this situation to try and turn the tables by exerting control over Xu Xiaoyan instead.

Even though the Absolute Star Barrier managed to block the first barrage of the Golden Silver Impaling Array, there was no end to Tang Wulin's vines, yet Xu Xiaoyan's Absolute Star Barrier could only last for an instant.

Once the Absolute Star Barrier vanished, the Golden Silver Impaling Array would exert control in reverse, and even with their suits of two-word battle armor equipped, Shrek's Six Monsters would still be affected by the array, thereby ruining their formation.

After grasping Xu Xiaoyan's abilities, Tang Wulin immediately devised a plan to target her.

However, Shrek's Six Monsters were also extremely seasoned combatants. They didn't choose to retreat as retreating at a time like this would allow A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi to catch up with Tang Wulin, which would force them completely onto the back foot.

As such, starlight flashed from Xu Xiaoyan's staff, and a Starwheel Shackle appeared beneath Tang Wulin's feet. Only by controlling Tang Wulin first could she prevent his control ability from taking effect.

This was a clash of pure control abilities!

All of a sudden, a massive purple flower appeared behind Tang Wulin; it was none other than the Beautiful Silk Tulip, and it immediately unleashed its Devouring Heaven and Earth!

The fact that he was unleashing Devouring Heaven and Earth when he was situated so close to his opponents was a clear indication of how confident he was.

The Golden Silver Impaling Array was cut off, and the Devouring Heaven and Earth had been unleashed by the Beautiful Silk Tulip, so even though he had been controlled, it didn't interfere with the output of the soul skill.

The Golden Silver Impaling Array was cut off, and the Absolute Star Barrier also vanished.

The two sides were right in front of one another, and Tang Wulin was about to be struck by a torrential barrage of attacks!

However, right at this moment, his body suddenly flew backward. A Bluesilver Emperor vine was stretched taut on the ground, and everyone had failed to notice that Tang Wulin had left behind a Bluesilver Emperor prior to commencing his forward charge.

Furthermore, the other end of the vine was being held by A'Ruheng, and he forcibly dragged Tang Wulin back right as Devouring Heaven and Earth was unleashed. Thus, everyone's attacks fell upon nothing but empty air, which made for quite a jarring experience.

In particular, Yue Zhengyu had even unleashed his martial soul true body, yet the dazzling light unleashed by his holy sword had completely failed to strike its target.

Tang Wulin's control had been exquisitely implemented, and he had essentially tricked Xu Xiaoyan into prematurely using her Absolute Star Barrier.

Tang Wulin was confident that even Xu Xiaoyan wouldn't be able to use such an insane control ability in quick succession; there had to be some cooldown time required before she could use it again.

Shrek's Six Monsters had all donned their suits of battle armor, but they had also just eaten Bloodthirsty Red Bean Buns, which would tax their bodies over time, so he wasn't in a hurry at all. On top of that, even though he had been struck by a Starwheel Shackle, it didn't affect his Devouring Heaven and Earth at all, and his aura continued to swell as the energy particles in the air surged toward him in a frenzy.

By the time the three of them were reunited, they were only around 50 meters away from Shrek's Six Monsters. A'Ruheng stepped forward and rushed directly toward them, while Sima Jinchi brandished his Dragonslaying Saber and charged toward Ye Xinglan with a fearsome aura radiating from his body.

This was going to be a direct three-on-six clash!

To put it more accurately, it was three on five as Xie Xie was still nowhere to be seen.

Was a direct clash about to ensue?

Among Shrek's Six Monsters, Yuanen Yehui's body abruptly swelled in size as she unleashed all of her enhancement soul skills, including Titan Strength and Diamond Titan, thereby resulting in a sharp spike in her aura. Her Divine Cloudvortex Fists had been developed based on her Air Cannon soul skill, and with the enhancements from her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, the power of her Divine Cloudvortex Fists naturally increased drastically.


The first two clashes were Yuanen Yehui and A'Ruheng.

A violent boom erupted, and Yuanen Yehui was evenly-matched with A'Ruheng, able to completely hold her ground without even taking half a backward step.

Even though this had only been achieved through the enhancements of her battle armor, it was still sufficient testament to how powerful she currently was.

Her Divine Cloudvortex Fists had improved again, to the extent that she was able to match even A'Ruheng in their initial clash.

Tang Wulin was quite surprised to see this. Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were only below him in power among Shrek's Seven Monsters, and both of them possessed extremely powerful combat prowess. Furthermore, they were developing just as quickly as he was, but even so, Tang Wulin was stunned by how powerful this punch from Yuanen was.

Wasn't her body supposed to have been weakened to a certain extent by the Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun she had consumed?

A'Ruheng immediately burst into hearty laughter. "Nice! Again!" He swung his fists toward Yuanen Yehui as he spoke, and on this occasion, he wasn't holding back in the slightest. Pronounced veins appeared all over his body, and crimson-golden light erupted all around him.

After taking a deep breath, Yuanen Yehui's body swelled once again, and the air currents around her became more violent, forming a tornado that instantly compressed itself onto her fist.

The two clashed again, and A'Ruheng felt as if he had punched a deep-sea vortex. The rapid rotational force was stripping away his power, and there was an indescribably violent current at the core of the vortex that was tearing at him in a frenzy.

What a powerful technique!

In contrast, Yuanen Yehui felt as if A'Ruheng's attack were bearing down upon her like a mountain. Regardless of how much her Divine Cloudvortex Fists tried to whittle down his power, it seemed that he wasn't being weakened in the slightest.


During this second clash, Yuanen Yehui fell short of the mark. Even with the enhancements from her battle armor, her powers were still significantly inferior to those of the Body Douluo, who was the only one in the current generation of the Body Sect to have successfully cultivated the congenital secret method.

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