Chapter 1197: Big Brother...

If Qiangu Dongfeng could see what was happening right now, he would definitely be stunned as Gu Yuena had already reached the Spirit Domain realm even without using the Ice God's Heart. Furthermore, even as a Limit Douluo, Qiangu Dongfeng had failed to detect this.

The low dragon's roar gradually became louder and clearer, but Qiangu Dongfeng's silent chamber was virtually completely isolated from the outside world, so no energy fluctuations or sound would escape from it.

As the dragon's roar rang out, and the rainbow elements in the air began to undergo a transformation. The elemental particles of the same colors began to converge, forming a series of miniature dragons that revolved joyfully around her body.

There was a blue water elemental dragon, a red fire elemental dragon, an azure wind elemental dragon, a yellow earth elemental dragon, a black darkness elemental dragon, a silver spatial elemental dragon, and a golden light elemental dragon.

The dragons circled around Gu Yuena's body, and right at this moment, she slowly opened her mouth and exhaled, expelling a burst of nine-colored breath.

As soon as she exhaled, the surrounding elemental dragons suddenly froze on the spot, immediately following which the entire room turned silver in color. All of the elemental dragons also took on a dazzling platinum hue as they flew through the silver world, and Gu Yuena slowly opened her eyes.

Her purple eyes were as clear as space, and the platinum dragons reflected in her eyes were like specks of starlight.

A nine-colored crystal slowly emerged on her forehead, and an indescribable burst of might erupted from her body.

All of the silver and platinum colors in the surrounding area were also basked in a faint layer of nine-colored light.

Gu Yuena slowly rose up into the air before exhaling once again, and the light before suddenly turned into a silver light screen. The blurry image being depicted within the light screen slowly became clearer, and it was none other than that of Tang Wulin, who was sitting with his legs crossed, attempting to search for the path that would lead to his attainment of a spiritual domain.

The cold and regal look in Gu Yuena's eyes gradually warmed and softened, and a faint smile also appeared on her face. "Big Brother..."


After a long while, Tang Wulin still hadn't made any progress in his spiritual cultivation, and he no longer had the heart to cultivate anymore as he had received another call.

"Where did Zhengyu go?" Tang Wulin went to Yue Zhengyu's room, but he wasn't there.

"What an unreliable guy. So be it, I'll go on my own."

That's right, they were back, and they had all returned together. Shrek's Seven Monsters had finally been reunited.

Yue Zhengyu had returned with the Holy Fusion Technique and the fruits he had reaped from his second holy cleansing; what about everyone else? How much had they grown from their respective experiences?

How was Xinglan's sword soul cultivation going? How were Yuanen Yehui's fist techniques coming along? Tang Wulin had witnessed their powers during the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, but he didn't know anything about the others. He really, really missed them!

On this occasion, he didn't immediately rush out. Instead, he disguised himself into an ordinary-looking middle-aged man before departing from the underground Tang Sect headquarters, then headed straight for the Heaven Dou Soul Train Station. There was still around half an hour left until his friends were due to arrive, and the train station was as lively and bustling as ever. 

Ever since the destruction of Shrek City, Heaven Dou City had become an even more important hub, and this was technically the main city of the Dove Faction, so the reconstruction process had gone very well. The city had also been armed with far more soldiers than before, and the military faction that supported the Dove Faction had given the city an extremely high level of security measures.

Tang Wulin arrived at the exit of the station and stood at a discreet corner. It was really good to be able to reunite with everyone!

Everyone had grown significantly during their military training stints, including himself, and in the next three months, he was going to complete everyone's suits of three-word battle armor. After that, all of them were going to travel to the other two continents.

At the thought of the Star Luo Empire, Tang Wulin couldn't help but think of Long Yue and the former princess of the Star Luo Empire.

Dai Yun'er and Long Yue had left in the end. After being rejected by Tang Wulin during the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, Dai Yun'er had returned to the Star Luo Empire with a broken heart while Tang Wulin had set off for his demonic island military training. As Dai Yun'er's guardian, Long Yue had no choice but to go back with her.

