Chapter 1181: Inheriting the Divine Atlas Spear!

In a sense, the seed of life was a part of the ruler of the plane, and ever since his progression to the Soul Sage level, his powers had been increasing at a rapid rate. Furthermore, he had obtained that piece of Goldwater Consonance from Zhen Hua, and it really did seem that his luck had improved. He was even able to make smooth breakthroughs in his cultivation of the Body Sect's congenital secret method. Were these all benefits of being the chosen one?

"You must've thought of some things just now as well, right? This is why the Tang Sect made the decision to make you the sect master," Long Yeyue explained.

"Your Majesty, I, I already agreed." After a brief pause, Tang Wulin decided to come clean.

Long Yeyue replied, "Good. I’m telling you all of this not because I'm trying to expose the Tang Sect as an organization that's trying to use you. Instead, what I'm telling you is that I agree with their decision. From now on, not only are you the leader of the Tang Sect, you will also be the new leader of Shrek Academy, and we will support you with all of our power."

"Huh?" Tang Wulin stared at Long Yeyue and was struggling to wrap his head around what he had just been told.

Long Yeyue smiled, and said, "In these extraordinary times, we need an extraordinary leader. I'm already an old woman; are you expecting someone in their 200's to shoulder this burden? Perhaps I can bring some victories, but I can never be the future hope of Shrek Academy; that's a duty that can only fall to you!"

Tang Wulin was feeling a little disoriented. He had been struck by too many shocking revelations during this trip to the Tang Sect headquarters.

"We will all assist you in your plight, and I'm telling you this to make you understand that the path you take from here must be concurrent with the needs of the plane. Only then will you have the smoothest journey. Otherwise, even if you were chosen by the plane, it's a possibility that you could be abandoned."

"I understand," Tang Wulin replied.

"Alright, go back and bring Wu Zhangkong and the others over here now."

Even after Tang Wulin left the Tang Sect, he was still feeling a little woozy. However, this didn't impede his ability to fool all of the sensors outside, and he quickly disappeared into the crowd outside as a normal person.

In the span of only a few hours, he had become the Tang Sect Master and the new leader of Shrek Academy. Neither of these super organizations were anywhere near their peaks, but he was only 21 and no one in history had ever been entrusted with both of these roles at once!

Even Thousand Hand Douluo Tang San and Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao, who went on to become gods, never achieved this.

This was simply incredible to him, but it was the truth, nonetheless.

After returning to the Sea God's Lake, Tang Wulin sought out Wu Zhangkong before revealing to him the news that Long Yeyue and some of the inner court disciples were still alive.

Wu Zhangkong was naturally ecstatic to hear this, but after careful consideration, he decided against going to the Tang Sect with the 215 students. Instead, he returned to the Tang Sect with Tang Wulin on his own.

After arriving before Long Yeyue, Wu Zhangkong extended a respectful bow before cutting straight to the chase. "Elder Long, I don't think this is the right time for everyone to be reunited."

Long Yeyue asked, "What's your reasoning?"

Wu Zhangkong explained, "Your prior concerns were valid; these 215 students have benefited greatly from the academy and are willing to give everything they have to the academy, but they're still too young and don't have enough experience. I think they need more improvement and training before they can become true pillars of the academy in the future. Hence, I think that the training proposed by Wulin is absolutely imperative. Only after passing the demonic island trials can they be considered to have matured and earned themselves the right to know the secret here."

Long Yeyue thought about this for a moment before replying, "That makes sense. We'll do as you say, then. Splitting up into two different areas will also be a safer arrangement; if something were to happen to one side, there would at least still be hope."

While Wu Zhangkong was speaking with Long Yeyue, Tang Wulin was also chatting with Lan Muzi. From Lan Muzi, he finally learned how the inner court disciples had survived.

The elders of the Sea God's Pavilion had given their lives to ward off the power of the Godslayer missile and gave them a chance to survive. Just like the teachers of the outer courts, the elders of the Sea God's Pavilion had given everything they had to buy the disciples an opportunity to live on.

There was no sanctuary in the inner court, but there was a strange teleportation array that teleported everyone away during the crisis. Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue was situated on the outskirts of the explosion, and she had used her powers to forcibly withstand the shockwaves of the explosion before escaping after sustaining some injuries.

Just as everyone was sharing past experiences, Long Yeyue and Wu Zhangkong made their way over to them. Her lips tremored slightly as she transmitted her voice toward Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, who was currently instructing a pair of healing system soul masters.

Yali made her way over to Long Yeyue, and all of the inner court disciples hurriedly rose to their feet before gathering around Long Yeyue in a respectful manner.

Long Yeyue said in a serious voice, "I hereby announce the revival of Shrek Academy. Wu Zhangkong will be principal of the outer court, I will be the principal of the inner court, and Yali will be the vice-pavilion master of the Sea God's Pavilion. Tang Wulin, Wu Zhangkong, Lan Muzi, Tang Yinmeng, and the other six members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters will be elders of the Sea God's Pavilion."

Expressions of excitement appeared on everyone's faces upon hearing this, and they clenched their fists tightly as they replied in unison, "Yes, Pavilion Master!"

However, Long Yeyue waved a hand, and said, "No, I'm still a vice-pavilion master. From this day forth, the role of pavilion master will be inherited by the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Tang Wulin."

Aside from Tang Wulin, who was already aware of this arrangement, everyone was given a massive shock upon hearing this, and even Wu Zhangkong had an astonished look on his face.

Tang Wulin was the Sea God's Pavilion Master?

But he was only 21! He was indeed the future hope of the academy, but Wu Zhangkong and Lan Muzi were both more suitable candidates than him both in terms of status and ability.

All of the inner court disciples turned to stare at Tang Wulin in unison with shock and befuddlement in their eyes. Even if he was the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, he was still far too young!

However, no one dared to challenge Long Yeyue's authority.

Yali slowly made her way over to Tang Wulin before light flashed in her hands, and a spear that was shimmering with scorching white light appeared in her grasp. This was none other than Atlas Douluo Yun Ming's Atlas Spear martial soul, which had attained a substantial form in his dying moments.

"Wulin, Yun Ming left this behind, and I'm giving this to you now seeing as you also use a spear. I hope you can inherit his will and return Shrek Academy to its former glory."

Tang Wulin's heart was filled with a myriad of emotions at the sight of the spear being presented to him by Yali.

The Atlas Spear was radiating scorching white light, and it was almost transparent. In contrast with the dual-tip nature of the Golden Dragon Spear, the Atlas Spear only had one sharp spearhead, but it was very long and took up almost a third of the length of the entire spear. The spearhead was glowing brighter than the rest of the spear, and the word "Atlas" was inscribed in antiquated text on the shaft of the spear connected to the spearhead.

Through his spiritual power, the first thing that Tang Wulin could sense from the spear was boundless spear intent. No, to put it more accurately, this was the essence of the spear.

The last time that Tang Wulin had seen the Divine Atlas Spear, he had only been a novice spearman, so he hadn't had a very clear sense of this. However, even looking at the shaft of the spear now, he was struck by a completely different feeling.

"Your Majesty." Tang Wulin's voice was trembling slightly.

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