Chapter 1207: Another Battle

Sima Jinchi had become more powerful than before, to the extent that he seemed to be on a completely different level compared to his past self. Each and every attack unleashed by his Dragonslaying Saber was accompanied by a piercing dragon's roar that swayed her mind and almost rendered her unable to summon her sword soul.

During their brief battle, the Dragonslaying Saber had displayed enormous power, and Ye Xinglan felt as if her Stargod Sword were wailing with anguish with every clash, seemingly about to snap at any moment.

This was something that she had never experienced during all of her previous battles. While it was indeed true that Sima Jinchi was now a Titled Douluo, wasn't he still a little too strong? How had he become so much more powerful than before?

Ye Xinglan had already been working extremely hard in her cultivation, but she discovered that the gap between her and Sima Jinchi had only widened rather than shortened. This discovery dealt a rather heavy blow to her confidence.

Everyone separated, and Xie Xie also emerged out of thin air. Both sides were appraising one another with shock and incredulity in their eyes, and at this point, Long Yeyue's smile had already faded. In reality, no one had even noticed that she had been smiling while spectating their battle.

"What were you all doing? You were fighting like a ragtag bunch of schoolkids! Is this the result of your cultivation?" She was directing these words at everyone, and she certainly wasn't holding back.

Tang Wulin's trio didn't feel too bad about this. After all, they were the victors, but Shrek's Six Monsters all wore rather sour expressions.

They had already gained the upper hand, but A'Ruheng's violent heartbeat had disrupted the entire battle.

Xie Xie couldn't help but ask, "When did your Bluesilver Impaling Array become so powerful, Boss?"

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "That wasn't my Bluesilver Impaling Array; it was a culmination of my Golden Dragon King bloodline power and my Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. I call it a blood soul fusion skill. The power of my Bluesilver Emperor martial soul can be used to bolster my Golden Dragon King bloodline abilities, and vice versa." 

Indeed, what appeared to be a simple Bluesilver Impaling Array was actually a blood soul fusion skill that had been imbued with Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline power, and it should be referred to as Golden Silver Impaling Array!

The combination of the two created a product that was definitely not inferior to a soul fusion skill, and having been caught completely off guard by this, it was only natural that his friends would fall under its control.

"Do you think you were unlucky? If you were on a real battlefield, you'd all be dead already!" Long Yeyue said in a cold voice.

Shrek's Six Monster's expressions darkened even further. In particular, Ye Xinglan hung her head in a shameful manner. She was the one who had devised their strategy, yet they had suffered such a terrible loss, so she had to take the brunt of the blame.

"Did you think that you'd be able to beat them just because you outnumber them? Why didn't you use your suits of battle armor right away despite the large cultivation rank disparity? Are your suits of two-word battle armor pretty ornaments?" Long Yeyue was delivering a scathing tirade without mincing any words!

That's right, during that battle, none of Shrek's Six Monsters had used their suits of battle armor. Prior to the commencement of the sparring match, it had been decided that they could use their suits of battle armor while Tang Wulin's trio couldn't.

A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were already three-word battle armor masters, so it would be far too unfair for them to be able to use their battle armor. However, the prideful Shrek's Six Monsters refrained from using their battle armor right away, and that was what had resulted in their final crushing defeat. If they had donned their suits of battle armor right away, Tang Wulin definitely wouldn't have been able to ward off their attacks so easily.

"Again!" Long Yeyue commanded before turning and making her way back toward the edge of the drill ground.


Tang Wulin turned to A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi.

A'Ruheng chuckled, "Sure! I didn't even get a chance to warm up during that last battle. Hurry up and put on your suits of battle armor, little kiddies; otherwise, don't come crying to me when you lose!"

He then turned and made his way back to his starting position.

Yue Zhengyu gritted his teeth in an enraged manner. "Don't get cocky! Once we put on our battle armor, you'll have no chance!"

Sima Jinchi's gaze had been focused on Ye Xinglan this entire time, and he said, "If you put on your suit of battle armor, perhaps I can consider using my full power."

Ye Xinglan's complexion was a little purple, and even though she didn't say anything, she was clearly not in a good mood.

The six monsters gathered together for a quick discussion while Tang Wulin's trio returned to their original positions.

Even though they had won in the end, that was far from an easy victory. Shrek's Six Monsters hadn't actually made any errors in their tactics, nor their teamwork; they had only lost as they weren't familiar enough with the abilities of Tang Wulin's trio.

As such, both sides had learned a lot during that first match. In particular, Xu Xiaoyan's control abilities had left a very deep impression on both A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi. It was incredible to them that such a gentle and fragile-looking little girl could control them to such an absolute extent.

Tang Wulin was still situated at the center with A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi on either side of him, and Shrek's Six Monsters also adopted the same formation as before.

"Begin!" Elder Long was just as concise and straightforward as ever. Thus, the second sparring match commenced.

The last sparring match hadn't been very taxing to any of them, everyone had already attained soul cores, which granted extremely fast soul power recovery, so the last battle didn't affect them much at all.

Tang Wulin wasn't as reckless on this occasion. As he released his martial soul, he also activated his Golden Dragon Body, and he held his Golden Dragon Spear as he charged forward with Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng on either side of him, rather than behind him like last time. At the same time, his aura was constantly elevating during his advance.

On the other end, Shrek's Six Monsters had learned from their mistakes and released their suits of two-word armor in unison.

All of their suits of battle armor had names that were related to their lovers, whom they were fighting alongside. They were Star Wisdom Ye Xinglan, Guardian Star Xu Lizhi, Dragon Night Xie Xie, Sky Twin Yuanen Yehui, Star Universe Xu Xiaoyan, and Sky Word Yue Zhengyu.

Their suits of battle armor radiated dazzling light as they appeared over their bodies, and their auras instantly swelled to far greater heights than before.

A seven-ring Soul Sage with a suit of two-word battle armor was comparable in power to a Titled Douluo. They were missing their final two soul skills, so they couldn't be compared to actual Titled Douluos, but Shrek's Six Monsters were certainly not inferior to Titled Douluos in battle.

Tang Wulin's trio was immediately struck by a sense of vastly increased pressure, but all three of them only became more excited for it.

All three of them were people who could only maximize their latent potential when facing powerful enemies, and in the face of the six two-word battle armor masters, their auras were also becoming more powerful.

"Lub-dub, lud-dub, lub-dub!" A'Ruheng's heart thumped in a powerful manner, and his body also swelled to over seven meters tall in the blink of an eye. A layer of crimson-golden color appeared over his skin, and his aura felt comparable to that of Bear Lord.

Sima Jinchi had a solemn look in his eyes as his Dragonslaying Saber shimmered like rippling water. There were projections of all types of giant dragons that were radiating evil auras behind him, and they were constantly flashing and overlapping, seemingly ready to truly project themselves into this world at any moment.

The sharp blade of the Dragonslaying Saber was radiating terrifying pressure, and with every forward stride he made was accompanied by the anguished wails of giant dragons.

Tang Wulin was situated at the center of the trio with dragon's repulse shimmering around him and a platinum spear projection extending out of the front tip of his Golden Dragon Spear. His spear soul reverberated within his mind, and his aura was elevating the most drastically among the trio. As his dragon's might was released, Shrek's Six Monsters were all struck by immense bloodline pressure.

A smile had reappeared on Long Yeyue's face. Watching these exceptional young people fight was truly an enjoyable activity.

How she wished that she was over 100 years younger so she could join them!

But then again, when she was at their age, she didn't possess their current level of power.

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