Xu Mi'er and Long Yue became a couple during the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, but she didn't leave with him. She couldn't bear to leave Shrek Academy behind, and she wasn't going to sever her ties with the academy because of a man.

Following the bombing, the two of them had fallen out of touch. In order to keep it a secret that there were survivors from Shrek Academy's inner court, Xu Mi'er hadn't contacted Long Yue this entire time, and she was the one who had told him about all of this.

Now that they were about to head to the Star Luo Empire soon, they were definitely going to meet Long Yue and Dai Yun'er again. Thinking back to everything that had happened in the past, Tang Wulin felt as if it had all been a dream. Even now, it still seemed extremely unrealistic that Shrek Academy had actually been destroyed.

The Dragon Valley small world was mostly no longer accessible. Tang Wulin looked down at his rainbow bracelet. He had spent three years in the Dragon Valley, and even though there weren't any living dragons there, he could still clearly sense that his bond with the dragon clan had strengthened significantly during his time there.

It appeared that he had delayed his cultivation significantly by burying dragon skeletons for 1,000 days, but that experience allowed him to attain true peace of mind, which then led to his current achievements.

All of them had been buried, so they should be able to rest in peace now.

Just as these thoughts were running through Tang Wulin's mind, he suddenly sensed something and reflexively raised his head to cast his gaze toward the station exit.

The first thing that he was greeted by was the sight of a bulging stomach, followed by a portly and familiar figure.

Compared to in the past, he was even fatter, but also taller and broader. His height had even surpassed Tang Wulin's by a little, so it was quite clear that he had been very well fed during the time they had been apart. He still wore a harmless smile on his face, and what was quite surprising to Tang Wulin was that he couldn't sense any soul power within his body.

Had he managed to completely subdue his essence? This was something that even Yue Zhengyu couldn't do! Tang Wulin could clearly sense an overflowing holy aura from Yue Zhengyu, yet there was no aura nor any soul power fluctuations being released by this portly figure at all.

Directly following this portly figure was a young beauty. She still wore her usual cold expression, but she was just as beautiful as ever. Tang Wulin couldn't help but think back to the first time they had met. At the time, she had been a proud and overbearing representative of Shrek Academy with powerful sword techniques.

At the time, Tang Wulin had been very envious of her, envious that she was a member of Shrek Academy and envious of her powers.

Since then, she had become one of his closest friends, and it was truly a great feeling to see them again.

Tang Wulin made his way directly toward them, and with his masterful disguise techniques, even his closest friends wouldn't be able to recognize him.

Furthermore, with his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, it was an extremely simple task for him to hide his own aura.

He walked directly toward the portly figure before bumping straight into his body.

"Hey, look out!" The portly figure raised a hand and pressed it against his shoulder.

The hand was wide and warm like a soft cushion, but at the same time, it was like an immovable mountain.

If this were a normal person, then they would've undoubtedly been brushed aside with ease, but the portly figure could feel a sudden burst of enormous power erupt from the middle-aged man's shoulder.

He felt as if he had pressed his hand against an awakening giant dragon, which was now crashing directly toward his chest.

The cold beauty behind him was slightly alarmed by this before a smile immediately appeared on her face. Her gorgeous looks were already attracting a lot of attention, and her smile was like a spring breeze melting through winter snow, instantly rooting many onlookers to the spot.

"Thump!" Tang Wulin's shoulder crashed into the portly figure's chest, which was very soft and cushioned. The portly figure's flabs trembled as they absorbed the impact, and he raised both of his hands to grab Tang Wulin's shoulder.

However, right at this moment, Tang Wulin had already spread open his arms and did his best to encircle them around the enormous waist before him.

"Huh? Boss?" No matter how slow Xu Lizhi was to catch on, he had naturally already identified Tang Wulin at this point.

"Why aren't you two in disguise?" Tang Wulin asked in a low voice.

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