Chapter 1196: Spiritual Domain

Tang Wulin had naturally heard of a spiritual domain in the past, but he had never seen one before.

"This is what a spiritual domain feels like," Long Yeyue said as her eyes suddenly began to glow. In Tang Wulin's eyes, he felt as if Long Yeyue's eyes had become a pair of dazzling stars that were almost too bright to look directly into.

Immediately thereafter, everything around him seemed to have become a starry sky that he was situated in. The surrounding area was completely abstract and ethereal, and he could see everything, but it was all beyond his reach.

In the next instant, he was struck by a strong sense of asphyxiation, as if he had suddenly been teleported into outer space, where there was a vacuum of both air and elemental particles.

Tang Wulin's bloodline fluctuations immediately became more powerful on their own, and a golden layer of dragon's repulse appeared around his body to alleviate his discomfort somewhat, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to detect any elemental particles in the surrounding area.

Just as he was feeling stunned by this sudden development, the starry sky around him suddenly turned into a dream-like rainbow world. All of the elements that had vanished earlier suddenly returned with a vengeance, and extremely rich bursts of elemental particles surged toward him from all directions.

However, these elements didn't flow into his body. Instead, they all seemed to be filled with rage and repulsion toward him, and their objective seemed to be to drive him out of this world.

The dragon's repulse around Tang Wulin's body began to fluctuate violently, and his body also began to sway. If it weren't for his immensely powerful physical constitution, he felt as if he would've been torn to shred by these elements already.

In the next instant, all of the elements of different colors quickly converged to form a tornado, and the only elements that remained were of the light and darkness attributes.

Elder Long appeared at what seemed like the edge of the heavens with light and darkness elements revolving around her, creating a terrifying storm of light and darkness. This feeling of something being able to destroy the entire world was something that Tang Wulin had only felt in the face of those Godslayer missiles.

During this entire process, he was completely powerless. His immense spiritual power was completely unable to control the outside world, and it couldn't even take him out of this world.

"Roar!" Tang Wulin couldn't help but let loose a thunderous dragon's roar that was filled with powerful dragon's might, but the storm of light and darkness continued to ravage the dragon's might around him, resulting in a very painful experience.

Was this the power of a Limit Douluo? This was just the pressure from her spiritual power alone!

Back when he had unleashed that All or Nothing attack against Elder Long, he had been aware that she had intentionally displayed signs of weakness to elevate his status, but he had still been rather pleased with himself. Only now did he truly realize just how colossal of a gap there was between him and a Limit Douluo. If Elder Long wanted to kill him, it truly wouldn't be much more difficult to her than killing an ant. He still had a very, very long way to go in his cultivation.

In the next instant, all of the light faded, and Long Yeyue was still standing in front of him. They were still in Elder Long's room, and it was as if nothing had happened, but it also felt as if an eternity had passed by.

"That was a spiritual domain?" Tang Wulin appraised Long Yeyue with a stunned expression.

Long Yeyue nodded in response. "Did you feel that? In your spiritual domain, you are the ultimate ruler who can rule over everything. As long as your opponent possesses inferior spiritual power to yours, and especially if they don't have a spiritual domain themselves, their powers will be severely debilitated by your spiritual domain. A spiritual domain has always been associated with Limit Douluos, and even among Hyper Douluos, there are very few who have managed to attain one.

"On the Douluo Continent, there are currently no more than 10 beings who possess spiritual domains, and once you reach this level, it basically means that you will be sure to become a Limit Douluo in the future, and you'll get there extremely quickly. Most Soul Masters only get to this level after they become Limit Douluos, but you've bucked that trend. You've been blessed by the plane, and your spiritual power is growing far faster than that of the normal person, which means that your spiritual power far exceeds your cultivation rank. 

"The plane has bestowed upon you everything you need to succeed, so you'd better not disappoint it. You have to attain a spiritual domain as quickly as possible, and when you reach that level, it'll be immensely beneficial to your cultivation. With your current foundation and rate of cultivation, if you can attain a spiritual domain, you'll definitely become a Limit Douluo before you turn 35; you could very like be the youngest Limit Douluo in the past 1,000 years."

Tang Wulin's eyes lit up with motivation as he took a deep breath, and said, "I understand. How should I cultivate my spiritual domain, Elder Long?"

Long Yeyue replied, "Everyone's spiritual domain is different, and never have there been two identical spiritual domains, so the cultivation process involved to attain it will also be different for everyone. What I can tell you is that you must assess yourself. Your body is a domain, and you possess everything within that domain. When you can reflect this from a physical to a spiritual level, you'll attain your spiritual domain."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly upon hearing this, and he had no idea how he was supposed to accomplish this.

"There's nothing else for me to teach you in this regard. It took me 17 years to attain my spiritual domain, yet Yun Ming only took 12 years; it's different for everyone. There have even been seniors before us who attained their spiritual domains in the instant they became Limit Douluos. You can call it luck or a moment of sudden enlightenment, but whatever the case may be, this is something that no one can teach, so you can only rely on yourself. Assess yourself to the best of your abilities.

"Everyone's body is a treasure trove, even more so for Soul Master's like us. You've been blessed by the plane and you possess the Golden Dragon King bloodline, so your body holds more mysteries than anyone else. When you reflect all of this onto a spiritual level, I'm sure you'll attain an extremely powerful spiritual domain. Even I'm very much looking forward to seeing it."

"Thank you for your guidance, Elder Long."

It appeared that a spiritual domain wasn't something that could be attained purely through hard work. Long Yeyue's words echoed in Tang Wulin's mind as he returned to his room and continued to cultivate. How was he supposed to assess himself? The best way to begin would most likely be to engage in internal inspection.


At the Spirit Pagoda headquarters.

Gu Yuena was seated with her legs crossed in a silent chamber, and it was quite surprising to see her here as this silent chamber belonged to the chairman of the Spirit Pagoda, Qiangu Dongfeng. It was also the highest caliber silent chamber in the entire Spirit Pagoda headquarters, yet Qiangu Dongfeng has allowed her to use it.

The reason that he had given her was that he wanted to provide her with the best environment to progress to the Spirit Domain realm using that Ice God's Heart.

Not far in front of Gu Yuena was the Ice God's Heart that had been sealed in the custom-made box. It was shimmering with faint light, and it looked like the most beautiful gem, but those who were truly aware of what it was knew that if it were to appear in the outside world, everything would instantly be transformed into a land of snow and ice.

Gu Yuena's eyes were closed, and her long hair draped down her shoulders, along her back, and pooled the way down onto the ground.

She seemed to have entered another plane, another world altogether.

All of a sudden, a low yet pleasant dragon's roar echoed throughout the room, and the entire cultivation chamber dimmed as if her body had suddenly drawn away all of the light rays.

In the next instant, specks of rainbow light began to appear around her. They emerged in a very rhythmic manner, arranging themselves evenly around her body before silently revolving around her.

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