Chapter 1193: Universal Fusion

Tang Wulin suddenly felt a scorching sensation well up in his mind, and everything around him turned into a golden color. Immediately thereafter, the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal abruptly adhered itself to his glabella as if it had been glued there.

His spiritual power had already reached the Spirit Domain realm, and his enormous spiritual power was like a boundless ocean, but at this moment, he was struck by the feeling that there were boundless spiritual fluctuations surging through his mind.

Due to the fact that he was holding the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal against his forehead, he could clearly sense that it was shrinking.

Much to his alarm, the crystal quickly shrank down to the size of a fingernail, and only then did it stop shrinking.

Furthermore, Tang Wulin discovered that not only was he unable to move his own body, everything about him had congealed with the exception of his mind.

However, he could sense ripples proliferating outward from his body, and those ripples all seemed to be spreading into the distance. The Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal seemed to be the origin of these ripples, and unbeknownst to him, a golden symbol had appeared on his forehead. The symbol was of the shape of a golden trident, and the minimized Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal was situated right under the sharp tip of the trident's central spike, as if it were the core of the entire symbol.

Golden light was still revolving around and rising up from the golden trident, but Tang Wulin was unable to do anything. His soul power and spiritual power were both being depleted at an astonishing rate, but elements of all different attributes were also rapidly surging toward him to replenish what he had lost.

In the beginning, it wasn't too pronounced, but as time passed, these elements began to converge at a faster and faster rate, making Tang Wulin feel as if he were back in the Blood God Array.

He didn't know what was happening, but a peculiar balance had appeared within his body, and he seemed to have become a statue. Energy was constantly being injected into his body before being released as these strange ripples.

Was Old Tang doing all this? Could it be that Old Tang was capable of controlling his body?

Tang Wulin's heart tightened as this thought occurred to him. Old Tang had always been so mysterious to him. It was Old Tang who had made him aware of the existence of his Golden Dragon King seals, and it was also these abilities that had made him who he was today.

However, Old Tang was suddenly controlling his body now; how could he not be concerned?

The cycle of influx and release of energy continued, and he couldn't do anything about it.

After this brief period of concern, Tang Wulin gradually relaxed. It wasn't like overthinking things would help him here anyway. Even if Old Tang really did possess the ability to control his body, he couldn't do anything about it now. Furthermore, during these years of interaction with Old Tang, he had never done anything to his detriment, so it would be unfair to suspect him now.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin began to immerse himself in sensing the changes in the elemental particles around him. He began to observe every type of element to experience their complexity.

This was the way to cultivate spiritual power after reaching the Spirit Domain realm, and seeing as he couldn't do anything else, he may as well take this opportunity to cultivate his own spiritual power.

Time passed by slowly, and after an indeterminate period of time, Tang Wulin suddenly felt his scalp tighten, following which all of his hair suddenly stood up on end.

It was also in this instant that the ripples proliferating from his body suddenly stopped, and immediately thereafter, Tang Wulin felt his own mind tremor violently, as if something were being injected into it from the outside.

This was not a good feeling, and he was immediately struck by an excruciating headache that made him feel as if his spiritual world were about to explode. However, this feeling only persisted for an instant before it disappeared, and he was gasping for breath as he relaxed his tensed-up body.

However, at the same time, he was quite stunned by the events that had just unfolded. What had just happened?

There were no longer any ripples spreading from his body, but Tang Wulin could sense that something seemed to have forged a connection with his mind. This was a very abstract sensation, but at the same time, he was sure that it existed.

"I need to hibernate for some time; look after yourself. I'll explain everything once I reawaken." Old Tang's voice finally sounded again, and he seemed to be very exhausted. However, his weariness was also tinged with a hint of excitement.

"I'll leave another spear technique in your mind for you to cultivate." After that, Old Tang's voice faded, and Tang Wulin finally regained control over his own body.

He immediately inspected himself internally to try and sense Old Tang's existence, but it was as if he had completely vanished and hadn't left behind any trace of his aura. However, as he inspected his own internal condition, Tang Wulin was stunned to discover that his spiritual power had received another major boost that was several times more significant than the improvements he had made during the past three months.

He was even able to clearly see every single cell within his own body, and he hurriedly raised his hand toward the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal on his forehead, only to find that there was nothing there.

He hurriedly rushed into the bathroom to look into the mirror, and sure enough, there was nothing but skin on his glabella. It was as if nothing had ever happened.


A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. What was going on? Elder Long had just entrusted him with the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal, the most precious treasure of Shrek Academy, yet he had immediately gone and "eaten" it! He really was a dubious Sea God's Pavilion Master...

No, to put it more accurately, it had been "eaten" by Old Tang. How was he going to explain this to Elder Long and to everyone else from Shrek Academy?

After experiencing so many things in his life, Tang Wulin had already developed an extremely high level of mental fortitude, and after a brief period of uneasiness, he gradually calmed down.

It was clearly beyond his current ability to recover the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal, but this wasn't the first time that something had entered his glabella. The seed of life had also taken refuge there in the past, but it had still emerged in the end.

All he could do now was wait until Old Tang reawakened before asking him about what had happened. Elder Long most likely wouldn't just randomly ask him about where the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal was for no good reason, and even if she did ask, he would just have to tell the truth and say that it had fused into his glabella.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin shook his head in a resigned manner before deciding to cultivate first. His spiritual power had suddenly received an inexplicable boost, so he needed some time to acclimate himself to it.

He sat down with his legs crossed and entered a meditative state, and his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power began to circulate through his body of its own accord. His soul power was like a pure white liquid that was tinged with a layer of golden light. He had already completed the first perforation step of the Body Sect's congenital secret method, and he was currently in the process of consolidation. He wasn't in a hurry at all to move on to the next step. He had already coexisted for so many years with the Golden Dragon King seals, and he knew how important it was to constantly bolster his own body. With every large improvement he made, he had to take some time to consolidate and adjust to his new powers.

If he couldn't control his own newfound powers, then many problems could arise that could prove to be detrimental to his cultivation.

Tang Wulin quickly entered a completely immersive state of meditation, and his consciousness receded into his body while also experiencing the changes taking place in the air around him.

Elemental particles of all different elements were within his sensory scope, and following that improvement in spiritual power, he was able to sense them with even greater clarity than before.

He tried to control them, to dissect them, and to experience them on a deeper, more minute level.

As he entered this special immersive state, his mind suddenly stirred, and he could sense that something seemed to be calling out to him.

There seemed to be an extremely distant voice that was gently calling out his name over and over again, and even though the voice was quite indistinct, he could clearly sense an extremely profound closeness toward that voice.

He abruptly opened his eyes as he was jerked out of his meditative state, and he was surprised to find that his clothes were plastered to his body by sweat. It was incredible that he could sweat such a large amount at his current level of power!

That voice... That voice was...

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