Chapter 1190: Gu Yuena at the Auction House

This was a light barrier that was alternating between light and darkness, as well as illusion and reality. It didn't appear to be very large; it only had a diameter of around a meter with Long Yeyue's palm at the center, but it was able to ward off Tang Wulin's All or Nothing attack.

The giant golden dragon gradually emerged from within the vortex, and it was extremely grandiose to behold. Even though it had been stopped cold in its tracks, it still presented quite a stunning sight to everyone.

Lan Muzi's expression had changed drastically as he knew that there was no way he would be able to block this attack, even if he were to don his suit of battle armor. Was Tang Wulin already this powerful? Who would've thought that this would be the outcome.

Who else aside from Elder Long would be able to block this attack? Perhaps Holy Spirit Douluo Yali would also be capable of replicating this feat, but she wasn't a Soul Master who specialized in battle, so in the face of such an ability, she would most likely be forced to take evasive measures as well.

The more powerful the inner court disciple, the clearer it was to them just how terrifying Tang Wulin's attack was. The golden light gradually receded as Tang Wulin reappeared on the drill ground, and everyone's expressions had changed slightly as they appraised him from afar.

Right at this moment, they were greeted by an even more astonishing sight. Long Yeyue's upper body swayed slightly, and she retreated a half-step. 

What?! He had managed to force Elder Long back by a half-step?

Everyone was stunned into complete silence.

Who was Long Yeyue? She was one of the most powerful Limit Douluos in this world! She had twin martial souls, and she was also the eldest living Limit Douluo. If one had to choose the most powerful being in this world, then she would certainly be a very strong candidate! Aside from her old age, everything else about her was virtually unmatched. However, she had been forced back a half-step by Tang Wulin, even though he was only a seven-ring Soul Sage!

How was this possible?

Tang Wulin plunged his Golden Dragon Spear into the ground to support his body as he panted heavily. His face was slightly pale, but his heart was filled with elation.

He had given everything he had, combining all of his essence, energy, and spirit as one to unleash that All or Nothing attack. He was absolutely sure that the power of that attack was comparable to that of a Hyper Douluo.

Ever since he had become a Soul Sage, he had never given everything he had in a single attack as he had done here, and it had to be said that this was a wonderful feeling. He had released everything that was pent up inside him, and only in that extreme state could he better experience what level of power his body was currently at, thereby allowing him to find ways to better utilize this power.

The Holy Fusion Technique hadn't managed to harm him earlier, but it had provided him with quite a bit of inspiration. It was undoubtedly the case that the Holy Angel martial soul's unique characteristics were what allowed one to unleash the Holy Fusion Technique. Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Emperor martial soul wasn't able to accomplish this, but his Golden Dragon King bloodline was also very special, so would he be able to somehow replicate the Holy Fusion Technique?

From Yue Zhengyu's reaction, it was quite apparent that using the Holy Fusion Technique placed a huge strain on one's body, but bodily strain was something that Tang Wulin was the least afraid of. What kind of strain could harm his body?

Furthermore, if he had worn his suit of battle armor, he would've definitely been able to unleash even more offensive power! That spear strike was most definitely the most powerful attack he had ever unleashed through his own power alone.

Long Yeyue withdrew her hand before giving Tang Wulin a nod of approval. "Well done, you are indeed capable of withstanding the Holy Fusion Technique."

Yue Zhengyu was no longer in the mood to compete with Tang Wulin, and he wore a sullen look as he said, "You're not even a human being! I don't want to speak with you anymore."

An amused smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he extended a respectful bow toward Long Yeyue. "Thank you, Elder Long."

"You're welcome, Pavilion Master. I'm very pleased to see how much you've grown, Pavilion Master. Alright, let's leave things here for today. Everyone, go back and cultivate now." Long Yeyue slowly departed as she spoke.

Tang Wulin looked on at her departing figure and heaved an internal sigh. Elder Long really was doing everything she could to support him!

No one else had been able to identify this, but he was certainly aware that Long Yeyue had deliberately taken that half-step backward, rather than having been forced back by his attack.

