Chapter 1191: Ice God's Heart

"On top of that, the energy contained within the Ice God's Heart is of the extremely pure ice attribute. Among the Titled Douluo who perished for it, aside from those who died during battle, three of them were frozen to death as soon as they came into contact with it. Hence, no one knows how to use it, nor how to utilize its power. However, we'd like to present a bold hypothesis that if a fourth Godslayer missile were to appear in this world, this would be the best core material for it, period!"

The entire auction house immediately erupted into chatter upon hearing this.

The fearsome power of a Godslayer missile had already been verified, as exemplified by the fact that the entirety of Shrek City had been razed to the ground by two of those missiles. Even all of the powerful beings of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were unable to nullify the fearsome might of the explosion, and that was sufficient testament to just how terrifying those Godslayer missiles were.

As such, the fact that this was being proclaimed to be the potential core for another Godslayer missile made it an extremely attractive item. All of the people who had come to participate in this auction were important figures from major powers; they were extremely powerful beings themselves, or represented a prominent force.

Everyone knew what it entailed for them to get their hands on another Godslayer missile; that would be an extremely effective trump card!

Qiangu Dongfeng listened to the auctioneer's vehement introduction with a cold smile on his face. If it weren't for the fact that the true owner of the Heaven Dou Auction House was someone whom he didn't want to offend for no good reason, there would've been no need for him to participate in this auction to secure the Ice God's Heart.

Furthermore, he was already aware of some secrets that the auctioneer definitely couldn't reveal. In reality, this Ice God's Heart had already undergone countless hours of research by the military and the federal government, and the auctioneer was correct in proclaiming that it was powerful enough to be the core for a Godslayer missile. However, that was actually impossible to put into practice.

This was because not only was it constantly releasing ultra-low temperatures, it refused to interact with any other types of energy, which meant that the energy it contained couldn't be drawn upon by any soul tools or soul arrays.

If it weren't for that pitfall, there was no way that this Ice God's Heart would appear in an auction house.

Of course, Qiangu Dongfeng was determined to secure it naturally because he knew how to truly use it.

With that in mind, he glanced at Gu Yuena, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

The auctioneer was finally reaching the closing stages of his introduction. Whether this Ice God's Heart could truly be used was still up for debate, but one thing was for sure: it was most definitely a divine-grade ice-attribute item.

"Alright, let the bidding begin. The starting price will be 5,000,000,000 federal credits, and each bid must be an increment of at least 100,000,000 federal credits."

This was undoubtedly an astronomical price, and it had been a very long time since a lofty auction price had appeared in the federation. Furthermore, no one could be sure whether this Ice God's Heart really was a divine item. If it really were a divine item, then there was no way that it would be auctioned.

The auction house was essentially attracting all of the major powers here to make a gamble that they would figure out a way to use the Ice God's Heart. Regardless of whether it was in constructing a Godslayer missile or for some other alternative purpose, as long as this item could be used, then its value would far surpass its starting price.

"You may begin bidding now," the auctioneer said with the smile. However, he was greeted by complete silence. No one made a bid, but everyone's eyes were firmly fixed on the Ice God's Heart.

5,000,000,000 federal credits was not a small number, and it wouldn't be that easy to issue such a large sum all at once, even for many major powers.

However, the auctioneer remained completely unflustered. It was never an easy task to sell such an outrageously extravagant auction item. This starting price wasn't actually all that high when one considered the immense amount of energy contained within the Ice God's Heart, so even if it were to be passed up by everyone, that wouldn't be an issue. After all, there was no instruction from the higher-ups stating that this item had to be sold.

Only after three full minutes had passed did he issue another reminder. "You may begin bidding now."

"5,000,000,000." Someone finally made a bid, and it was a man sitting in a dark corner to the left of the auction.

"Alright, we have a bid of 5,000,000,000." The auctioneer immediately responded to this opening bid.

"5,100,000,000!" Another bid was quickly made.

The main appeal in the Ice God's Heart lay in its potential. Qiangu Dongfeng wasn't the only one here who was aware that the military hadn't managed to find a purpose for the Ice God's Heart. In fact, many of the people present were aware of this, but they still wanted to research it.

After all, the Ice God's Heart was a divine item, and if a method of usage were to be found for it, even hundreds of billions of federal credits wouldn't be too expensive a price to pay for it!

Qiangu Dongfeng didn't immediately join in on the bidding. Instead, he merely looked on as everyone else placed bids.

Such an expensive auction item was naturally beyond the budget of many people, and only a very small proportion of people present were able to participate in the bidding. There were currently four bidders competing against one another, and the price quickly climbed past 6,000,000,000 federal credits.

This wasn't a very high price considering the amount of energy that was contained within the Ice God's Heart. However, the fact that there was no clear way to use the item made the bidders rather hesitant.

The auctioneer repeated the bids while constantly introducing more and more appealing features about the Ice God's Heart, even going as far as to say that it would never rot or decay.

A faint smile appeared on Qiangu Dongfeng's face. It wasn't like this was a coffin; so what if it would never rot or decay?

Gu Yuena remained completely expressionless as if this Ice God's Heart had nothing to do with her, but in reality, Qiangu Dongfeng had only come to the auction house today as she had told him that with the Ice God's Heart at her disposal, she would be able to make a breakthrough to the Spirit Domain realm in a short time.

Her martial soul was elemental control, so spiritual power was more important to her than to any other Soul Master. It could even be said that her spiritual power would determine the rate at which her cultivation rank progressed. Even though she was Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu's disciple, she had passed the backup spirit envoy trial with flying colors, which made her an extremely bright and important prospect in Qiangu Dongfeng's eyes.

She was far too young! She was only 21 years old, yet she was already an eight-ring Soul Douluo; she was definitely the future of the Spirit Pagoda.

Even more importantly, the Spirit Pagoda had only attained its current level status due to a piece of research that Gu Yuena had presented.

Around a month ago, her contributions had prompted Qiangu Dongfeng to make an exception for her despite widespread opposition, promoting her to one of the four Spirit Pagoda spirit envoys despite the fact that she wasn't even a Titled Douluo yet. Thus, she also became the youngest spirit envoy in the history of the Spirit Pagoda.

Qiangu Dongfeng had asked her what type of reward she wanted. Her research had been extremely important to the Spirit Pagoda, and he was naturally very eager to please such an incredible young talent. Furthermore, Qiangu Dongfeng was also hoping that she would be able to take her research a step further. If she could do that, then he would definitely be one step closer to achieving his ultimate goal. 

Once he achieved this, not only would he take over control of the Douluo Continent, he firmly believed that even the Star Luo Continent and Dou Spirit Continent would fall under the control of the Spirit Pagoda, even if no wars were instigated. As such, he would be able to control the entire Douluo Star, which was why he held Gu Yuena in such high regard. In his eyes, she was truly a blessing from the heavens.

Gu Yuena had initially refrained from asking for any rewards, and her attention had only been drawn to the Ice God's Heart after Qiangu Dongfeng had told her that it would be an auction item here.

Even though she had only taken a glance at the image of the item, Gu Yuena had told Qiangu Dongfeng with great conviction that if she were to get her hand on the Ice God's Heart, her spiritual power would quickly reach the Spirit Domain realm, and that she would become a Titled Douluo within a year.

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