Chapter 1202: Three on Six

After arriving at Heaven Dou City, the main mission of the Blood Dragon Squad was to collect all types of information and familiarize themselves with everything in Heaven Dou City.

They had lived their entire lives in the Blood God Legion, so they weren't familiar with the outside world at all. Heaven Dou City and Bright City, the latter of which they had just visited, were both large cities with vastly contrasting styles, so familiarizing themselves with those two cities would make it a lot easier for them to integrate themselves into society.

Before Tang Wulin had even met A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi, he bumped into his vice-captain first.

"I barely even see you nowadays; what have you been up to?" Long Yuxue asked in a befuddled manner.

Ever since Tang Wulin had entered the Sea God's Lake with that woman with the black cat martial soul true body, he had become very mysterious, and even his emotional fluctuations had become very violent. Long Yuxue very rarely even saw him anymore, and now that they had bumped into one another, she was naturally going to inquire about the reasons behind this.

Tang Wulin replied, "I've been juggling quite a few things recently. I've formulated a plan for how to proceed, and I was going to find you to discuss these plans anyway. I've already contacted the Tang Sect, and I might be traveling to the Star Luo Continent and Dou Spirit Continent with people from the Tang Sect in three months. I'll be going there to assess the situation and also keep tabs on the imminent war."

"You're going to the Star Luo Empire? Why?" Long Yuxue was stunned. "The war is going to start in a year at most; if you get caught traveling on the other two continents at that time, you're very likely going to be branded as a traitor to the federation! Besides, it's not safe, either. You've seen how powerful the federation's soul weapons are; what if you get caught up in the war there?"

Tang Wulin replied, "I'm going there for the specific purpose of preventing this war from happening! If a war were to erupt, how many people would die? Regardless of which continent they live on, they're all humans."

Long Yuxue shook her head in a stern manner. "I won't agree to this. It's too dangerous. What are you going to do when you get there anyway? Do you think you can sway the situation on your own? Even the Tang Sect won't be able to accomplish this."

Tang Wulin fell silent for a moment before deciding against telling her the entire truth. "I recently received news that my missing parents could be on the Dou Spirit Continent, so I have to go."

Long Yuxue shuddered slightly upon hearing this, and she looked into Tang Wulin's determined eyes as she took a deep breath, then insisted, "If you have to go, then take me with you!"

Tang Wulin asked, "You're a federal soldier; aren't you afraid that you'll encounter the problems you just outlined to me?"

"I'm not afraid of anything! I'll go wherever you go. Our Blood Dragon Squad was assembled to protect you in the first place, and don't forget that you're carrying the burden of opposing the entire abyssal plane. If something were to happen to you, what will we do when the next abyssal tide strikes?" The reasons Long Yuxue provided were very valid, and Tang Wulin was having a hard time trying to rebut them.

"Alright, but there's still some time left, so it's too early to be discussing such things. I'll only be leaving in three months anyway."

Long Yuxue insisted, "In any case, if you're going, then you have to take the Blood Dragon Squad with you. You'll always have a need for some extra hands."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. Long Yuxue was right. The situation on the other two continents was completely unknown to him, and even though he had the Tang Sect to back him up, which should theoretically result in a smooth trip, he did need some people who could perform various duties for him. In particular, the more people he had to help rescue his parents, the better.

"Alright, I'll notify you if there are any changes to the plan."


"What? You failed?" There was a middle-aged man with a head of black hair appraising Bear Lord with a dark expression on his face. This middle-aged man had a golden streak down the middle of his black hair, and he had his hands clasped behind his back as he paced back and forth in an agitated manner.

"AND you revealed your identity to them? Are you an idiot?" a young man standing off to the side sneered.

"Shut up!" Bear Lord glowered at the young man before explaining, "I didn't know I was going to fail. I had thought that I was going to be killing those people anyway, so what did it matter if I told them my name? How could I have known that human technology has already developed to this extent? I don't know what that weapon is, but it's able to pierce through my outward defenses and detonate within my body. I was caught off guard and wounded by those weapons. Otherwise, I would've been able to kill them for sure."

