Chapter 1180: The Secrets of the Plane

Tang Wulin was rooted to the spot upon hearing this. These ideas existed on a completely different level; to think that while he was still considering how he was going to revive Shrek Academy, the Light Dark Douluo was already pondering inter-planar issues.

Long Yeyue continued, "The disappearance of the Divine Realm has had a huge impact on the direction that our Douluo Star plane is evolving toward, which is what led to these decisions being made by the ruler of the plane. However, from the current situation, we can see that those decisions have very likely gone awry in that the human race has developed far faster than anticipated. The rapid advancements in soul technology have severely impacted the life force of the entire planet, resulting in a shortage of resources on the whole planet, particularly on the Douluo Continent.

"Under these circumstances, the resources on the Douluo Continent are completely incomparable to what was available in the past. There's even a possibility that our resources could be completely exhausted in the future. Soul beasts could go into extinction, the ecosystem could face severe issues, and when all intelligent life forms are destroyed, then the Douluo Plane will also perish. Hence, the ruler of the plane made some adjustments. We don't know what these specific adjustments are, but it's very likely that they've fallen upon your generation.

"Space exploration has become inevitable, and at the same time, the ruler of the plane is most likely looking to control the ecosystem or plunder more life force energy for itself. The Sea God's Pavilion Master of our Shrek Academy from around 15 generations ago made the bold hypothesis that it's very likely that the ruler of our plane had connected the abyssal plane to our Douluo Continent. In doing so, an opportunity has been created for our plane to plunder the planar energy of the abyssal plane as replenishment."

This was a massive bombshell for Tang Wulin. "What? You're the saying the abyssal plane was actively drawn here by our plane?"

Long Yeyue shook her head in response. "That's just a hypothesis; we don't know what the exact situation is like. It's more likely that the abyssal plane sought out our plane as prey. After all, the abyssal plane seems to have a more powerful planar ruler than ours. However, from an overall planar perspective, our Douluo Continent is superior."

Tang Wulin's mind was racing at a rapid rate as he processed Long Yeyue's words. "So what you're saying is that the Holy Lord is more powerful than our planar ruler, but our plane is superior overall to the abyssal plane?"

Long Yeyue nodded in response. "You can interpret it that way. From the perspective of energy division in space, the abyssal plane is more powerful as it developed sentience almost as soon as it came into existence. In that respect, it's far superior to our Douluo plane. The fact that it developed sentience so quickly meant that it was able to actively devour energy from the get-go, progressively making itself more powerful until it reached this point. During this process, it's undoubtedly the case that the best way for it to develop is to exist in an energy state.

"However, the main issue with that is that through this type of development, the abyssal plane won't possess a substantial form, which takes billions of years to accrue, just like the actual planet that is our Douluo Star. Why is it that abyssal creatures can return to the abyssal plane as energy after their deaths? That's because the abyssal plane isn't a true planet in itself. The entire plane is a massive energy entity, and every single abyssal race is a manifestation of the will of the abyssal plane's ruler.

 "The ruler of the abyssal plane split up its energy into countless segments, thereby giving rise to intelligent life forms before allowing them to develop on their own. In terms of life force, the abyssal plane is superior, but due to the fact that it has no substantial form, it's very difficult for it to continue to evolve after reaching a certain point. To put it in simpler terms, high-grade energy planes like the abyssal plane will be the easiest planes to directly evolve into Divine Realms, whereas substantial planes like our Douluo Star can only approach the Divine Realm through a variety of complex methods; that's a fundamental difference between our two planes.

"However, the substance that our Douluo plane possesses gives it advantages that the abyssal plane doesn't have. First and foremost, a substantial plane is far more stable than an energy plane. Many disasters in outer space that substantial planes are completely immune to will be able to affect energy planes. Our plane is of as high a caliber as the abyssal plane, but it's far safer and more stable. The ruler of our plane isn't a tangible entity like the Holy Lord, but its foundation is more solid.

 "Hence, it's very difficult for either of our planes to devour the other. At the same time, the biggest advantage that our plane holds over the abyssal plane is that all life forms born on substantial planes are individual entities. All of those life forms are affected by the laws of the plane, but they have a chance to ascend to higher planes. This is why there were Soul Masters in the past who were able to become gods and ascend to the Divine Realm. However, it's virtually impossible for any life form in the abyssal plane to go beyond the Holy Lord's realm of control and jurisdiction as all of those life forms are a part of the Holy Lord."

Long Yeyue paused momentarily here to allow Tang Wulin some time to process everything before continuing, "I've dumped all of this information on you to make you understand the different goals that different planes have, as well as their different purposes for existing. As the one who was chosen by the Douluo plane, you'll be the target that the abyssal plane wants to kill the most. Similarly, you were only chosen because you possess the potential to destroy the abyssal plane, which is why the Holy Lord was willing to pay such a heavy price to directly attack you. Furthermore, it's very like that this won't be the only time; the abyssal plane will seek to destroy you at all costs."

Tang Wulin couldn't help but ask, "If I have the potential to destroy the abyssal plane, can't they just run away by severing the connection between our two planes? It's not like I can traverse across planes to hunt them down."

Long Yeyue shook her head in response. "You're oversimplifying things. A connection between two planes isn't that easy to sever. Besides, even if the abyssal plane wanted to sever the connection now, our Douluo plane may be unwilling to accept such an arrangement. Furthermore, the ruler of our plane must've secured the coordinates of the abyssal plane already, so if you progress to a level where you can destroy the abyssal plane, the ruler of our plane will definitely have a way of sending you to the abyssal plane. Even I'm aware of all of this, do you think the Holy Lord would be oblivious to everything? This is why he's so intent on killing you."

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. Back in the abyssal passageway, he had only been able to just barely force back the Holy Lord through drawing upon the planar power provided by the Blood God Array, then adopting the Dragon God Transformation with Gu Yuena.

If the Holy Lord were to attack him again in the future, how would he be able to defend himself? This wasn't a matter of confidence; the main issue was that he had no idea when and where the Holy Lord was going to strike next.

 Long Yeyue continued, "There's no need for you to be overly pessimistic; I've gone through all of the downsides of being chosen by the ruler of the plane, but as I'm sure you can imagine, there are also extraordinary advantages involved. Seeing as the ruler of the plane has chosen you, it will nurture you with all its power so you can become powerful enough to oppose the abyssal plane as soon as possible. We speculate that Thousand Hand Douluo Tang San and Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao had also been beings who had been chosen by the ruler of the plane.

"Your cultivation will become easier, and most importantly, you will be blessed with immense fortune and increased learning abilities. You'll even be protected by the ruler of the plane to a certain extent, and when the abyssal plane tries to destroy you, the ruler of the plane will do everything in its power to alert and help you. Hence, you don't have to be overly concerned. All you need to do now is to grow up as quickly as possible and attain the power to protect yourself as soon as you can. Think about it; how were you able to make a breakthrough to the Spirit Domain realm seemingly by chance? It's a result of the blessing you've received from the plane."

Tang Wulin's expression changed slightly upon hearing this. He was the one who had been chosen by the plane? A contributory factor behind his rapid progression was the blessings he received from the plane?

Perhaps he wouldn't have been convinced in the past, but ever since he had become a Soul Sage, he had truly felt a difference.

The most direct instance of this was after he planted the seed of life at the bottom of the Sea God's Lake. There, it had reciprocated him with life force energy to bolster his seven remaining Golden Dragon King seals. It was as if the seed of life knew exactly what he needed.

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