Chapter 1205: Surrounded

Theoretically speaking, energy barriers shouldn't have been able to block spiritual attacks, but Xu Xiaoyan had achieved this. 

A layer of purple light spread over the barrier before proliferating outward, but Xu Xiaoyan remained completely unaffected.

At this point, Tang Wulin had also reached them, and his body flashed with golden light as his Golden Dragon Spear struck the light barrier.

In that instant, Tang Wulin suddenly felt as if his spear had pierced into space rather than a barrier. He felt as if his peerlessly sharp Golden Dragon Spear had fallen upon nothing, and it was as if everything had abruptly vanished.

His opponents also disappeared in that instant, and from everyone else's perspective, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear had vanished into the light barrier, and his rapidly accelerating body quickly followed suit.


What was happening? 

Right at this moment, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan sprang into action in unison.

Yuanen Yehui bent her knees to lower her center of gravity while slowly launching her right fist through the air. Countless streams of air instantly converged toward her fist before rapidly rotating to form a fearsome vortex that crashed directly toward Tang Wulin's chest.

Ye Xinglan's body flashed, and she transformed into specks of starlight. Her peerless sword intent transformed into her sword soul, and she fused as one with her sword before charging straight toward Tang Wulin.

Yue Zhengyu wasn't holding back, either. The 12-winged angel projection immediately appeared behind him, following which his holy sword instantly fused as one with the angel, and he unleashed his Holy Angel Descends and Light of Judgment in unison.

Their attacks were all directed toward Tang Wulin, and they didn't even take so much as a single glance at A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi.

It was also right at this moment that two halos silently appeared beneath Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng's feet. The halos had appeared far too abruptly for them to evade, and their rapidly advancing figures suddenly stopped cold before tipping forward from the momentum they had built up.

A series of starlight chains then instantly bound their bodies, and even though it only took them a split second to struggle free from those chains, they were still struck by the one-second absolute immobilization effect, and one second on a battlefield was enough to completely change everything.

In just a single second, Shrek's Six Monsters had unleashed a perfect combination attack against Tang Wulin.

The golden light barrier had actually only stopped Tang Wulin for a second, but that one-second delay had completely nullified his spiritual attack and full-frontal assault.

This was the terrifying power of Shrek's Seven Monsters, and in the blink of an eye, this had become a six on one battle.

During the one second that they were immobilized, both Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng's expressions changed drastically. Never did they think that there would be such a powerful control system Soul Master among Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Right at this moment, bright golden light erupted from Tang Wulin's body, and his golden scales suddenly took on a mirror-like quality while flashing rapidly.

The first attack to strike him was the Divine Cloudvortex Fists. A resounding boom rang out, and Tang Wulin's aura swelled drastically amid the eruption of golden light.

This was his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body!

In the instant that Tang Wulin's spiritual attack had failed to take effect, he had immediately released this soul skill. He didn't dare to wait as he was facing his friends in their most powerful form!

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he remained calm and collected despite being surrounded.

The power of the Divine Cloudvortex Fists lay not in its offensive prowess, but more so in its control. Despite being struck by such a heavy punch, not only was Tang Wulin not sent flying, he seemed to have been stuck to the fist, and his entire body faltered in mid-air.

The Light of Judgment was the next to arrive, and it struck Tang Wulin's body with ferocious might. Light was always going to be faster than Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword.

Tang Wulin waved his right hand through the air, and dazzling golden light radiated forth as a layer of shimmering golden dragon's repulse appeared over the surface of his Golden Dragon Spear. Meanwhile, the power reciprocated to him by his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body abruptly erupted forth, and at the same time, his fifth golden soul ring also lit up as he unleashed his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion.

His dragon's repulse and Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion culminated in an extremely powerful combination that managed to even dispel the Light of Judgment unleashed by Yue Zhengyu in his martial soul true body form.

At the same time, his Golden Dragon Spear instantly conjured up countless projections that not only surged toward Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword, they also encompassed Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan themselves.

This was the current Tang Wulin; he was completely different from his past self.

A crisp clang rang out, and Tang Wulin was surprised to discover that the Stargod Sword before him had taken on an illusionary quality. In the next instant, it suddenly projected itself into his mind.

Was her Stargod Sword already capable of unleashing spiritual attacks by projecting the aura of its sword soul?

Tang Wulin had faced a similar type of attack from Sima Jinchi in the past, but even though he was familiar with it, he was still quite surprised. It was undoubtedly the case that Ye Xinglan had grasped the true meaning of her sword soul.

It was also right at this moment that a streak of light erupted out of thin air before hurtling toward Tang Wulin's neck. The streak of light had appeared far too abruptly, and even he had failed to sense it.

His dragon's repulse had just erupted and was in the process of being withdrawn, so this attack had arrived right when his dragon's repulse was at its weakest.

Thus, the dragon's repulse was silently parted, as if it had been torn apart by spatial fluctuations, and by the time Tang Wulin sensed the perilous situation he was in, the illusionary streak of light had already reached the back of his neck.

It was Xie Xie!

Tang Wulin instantly figured out who was attacking him. It turned out that the final attack was to come from Xie Xie rather than Ye Xinglan.

They had dedicated all of their efforts to attacking him and completely disregarded A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi; his friends really were giving him special "care"! What a good group of friends they were.

Xie Xie's attack was not going to be easy to withstand. At this point, his Fury of the Masses still hadn't completely taken shape as he had been affected by the sword soul.

Most importantly, Xie Xie's timing was simply far too immaculate. Yue Zhengyu's Light of Judgment was dispelled, but his holy sword was slashing through the air toward Tang Wulin. Meanwhile, Yuanen Yehui had unleashed her second burst of Divine Cloudvortex Fists after her first wave of attacks was devoured by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Tyrant Body. The attacks were coming in relentless waves with seamless transitions, and they only seemed to be becoming more powerful.

In that instant, Tang Wulin instantly formed his judgment; he definitely wouldn't be able to last more than three waves of these combination attacks.

He couldn't engage in a direct clash with his six opponents, so if he wanted to secure victory, he had to link up with his two teammates.

A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi had just struggled free of the Starwheel Shackles and were just about to charge forward when Xu Xiaoyan exerted her control again.

This time, it was Dazzling Starlight!

Countless beams of starlight erupted forth, shining down upon A'Ruheng, Sima Jinchi, and Tang Wulin, and immobilizing all three of them at once.

In terms of control timing, even Tang Wulin didn't dare to proclaim that he was superior to Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan's control was far too accurate. The first beam of starlight struck Tang Wulin just as he was swiveling around and attempting to block Xie Xie's attack with his left hand. However, he was immobilized right at this critical juncture, and this split-second delay was enough to spell his defeat!

Tang Wulin discovered that Xu Xiaoyan's control had become even more powerful than before. Not only had his body been immobilized, even his cognitive functions had stalled for an instant. Losing the ability to think in such a perilous situation was undoubtedly a massive disaster.

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