"That's enough!" the middle-aged man snapped in a cold manner, "Who would've thought that Tang Wulin would develop this quickly? As expected of a man with the bloodline of the Golden Dragon King. We can't wait any longer; we have to get rid of him right away. Our Lord still refuses to kill him on her own, so we'll have to do so in her stead. On top of that, we have to kill him before she finds out what we're doing. Only after he dies can our Lord focus her entire attention on controlling and enslaving the entire human race to provide us with enough resources. 

"When our Lord transforms into the Dragon God again, us soul beasts will enjoy our long-awaited resurgence. When that time comes, we'll no longer be bound by the laws of this world, and our Lord will be able to create a new Divine Realm."

No one was looking forward to this day more than he did as he knew that no matter what he tried, there was no way that he would be able to survive his next heavenly tribulation. If this opportunity weren't taken, then this could be the end for him.

"Are you going after him in person, Boss? Won't our Lord notice what you're doing?" the young man asked.

"I can't worry about things like that now. I can't give him any more chances. Don't tell Bi Ji and Ah Xie about what we're doing. The three of us will go together, I'll see just how many attacks this Tang Wulin can take from me."

Bear Lord immediately burst into laughter. "Boss will surely be able to crush him with a single attack."

At the same time, he heaved an internal sigh of relief. Back when he had attacked Tang Wulin, he hadn't actually unleashed his full power. He wasn't actually as forthright as he looked, and he knew that if he were to kill Tang Wulin, he would definitely have to face the fury of their Lord. He didn't want to be the scapegoat, and he didn't have to now.

Regardless of whether their Lord would want to kill Di Tian in an act of vengeance, she currently didn't possess the power to do so, and as for whether she would turn on him once she became powerful enough, that was something for him to worry about in the future.

"Where are we going to find him, though?" the young man mused.

Bear Lord and Di Tian both faltered in unison.

Indeed, where was Tang Wulin right now?

Di Tian replied in a cold voice, "It won't be difficult to find him. He has the aura of the Dragon God, so I'll be able to sense him as long as he's within a certain range. However, it's exactly because of that Dragon God aura that I won't be able to kill him without suffering severe consequences. If I attack him directly, I'll receive backlash from his Dragon God aura, so I'll clear away all of the obstacles while you two kill him in the shortest time possible."

Bear Lord and the young man's expressions both changed slightly upon hearing this. So they were going to have to be the executioners anyway? They didn't want to accept this duty, but they had to admit that Di Tian's reasoning was quite valid!


"Three on six? Of course I'll come! I don't mind even if it's three on 60!" A'Ruheng chortled with glee. He was beyond excited to hear that a sparring match was being organized.

"60? Why don't you take on all six of them on your own while we watch?" Sima Jinchi sneered in a disdainful manner.

A'Ruheng countered, "That won't do! It's not every day that I get a chance to fight alongside my junior disciple brother." He wasn't an idiot, and he knew that the other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters definitely weren't going to be pushovers. In a one on six battle, he would have no chance at all.

Tang Wulin cautioned, "There's one thing that I have to tell you: due to the disparity in cultivation ranks, we won't be allowed to use our suits of battle armor, but they can, so don't get complacent."

A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were already three-word battle armor masters now, and it would simply be too unfair for Shrek's Six Monsters if they had access to the enhancements and domains provided to them by their suits of battle armor. After all, A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were both Titled Douluos, and they were very powerful Titled Douluos who were most likely more powerful than even the average Hyper Douluo.

"Alright." Sima Jinchi nodded without any hesitation.

He was full of confidence about his match. After fusing as one with the Dragonslaying Saber, he had learned the truth about his past, and following the constant polishing provided by the Golden Dragon Spear, the Dragonslaying Saber was now even more powerful and self-contained.

As a result, Sima Jinchi's cultivation was also progressing at a rapid rate. However, he knew that the Dragonslaying Saber had only become this powerful due to the polishing effect of Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear. As such, he had to protect Tang Wulin with all his might. If something were to happen to Tang Wulin, he would experience severe problems as the law-enforcing saber of the dragon clan. He didn't know what the exact outcome of that would be, but whenever the thought sprang into his mind, he would be struck by a strong sense of fear.

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