Chapter 1186: Holy Angel Yue Zhengyu

In contrast, Lan Muzi was already in his thirties and was in his prime; why hadn't the academy chosen him over Tang Wulin?

Even Lan Muzi himself was rather perplexed and a little hurt; it was simply an inevitable emotional response. He knew how much pressure the Sea God's Pavilion Master was subjected to, but as the oldest disciple of the inner court, it was impossible for him not to feel a little indignant, and he was also more than willing to shoulder this responsibility.

Hence, when Elder Long summoned everyone to spectate this battle, everyone had arrived on the scene without fail, including even the Holy Spirit Douluo. She had come to spectate the battle in case someone was injured. With her present, recovery was guaranteed unless someone were to die.

Elder Long's voice rang out across the entire drill ground. "On your marks. This is a battle with no rules, and the battle will end when one or both sides lose the ability to continue."

Tang Wulin took a glance over at Elder Long, and he understood that Elder Long had summoned everyone to spectate this battle to create an opportunity for him to stamp his authority. As such, this couldn't just be regarded as a normal sparring match.


As soon as Long Yeyue gave the signal, seven soul rings instantly emerged from beneath Yue Zhengyu's feet. What was quite astonishing to everyone was that his seven soul rings were all golden! Tang Wulin could tell that he was using the disguise technique he had learned from the demonic island to prevent others from being able to glean his true soul ring configuration.

Not only did his soul rings appear, dazzling golden light also erupted from his body, and the rich light elements that he was releasing made him resemble a miniature scintillating sun.

What powerful light elements!

All of the inner court disciples were rooted to the spot.

At this point, Wu Siduo and the others had also been brought over to the Tang Sect headquarters. They were also inner court disciples, so they were also going to be cultivating here from now on, and they were also preparing to set off for the demonic island.

Their expressions had also changed slightly as they sensed the powerful light elements radiating from Yue Zhengyu's body.

He appeared to only be a Soul Sage, but even without using his suit of battle armor, he was already releasing energy fluctuations that were far more powerful than the average Soul Sage was capable of.

Yue Zhengyu was bathed in a sea of light as he said to Tang Wulin, "You better be careful, Boss; I'm not the same person I once was."

He then sprang into action as he spoke, raising his hand to bring a beam of golden light crashing down onto Tang Wulin from above.

Tang Wulin had been struck by a burst of holy light, even though none of Yue Zhengyu's soul rings had lit up.

At the same time, the light radiating from Yue Zhengyu's body became even brighter, and a huge projection surfaced behind him. The projection was around 15 meters tall, and it was releasing dazzling golden light. The 12 wings on its back were flapping gently, and its facial features were rather blurry and indistinct, but in the instant that it appeared, Yue Zhengyu's entire body turned transparent.

On this occasion, everyone could clearly see that his seventh soul ring had lit up, which meant that he had adopted his Holy Angel True Body!

Yue Zhengyu had been friends with Tang Wulin for many years, so he was more than familiar with Tang Wulin's abilities, and he was well aware of just how fearsome Tang Wulin's explosive power was. That was why he was releasing his most powerful ability from the get-go in order to prevent Tang Wulin from instantly defeating him through an eruption of explosive power.

As he adopted his Holy Angel True Body, two pairs of pristine white wings also appeared on his back, and as he flapped those wings, his body turned completely transparent.

At this point, Tang Wulin was still being bombarded by holy light, making it impossible for anyone to see him. It was undoubtedly the case that the rich light elements also provided a smokescreen that cut off his field of vision, and he wouldn't even be able to sense anything using his spiritual power with the disruption from the light elements.

This meant that he was still unaware of the fact that Yue Zhengyu had already adopted his martial soul true body. As such, Yue Zhengyu had seized the initiative from the get-go through his battle tactics.

All of the spectators were inner court disciples of Shrek Academy, all of whom were extremely prodigious Soul Masters, and two-word battle armor masters at the very minimum. All of them also couldn't help but nod in approval at how well Yue Zhengyu was utilizing his abilities. Furthermore, it was truly astonishing how powerful his light energy had become after adopting his martial soul true body!

