Chapter 1204: Commencement of the Sparring Match

Tang Wulin couldn't help but take an extra glance at the black and white light outside. He hadn't ever directly clashed with Elder Long's power of light and darkness, but after experiencing Elder Long's spiritual domain, he had been well and truly stunned.

In a three on six match, it was quite apparent which side held the advantage in numbers, but in terms of individual powers, it was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin, A'Ruheng, and Sima Jinchi held the clear upper hand.

However, individual power could never decide the outcome of a battle. Tang Wulin knew that his friends definitely had far better teamwork and synergy than he had with Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng.

The two sides were separated by 200 meters, and in terms of Soul Master configuration, Shrek's Six Monsters was definitely more balanced.

Yue Zhengyu, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui were the assault system Soul Masters, Xu Xiaoyan was the control system Soul Master, Xie Xie was the agility attack system Soul Master, and Xu Lizhi was the food system Soul Master.

In contrast, Tang Wulin's trio consisted entirely of assault system Soul Masters, with only Tang Wulin doubling as a control system Soul Master as well.

"Begin!" Elder Long was just as direct and straightforward as ever and announced the commencement of the match without wasting any time with words.

Tang Wulin was the first to spring into action. He stomped his left foot into the ground amid an earth-shattering boom, and his body shot forth like a golden arrow toward Shrek's Six Monsters.

A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi also charged forward on either side of him, and all three of them unleashed their martial souls in unison.

Seven soul rings rose up around Tang Wulin's body with his greenish-golden and orange-golden soul ring the most eye-catching of the seven.

All of his friends actually could've already attained orange-golden soul rings as well, but because they had been separated for a year, they hadn't yet had a chance to absorb the plant system Great Beasts within Tang Wulin's body.

Everyone also had different reasons for not coming to Tang Wulin for these 100,000-year-old soul spirits back when they had progressed to rank 70 in soul power. In order to attain the Holy Fusion Technique, Yue Zhengyu had to use his original angel soul spirit as his seventh soul ring.

Ye Xinglan had reached a critical juncture in her sword soul breakthrough and couldn't afford to stop and absorb a plant system soul spirit, and she simply made a breakthrough on her own.

Xie Xie's situation was similar to Ye Xinglan's; after reaching rank 70 in soul power, he could sense that his martial soul had mutated, and in order to successfully complete the mutation, he had to make his breakthrough right away as well.

Xu Lizhi had originally intended to wait, but once he reached rank 70 in soul power, the soul spirit that he had already absorbed acted on its own to bestow upon him a seventh soul ring.

Yuanen Yehui had twin martial souls, and based on her own special circumstances, she had decided to hold off until she became Soul Douluo before fusing with one of the plant system Great Beasts.

Thus, the only one who could fuse with one of the plant system Great Beast was Xu Xiaoyan. However, everyone else had made their breakthroughs, and after witnessing how hard Yue Zhengyu had been working, she decided to travel to the stargazing platform and also completed her breakthrough there.

At the time, she had thought that everyone was waiting until they became Soul Douluos before they fused with the plant system Great Beasts, so she would do the same. Besides, the plant system Great Beast may not suit her anyway, so she decided to make a breakthrough on her own.

As such, Tang Wulin still had the six Great Beasts, and he was also the only one present with an orange-golden soul ring.

Tang Wulin's trio rushed forward in a triangular formation, and Shrek's Six Monsters had also adopted a formation that they had decided on in advance.

Xie Xie stepped off to the side and vanished silently into thin air. Yuanen Yehui was at the center with Ye Xinglan and Yue Zhengyu on either side of her, while Xu Xiaoyan was behind her, and Xu Lizhi brought up the rear.

All six of them were chewing on steamed buns, but they had intentionally kept their actions very discreet so Tang Wulin didn't even know which type of steamed bun they were eating. He could only assume that it was the Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun.

Aside from Xie Xie, who had disappeared, the other five simply remained standing on the spot, seemingly waiting for Tang Wulin and the others to reach them.

Tang Wulin was accelerating further and further with his golden dragon wings spread open to make any directional adjustments that he would need, and his Golden Dragon Spear had already appeared in his grasp. His aura was so overbearing that it was almost threatening to tear the very air apart.