At the time, Long Yeyue still had energy to spare to support the protective barrier around the entire drill ground, so how could she have been unable to completely withstand his attack?

In the instant that his attack struck Long Yeyue, Tang Wulin felt as if he were facing the core of the entire world. If his body had already been over 100 meters tall at the time, then to him, Long Yeyue felt like a bottomless abyss. No matter how powerful his attack was, it would be easily nullified by Long Yeyue. This wasn't just a disparity in power anymore; they were simply on two completely different levels.

If he wanted to reach Elder Long's level, then he would have to put in countless hours of hard work.

This sparring match had truly been a great experience for him. Not only did he get a chance to witness the power of Yue Zhengyu's Holy Fusion Technique, he also had a chance to release everything he had against Elder Long.

At the same time, it was made clear to him that he still had a long way to go. Long Yeyue's palm had seemed to be quite simple and mundane, but it taught him a valuable lesson, which was that he had to remain conscientious and maintain a good work ethic no matter how fast he was progressing.


Gu Yuena was sitting beside Qiangu Dongfeng, and her purple pupils suddenly turned vertical for an instant. In that instant, she felt as if she had heard an extremely familiar roar, and her bloodline began to churn within her veins.

Had he already reached that level?

Her eyes became slightly glazed over. It was quite painful for her that she couldn't go and see him even though they were so close to one another. She really missed him!

Right at this moment, Qiangu Dongfeng's voice suddenly sounded. "Na'er, it's here." Only then did Gu Yuena return to her senses and cast her gaze toward the auction stage.

A golden trolley was pushed onto the stage with a red cloth draped over it. Under normal circumstances, this vibrant red color would be flashy to the point of vulgarity, but in the grandiose setting of the auction hall, it seemed to fit in perfectly. 

An excited look appeared on the elderly auctioneer's face. "The next auction item could be said to the most important one in the history of our auction house. We've waited a very, very long time for this auction item, and it's attracted the most important guests from all over the continent. Before the bidding begins, I must thank everyone for coming on behalf of the Heaven Dou Auction House. Now then, I'm sure everyone's sick of waiting, so without further ado, let's begin. I'm sure most of the guests present will have heard about this auction item through different avenues, but as the auctioneer, I must still present a detailed introduction for this unmatched treasure."

A serious look appeared on the auctioneer's face as he spoke, and the lights in the auction hall also dimmed collectively, leaving only a ray of golden light shining down upon the trolley. Just what as under that red cloth?

"The auction house had a duty to keep the origins of its auction items strictly confidential, but what I can tell you is that this is something that can change the future. It's not a spirit item, nor an uncommon metal. Instead, it's something that no one knows the exact origin of. We named it the Ice God's Heart."

The auctioneer abruptly removed the red cloth as he spoke, and in the instant that he did so, everyone's gaze was immediately drawn to the item under the cloth.

This was a transparent box that was constructed from some kind of unknown material, and there was what appeared to be a gem within the box.

It was only around the size of a longan and had the shape of a water droplet. It was entirely icy blue in color and had countless tiny facets.

It wasn't very large, but when the golden light shone down upon it, it reflected countless rays of dazzling light that were icy blue instead of golden in color.

The dazzling icy blue light was reflected to all corners of the auction house, and everyone was struck by a chilly sensation.

"It appears to be just an ordinary gem, but I'm sure that everyone can see just how unique it is from the way it refracts light. One detail that we've managed to verify is that nine Titled Douluos have already given their lives thus far to obtain it, and I'm sure all of you can guess its function from its name. That's right, its ability is extremely cold. Our testing devices tell us that the temperature around the Ice God's Heart is constantly maintained at between -200°C to -237°C [-328 to -394.6°F for mah American homies].

"This means that its temperature is always hovering around absolute zero [I have a feeling the author is under the impression that absolute zero is -237 when it's actually -273, hence this statement]. We have reason to believe that its the core of all cold temperatures, and it most likely originates from the extreme northern lands. Following thorough examinations, we've determined that the energy imbued within it is so enormous that it's somewhere between that of a ninth-grade soul missile and a 10th-grade soul missile."

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