In the next instant, they were greeted by the sight of Yue Zhengyu hurtling down toward Tang Wulin like a golden shooting star. Meanwhile, the 12-winged angel projection behind him appeared silently behind Tang Wulin.

"Judgment!" A solemn voice echoed through the air, and it was as if the entire space had congealed in that instant. At the same time, Yue Zhengyu's third soul ring lit up as he released his third soul skill, which was Light of Judgment.

The holy light that was shining down upon Tang Wulin instantly turned into a golden color, and the boundless might surging through the air was clearly detectable even to everyone outside the drill ground.

Basked in the Light of Judgment, Tang Wulin's entire body seemed to have become warped and twisted. The Light of Judgment compounded by the Holy Angel True Body was too powerful; it was an attack that was imbued with boundless holy might, and even Tang Wulin couldn't help but let loose a muffled groan.

Long Yeyue nodded in approval as she looked on from afar. She possessed twin martial souls and was renowned as the Light Dark Dragon Empress as she controlled both the Light Holy Dragon and Darkness Holy Dragon martial souls, but the holiness of her light elemental power was still inferior to that of the Holy Angel martial soul.

The Holy Angel martial soul definitely stood at the very pinnacle of all light-attribute martial souls, and it was most effective against Evil Soul Masters.

Long Yeyue could tell that Yue Zhengyu had already completed his second holy cleansing, and with a holy aura of this caliber, he would pose a huge threat even to Titled Douluo level evil Soul Masters.

This Light of Judgment attack alone was enough to eradicate most Evil Soul Masters in one attack, and he wasn't even wearing his suit of battle armor.

Once Yue Zhengyu attained a suit of three-word battle armor, he would most definitely receive a holy-attribute domain, which would make his holy light even more terrifying.

In the face of the Light of Judgment, Tang Wulin's entire body seemed to have become very sluggish, and at this point, Yue Zhengyu had already reached him. A golden holy sword had already materialized in his hand during his flight, and he slashed it toward Tang Wulin without any reservation.

Tang Wulin seemed to have been immobilized by the Light of Judgment, and the holy sword struck his chest, immediately sending him flying as golden holy flames burned all over his body.

It seemed that this new Sea God's Pavilion Master was completely at his opponent's mercy!

However, Yue Zhengyu wasn't under that impression. As soon as he sent Tang Wulin flying with his holy sword, his fourth soul ring lit up, and the 12-winged angel that had released the Light of Judgment behind Tang Wulin earlier instantly fused as one with him, causing him to become taller and broader than before. Aside from the four substantial feathered wings on his back, a pair of light wings also appeared, and the holy sword in his hand instantly manifested into a substantial golden holy sword.

Yue Zhengyu held the sword in both hands, and roared, "Slash!"

A burst of golden light appeared between heaven and earth, and this golden light seemed to be threatening to slice through the entire world. The golden line instantly reached Tang Wulin, and even though there weren't any light elements seeping out in this instant, all of the spectating inner court disciples' expressions had completely changed.

What a powerful attack! Yue Zhengyu certainly wasn't holding back at all!

It was also at this moment that Tang Wulin finally reacted. The golden flames burning around him instantly exploded, fading into countless specks of light in the surrounding air and revealing his body, which had now been covered in a layer of shimmering golden scales.

The Golden Dragon Spear had also appeared in his hand, and it had a transparent quality to it. Even after taking three of Yue Zhengyu's attacks in succession, he seemed to have remained completely unscathed.

In the face of the oncoming golden line, a serious look appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes, and a loud dragon's roar erupted from his body. In the next instant, he abruptly flapped his golden dragon wings.

He only had one pair of wings, but his dragon wings were far larger than any of Yue Zhengyu's pairs of wings. He flapped the wings vigorously, and they instantly propelled his body through the air like a streak of shimmering golden light as he hurtled directly toward the golden line.

The golden line passed over Tang Wulin's body in a flash, but strangely enough, the segment of the line that struck his body was held back rather than passing through his body.

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