Chapter 1189: Devastating Strike of Stored Power

The countless dragon roars created an extremely astonishing spectacle, and powerful soundwaves surged throughout the entire drill ground. Not only was Long Yeyue struck by a sense of pressure, even the inner court disciples who were outside the protective barrier all felt their bloodlines fluctuate as a sense of horror welled up in their hearts.

Soul Masters with dragon bloodline martial souls were exceedingly rare, but these were all disciples of Shrek Academy's of the inner court, so there was quite a considerable proportion of them who possessed dragon-type bloodlines and martial souls. All of them were filled with a sense of horror that stemmed from deep within their hearts, and they were all struck by the urge to fall to the ground in subordination in the presence of Tang Wulin.

It was as if he was no longer just a Soul Master, but a monarch that ruled over the entire dragon clan instead.

"Golden Dragon King! He's the Golden Dragon King that won the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition!" an inner court disciple suddenly exclaimed.

In order to hide their identities, none of these inner court disciples competed in the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, but they had certainly been keeping tabs on the competition. However, never did they think that the Golden Dragon King who had crushed countless powerful beings to claim the championship title was standing right in front of them!

Furthermore, it was quite apparent that Tang Wulin had become far more powerful than when he had participated in the competition. In the past, the Golden Dragon King had only been a six-ring Soul Emperor, but he was now already a seven-ring Soul Sage.

Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue originally had her hands clasped behind her back, but now, her arms were reflexively hanging by her sides. This was an unconscious reaction to danger that stemmed from the vast amount of battle experience she had accumulated over the past 200 years. It was quite clear that she was sensing a threat from Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin slowly raised his Golden Dragon Spear, and it was only a simple gesture, but it made his aura swell even further at a drastic rate. All of the energy particles in the air surged toward him regardless of what attribute they were, and he was like a black hole as he devoured this energy in a frenzy.

Under normal circumstances, there would be no way for him to do this in battle as he was taking far too long to prepare his attack. However, in order to prove to everyone that he had the power to lead Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, Tang Wulin chose to take the time he needed to store power.

At this point, his mind had already entered a complete state of immersion, and the only thing he could feel was his body swelling incessantly. He thought back to the battle he had fought against the abyssal plane, back to the scenes during which he had fought the Black Sovereign and countless other powerful abyssal beings, while absorbing the vast amount of natural energies being bestowed upon him by the blessing of the ruler of the plane.

At the time, even the enormously powerful Black Sovereign was no match for him, and if it weren't for the Holy Lord's appearance, Tang Wulin could've forced back the abyssal tide all on his own.

Without the Blood God Array, there was no way to absorb as much natural energies as he had in the past, but with his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, he was still capable of drawing upon some natural energies. As for his physical tolerance, that was something that he didn't even have to consider. His body was more powerful than even that of a Hyper Douluo, and that was his main advantage.

In reality, Yue Zhengyu's Holy Fusion Technique had indeed been quite powerful, but even if he had been struck by the blade of the sword, it would've only resulted in some slight injuries at most.


The light around Tang Wulin's body suddenly exploded, and all of his dragon's repulse was set alight before fusing as one with his devastating dragon's might. A thunderous dragon's roar that shook heaven and earth erupted from Tang Wulin's body, and a massive golden dragon abruptly rose up into the air behind him.

The first thing to appear was the dragon's head. This was an extremely life-like and gigantic golden dragon head that rose up into the air with a ferocious look in its eyes. This was immediately followed by the massive dragon's body, which was close to 100 meters in length. When its entire body finally emerged onto the drill ground, the entire space was illuminated by the golden light radiating from its body.

Long Yeyue's expression finally changed slightly. Her eyes were full of approval at the sight of the enormous energy fluctuations erupting from Tang Wulin's body, but at the same time, the horror in her heart had risen to its peak.

The disparity between their powers quickly dwindled, and at this point, the energy fluctuations emanating from Tang Wulin's body had already exceeded those of a Titled Douluo. Furthermore, she could clearly sense that her own soul power was being debilitated to a certain extent by this pressure.

What a powerful bloodline! He really did deserve to become the champion of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition. 

Could it be that the legends about the Dragon God splitting up into the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King are true, and that he's inherited the Golden Dragon King bloodline? 

With her Light and Darkness Holy Dragon martial souls, there was no way she would have such a violent reaction to a normal elemental dragon king, so he had to possess the Golden Dragon King bloodline!

Long Yeyue didn't attempt to take Tang Wulin's attack without adopting any defensive measures. She slowly raised her right hand, and light and darkness alternated as they shimmered over her palm, creating a peculiar vortex that absorbed the energy particles in the air.

As expected of one of the most powerful beings in the world and the pillar of Shrek Academy; as soon as she raised her hand, Tang Wulin immediately discovered that he could no longer absorb the elements of light and darkness in the air.

At the same time, Long Yeyue's aura stabilized itself. There was simply too massive a disparity between their cultivation ranks. As a Limit Douluo, there was no way that Tang Wulin could truly restrict her no matter how powerful his bloodline intimidation was.

It was also at this moment that Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear had been raised to the point where it was perpendicular to his body.

A loud dragon's roar rang out as the giant golden dragon circled around in the air before hovering behind him.

As Tang Wulin vigorously flapped his golden dragon wings, the giant dragon also flapped its wings, and their two figures instantly fused as one.

In the instant that they fused together, a black halo suddenly appeared in the surrounding area. It was as if the entire space had been broken and they had fallen into a black hole.


Only then did the dragon's roar spread over the entire drill ground, and the protective barrier instantly began to warp and twist violently as it reached virtually the upper limit of its tolerance threshold.

All of the spectators were greeted by the sight of an illusionary projection, and the giant golden dragon seemed to have struggled out of the black halo before shimmering in mid-air for an instant.

The entire drill ground erupted into a frenzy. The earth instantly peeled back, and the protective barrier began to rattle like a windowpane, seemingly unable to withstand such powerful energy fluctuations.

Was it about to be broken?

All of the spectating inner court disciples hurriedly released their martial souls and prepared to defend themselves as astonishment welled up in their hearts.

Was this guy even a human anymore? Was he really only a Soul Sage? He wasn't even wearing his suit of battle armor! The explosive power that he was displaying had already risen above the realm of a Titled Douluo, and even a full-power strike from a Hyper Douluo couldn't be more powerful than this!

Yue Zhengyu had also been completely rooted to the spot. He knew that Tang Wulin was very powerful and that he may not be able to defeat Tang Wulin even with his Holy Fusion Technique, but only now, as Tang Wulin began to display his true power, did he realize that the gap between them had only widened rather than shortened.

This guy truly wasn't a human!

A light barrier that seemed to be substantial and illusionary at the same time enshrouded the entire drill ground just in the nick of time to prevent the energy within from escaping. Countless streaks of golden light then erupted forth before coming to a rest right in front of Elder Long's right palm.

It appeared to be a massive vortex that was imbued with unfathomably terrifying power, and the conical tip of the vortex was right in front of Long Yeyue's hand.

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