Chapter 1192: Old Tang's Awakening

Qiangu Dongfeng was naturally ecstatic to hear this, and he immediately traveled to Heaven Dou City with Gu Yuena.

On top of that, there was a selfish element involved in his eagerness to nurture Gu Yuena despite the high costs. Among the four current spirit envoys of the Spirit Pagoda, the second youngest one was Qiangu Zhangting, who was his grandson. He was 31 years of age and a Titled Douluo, and it could be said that he was the most exceptional talent to have emerged from the Qiangu Family for a long time. He was also being groomed by Qiangu Dongfeng as his eventual successor.

Many years had passed since the Qiangu Family's first rose to prominence, and during this time, the family had completely monopolized the Spirit Pagoda, and the so-called election system was just there for show to create an illusion of fairness.

Qiangu Zhangting was Qiangu Dongfeng's eldest grandson, and he was truly outstanding, displaying exceptional aptitude from a very young age.

Back when he was 28 years old, he progressed to the Titled Douluo stage and was instantly promoted to become one of the four Spirit Pagoda spirit envoys. During these past three years, Qiangu Zhangting had been focusing wholeheartedly on his cultivation and was yet to marry.

However, it was love at first sight for him the first time he had met Gu Yuena, who had been 18 at the time.

Qiangu Dongfeng was naturally eager to play the match-maker, but Leng Yaozhu turned him down, citing Gu Yuena's young age as an issue.

Now that Gu Yuena had been promoted to become a spirit envoy, she stood at the pinnacle of the younger generation regardless of whether it came to status, ability, aptitude, or looks, and in Qiangu Dongfeng's eyes, she was the ideal bride for his grandson!

Qiangu Zhanting had only recently come out of seclusion, and during the past three years, he had progressed to rank 94 in soul power.

He was only one step away from becoming a Hyper Douluo, and he also had the unreserved support of the Spirit Pagoda behind him. He was currently pursuing Gu Yuena with all his might, hoping to secure her hand in marriage, and Qiangu Dongfeng was certainly more than willing to give him a hand. 

Hence, he came to the auction house with Gu Yuena and was determined to purchase the Ice God's Heart for her at all costs. If Gu Yuena could also reach the Titled Douluo level in the near future, then she and his grandson would be a match made in heaven, and they would also be the pillars that supported the entire Spirit Pagoda in the future.

Whenever Qiangu Dongfeng thought of his grand scheme, he was struck by an indescribable sense of excitement. At his level of power, wealth was no longer important; his only objective was to attain more influence and widespread jurisdictive power. What he wanted to see the most was for the younger generation to be able to continue to take the Qiangu Family to greater heights.

"6,800,000,000 going once! 6,800,000,000 going twice!" The auctioneer was practically yelling at the top of his lungs at this point.

The auction for this Ice God's Heart wasn't progressing as well as he would've hoped. The instruction from his higher-ups was to try and sell it for 10,000,000,000 federal credits, but who would've thought that the auction-goers would display so little interest in the item?

"7,000,000,000." Right at this moment, another bid was made, and the auctioneer felt as if he had been saved.

Qiangu Dongfeng lifted his number one paddle and gave the auctioneer a nod.

The entire auction house fell completely silent.

All of the auction-goers were wearing masks, but it was quite clear to everyone just how important someone had to be to have secured the number one paddle.

"7,000,000,000 going once." The auctioneer commenced his countdown again while vehemently selling the allure of the Ice God's Heart, but no one took the bait.

"Ahem." Qiangu Dongfeng suddenly cleared his throat at this moment, and it was only a quiet noise as far as everyone else was concerned, but it sounded like a deafening thunderclap in the ears of the auctioneer.

He felt as if his blood were churning in his veins, and he was naturally quite stunned by this. As the main auctioneer of the Heaven Dou City Auction House, he was also a powerful Soul Master in his own right, but he felt as if his soul had almost been scattered by that gentle clear of the throat.

"7,000,000,000 going twice."

"7,000,000,000 going thrice." 


He brought down his hammer to seal the deal.

Nothing was more important than his own survival, and there really wasn't anyone else making further bids anyway.

"Congratulations, guest number one, the Ice God's Heart is all yours!"

Qiangu Dongfeng smiled as he turned toward Gu Yuena, and said, "Na'er, once we get back, Yaozhu and I will assist you so you can progress to the Spirit Domain realm as quickly as possible."

"Thank you, Chairman." Gu Yuena nodded in response.

Qiangu Dongfeng also gave her a benevolent nod, but what he actually wanted was for her to call him grandfather.

The dazzling Ice God's Heart was delivered to Qiangu Dongfeng and Gu Yuena, and its container had undoubtedly been custom made to be able to withstand the ultra-low temperatures of the Ice God's Heart. Gu Yuena's eyes glazed over slightly as she looked at the Ice God's Heart, and that same familiar figure appeared in her mind again.

At this moment, the person that Gu Yuena was thinking of also just happened to be holding a crystal that was just as spectacular as the Ice God's Heart, but wasn't cold in the slightest. It was none other than the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal.

Yue Zhengyu had gone back to rest. He had expended a lot of energy and also sustained some injuries from using the Holy Fusion Technique, so he needed some time to rest and recuperate.

Thus, Tang Wulin also returned to his own room, and prior to going into a meditative state, he suddenly recalled the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal that Elder Long had proclaimed to be the academy's most precious treasure.

It was referred to as a divine item, so it was definitely something that was quite extraordinary, but how was he supposed to use it? Was it really just to be sensed by the powerful beings?

Tang Wulin could still clearly recall that he had been drawn into a boundless sea when he had first set his eyes on this crystal. That was truly a wonderful feeling, and it had left him feeling completely reinvigorated and refreshed.

However, he had been staring at the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal for quite a while now, but he was unable to enter that profound state again, so just what kind of secrets could it contain?

With that in mind, Tang Wulin attempted to inject his soul power slowly into the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal in the hope that this would achieve something.

As his soul power was slowly injected into the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal, it really did begin to display a reaction. A layer of blue light was released by the crystal, making it appear even more dazzling and glorious. However, there was no other reaction aside from that, even when Tang Wulin increased his soul power output.

Was this not the right way to approach things?

Right at his moment, a voice suddenly sounded within his mind.

"Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud?" The voice was quite familiar, and it gave Tang Wulin quite a fright.

"Old Tang?" Tang Wulin called out internally.

Indeed, the voice came from none other than Old Tang, and he seemed to be rather surprised.

The last time he had seen Old Tang was when he had been taught Fury of the Masses. It was this spear technique that had officially guided Tang Wulin onto the right path of spear usage, thereby allowing him to invent Path of Regal Domination and All or Nothing, as well as to attain a spear soul.

Old Tang had told him that he could call for him after he mastered Fury of the Masses, but with everything that had happened, he hadn't yet had a chance to call Old Tang. To put it more accurately, he had simply been improving far too quickly, to the extent that he was too busy juggling his own abilities and had forgotten about calling Old Tang...

"Are you talking about this Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal?" Tang Wulin asked. Why had Old Tang referred to it as the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud?

A hint of excitement suddenly crept into Old Tang's voice as he urged, "Press it against your forehead! Quick!"

Tang Wulin had never seen Old Tang this excited and urgent before, and he had absolute trust in Old Tang, so he immediately pressed the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal to his own forehead.

The crystal was cool to the touch, and he didn't feel anything in the instant that he pressed to his forehead. Just as Tang Wulin was wondering if the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal would take him into that mystical marine world again, something began to happen.

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