Chapter 1195: Illusion?

He hadn't told Mang Tian that he was now the Tang Sect Master as that was simply far too far-fetched. However, mentioning the fact that he had the support of the Tang Sect naturally made Mang Tian feel a lot more reassured. 

"Wulin, are you concerned that the Spirit Pagoda will... But they're the number one organization on the continent; surely they wouldn't..."

Tang Wulin chuckled coldly, "I don't have a trace of trust in my heart for them anymore. If they had any sense of responsibility that the number one organization on the continent should have, then they wouldn’t have abducted my parents."

 "Alright, if your father calls me again, I'll relay this message to him. You make sure to look after yourself as well. You should know that your parents want you to be safe more than anything else. By the way, how's Na'er doing? Your father was really happy to hear that you had found her last time."

Tang Wulin's heart throbbed with pain at the mention of Na'er. He still hadn't figured out what the relationship between Gu Yue and Na'er was.

After a brief hesitation, Tang Wulin decided to hide the truth. "Na'er is... doing quite well."

After ending the call, Tang Wulin was unable to calm himself down anymore. He had finally received news about his parents, and at the very least, they were still alive. However, at the same time, his resentment for the Spirit Pagoda had spiked even further. He couldn't keep waiting like this; he had to go and save his parents no matter what.

However, it would not be an easy task to save them. The main issue was that he had next to no leads. As for the Spirit Pagoda, Tang Wulin actually wasn't too worried about it as he was confident in his own abilities. Furthermore, he had so many companions by his side as well.

The Spirit Pagoda was most powerful here in the Douluo Continent, so it would definitely be weaker on the Dou Spirit Continent. What he had to do now was conduct research so that he would be able to find his parents on the Dou Spirit Continent.

Currently, his only lead was that they were situated in a city that was at a very high altitude.

Tang Wulin had no idea about the situation on the Dou Spirit Continent, but thankfully, he had the assistance of the Tang Sect. The Tang Sect was a super organization that spanned all three continents, so it would definitely have information pertaining to the Dou Spirit Continent.

A sleepless night passed, and Tang Wulin went to find Zang Xin early the next morning before informing him of the situation his parents were currently in.


After hearing Tang Wulin's story, Zang Xin contemplated the issue momentarily before replying, "The Dou Spirit Continent is the smallest of the three continents, and its terrain is very uneven. There are around three cities with high altitudes, two of which are rural cities. The largest of those three cities is Spirit Wave City, which is situated beside Heaven Dou City; the Dou Spirit Continent's capital city is also known as Heaven Dou City. There just so happens to be an important branch of the Spirit Pagoda there, so that would be my best guess."

Tang Wulin was ecstatic to hear this. With Zang Xin's guidance, he had a far greater sense of direction. He may not be able to find his parents there, but at the very least, he now had some direction and wouldn't be running around like a headless chicken.

After receiving this reliable information, Tang Wulin calmed down again, and thinking back to the strange dream he had last night, he couldn't help but feel that the dream had been extremely realistic. Could it be that after his spiritual power reached a certain level, he was now able to sense his parents? It would be great if that were the case as that would undoubtedly make it much easier for him to track down his parents.

Perhaps he would be able to sense their exact location when he focused his attention. Thus, he eagerly entered a meditative state and focused all of his attention to try and recapture that same voice, but it failed to appear to him.


Had it really been just an illusion?

In his exhausted state, Tang Wulin had no choice but to enter a normal state of meditation. His consciousness began to fade, and he felt as if his entire body were immersed within all types of elements. He was being nurtured by them, and as he sensed the changes they brought to his body, he was constantly improving.


It had to be said that possessing tremendous spiritual power really was a fantastic asset when it came to cultivation. Through the use of his spiritual power, he was able to draw upon more natural energies, thereby allowing him to cultivate at an extremely fast rate. He didn't have to worry about his own physical tolerance, so if he were to continue to progress at this rate, it would take him a year at most to reach the Soul Douluo level.

"My child... Wulin..."

The voice appeared again, and it was still just as faint and ethereal as ever, as if it had originated from another distant world. However, it really had appeared.

Tang Wulin was almost instantly jerked out of his meditative state, and he shuddered, but didn't dare to open his eyes. Instead, he quickly focused his attention on that voice.

However, when he tried to take the initiative to pursue that voice, it suddenly cut off and vanished without a trace.


Tang Wulin opened his eyes with a frustrated look on his face. He had clearly just heard the voice, so why had it suddenly disappeared? Could it be that he could only hear this voice in an unconscious state?

He decided to try again, but now that something was on his mind, he found it quite difficult to enter a meditative state. After a long while, he finally managed to re-enter that state, and when he reopened, it was already the next morning, but the voice hadn't appeared to him again.

Was it because he didn't possess enough spiritual power? Was that why the voice was so faint and out of reach? There was no way that he could ascertain his parents' location from this!

He sought out Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue and raised this question to her. In terms of cultivation experience, there was most likely no one on this entire continent who could match her.

After hearing Tang Wulin's recount of events, Long Yeyue's brows furrowed slightly as she replied, "It's very unlikely that the voice came from your parents. As you said before, both of your parents are normal people, and normal people have very limited spiritual power, so there's no way they can contact you on a spiritual level. It's indeed true that a human experiences significant changes once their spiritual power reaches the Spirit Domain realm, and one of the potential changes could be spiritual resonance under certain sets of special circumstances.

"This means that if you use your spiritual power to call out to someone, there's a chance that they can sense your call if they're within a certain range. However, the possibility of that happening is extremely slim, and at the very least, you're far from being at a level where you can accomplish this. I've been at the Spirit Domain realm for over 100 years and attained a spiritual domain, yet even I can only just barely accomplish this within a very limited range. By the way, while we're on this topic, I'll give you some information about Spirit Domain realm spiritual power. I'm sure you haven't received much guidance in this area yet."

Tang Wulin's eye immediately lit up upon hearing this. Elder Long was like a walking wealth of information, and having her presence would surely prevent him from making many mistakes in his cultivation.

Long Yeyue continued, "Perseverance is very precious in cultivation, but aptitude ultimately decides how far one goes. You have both in equal measure, which is why you were able to become what you are today. The Spirit Domain realm is different from all prior levels of spiritual power, and it can even be said to be a completely independent realm. Prior to reaching the Spirit Domain realm, improvements in one's spiritual power corresponds with their sensory range; the larger their sensory range, the more immense their spiritual power is.

"That's why there are devices that can measure how large your sensory range is. However, the Spirit Domain realm is different as that's the stage where one's spiritual power attains a substantial form. It's exactly because of this that you're able to sense all of the elements around you and even draw upon them to unleash your own abilities and replenish yourself. The greatest thing about having Spirit Domain realm spiritual power is that through cultivation, one can develop their own spiritual domain, which is essentially like your very own small world.

"Your spirit is the ruler of this small world, and you can control everything inside it. You can even use it to attack, defend, control, and everything else you can think of. The formation of a spiritual domain is the foundation for one's progression to the demigod level, and it's a mandatory step that has to be taken before one can reach that level. Your spiritual power has already reached the Spirit Domain realm, but due to a lack of guidance, you still haven't attained a spiritual domain.

"I want you to focus more of your efforts on this area in the next three months. The sooner you can attain your spirit domain, the more beneficial it will be for you. When that time comes, you'll discover that you can control many things that were previously beyond your control, and you'll also be able to control many things you can already control on a far more minute level."

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