With his powers, the distance of 200 meters was covered virtually in the blink of an eye, and even though A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were a step behind him, they certainly weren't any slower than him.

Sima Jinchi brandished his Dragonslaying Saber, and he was directly facing Ye Xinglan. Their eyes met, and he could see unmatched battle intent burning within her eyes. Sima Jinchi felt as if he were looking at his past self in Ye Xinglan, but in contrast with him, Ye Xinglan wasn't obsessed with battle; she was simply obsessed with her sword.

What level had her sword soul reached? 

Even though they were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, Sima Jinchi was still feeling very confident. He knew just how powerful Tang Wulin currently was; in a one on one battle, even he wasn't a match for Tang Wulin unless he were to use his battle armor.

One had to realize that he was quite exceptional even among Titled Douluos, whereas Tang Wulin was only a seven-ring Soul Sage. The enhancements bestowed upon him by his Golden Dragon King powers were truly astounding.

A'Ruheng's thought process was much the same as Sima Jinchi's; he also didn't favor Shrek's Six Monsters' chances.

Under normal circumstances, a Titled Douluo should be able to take on seven-ringed Soul Sages with ease. If it weren't for the fact that their opponents were going to be Shrek's Six Monsters, he wouldn’t even be interested in participating in this battle.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. He was the only one among the three of them who wasn't convinced that this would be an easy victory as he was far too familiar with the powers of his friends.

All of them had grown and developed alongside one another. He had completely evolved during his year-long military stint, as had all of his friends.

Hence, even though it appeared that he was charging full steam ahead, he was actually keeping some effort in reserve. Furthermore, his gaze wasn't focused on Yuanen Yehui. Instead, his attention was directed toward Xu Xiaoyan, who was standing behind her. He knew that the only person who could truly stop a full-frontal assault from him was her.

After Tang Wulin had covered over 100 meters, Xu Xiaoyan's staff finally lit up with starlight, and it seemed that she was about to release a soul skill.

It was exactly because of how familiar Tang Wulin was with her powers that he chose to strike at this moment without any hesitation. Two beams of purple light erupted from his eyes like lightning.

Tang Wulin's Purple Demon Eyes hadn't yet been cultivated to the final Boundless level, but with his immense spiritual powers, even his current Purple Demon Eyes were capable of unleashing an extremely terrifying spiritual attack. If he were targeting a normal Soul Sage, it wouldn't even be impossible for their head to explode from an attack like this.

Tang Wulin knew that the most fearsome aspect of Xu Xiaoyan's abilities was their absolute nature. This was why she was able to become one of Shrek's Seven Monsters, so he definitely couldn't give her a chance to work her magic. The only option available to him was to cut her off before she could do anything. Thus, he released a spiritual attack from his Purple Demon Eyes without any hesitation.

This was a surprise attack that was fueled by his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, so he was confident that Xu Xiaoyan wouldn't be able to defend herself against it, even if she were wary of such an attack.

After all, none of his friends were aware that he had reached the Spirit Domain realm.

Purple light flashed, and even Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng couldn't help but shudder internally as they sensed the devastating spiritual power imbued within the two beams of light.

Even they wouldn't be able to defend themselves against such a fearsome spiritual attack! They were able to sense how terrifying the attack was from the side, let alone Shrek's Six Monsters, who were directly up ahead.

During their sparring matches against Tang Wulin, both of them had suffered extensively in the face of his Purple Demon Eyes.

Tang Wulin had been focusing his efforts on cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes recently, and one of the objectives he was trying to achieve was to reach the Boundless level as quickly as possible. He was confident that once he reached that level, it would be easier for him to attain his own spiritual domain.

However, the events that unfolded next were rather surprising to all three of them.

As soon as Tang Wulin unleashed his Purple Demon Eyes, Xu Xiaoyan suddenly raised her head and gave him a peculiar smile.

Tang Wulin's heart immediately tightened at the sight of this smile. Back when they had first entered Shrek Academy, Xu Xiaoyan had secured a place in their class with her skills as a master actress.

Hence, she definitely wasn't smiling for no reason now.

Right at this moment, a golden light barrier appeared silently in front of Shrek's Six Monsters, and Tang Wulin's Purple Demon Eyes attack crashed directly into it.

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