Chapter 1177: Tang Sect Master

"Qiangu Dongfeng announced the successful development of black soul spirits at the perfect time while also introducing large discounts on purple and yellow soul spirits. In doing so, they've won over countless Soul Masters across the entire continent, and they've even given the federation and the Battle God Hall a large batch of black soul spirits as a gesture of support. On top of that, they've vowed to combat the Holy Spirit Cult with all their might and also given the military an astronomical sum of money in an announcement of wholehearted support to the military's endeavor to instigate inter-continental wars.

"Following the reform of the federal parliament, the Spirit Pagoda managed to gain a large number of allies in a short time and it appears that the Spirit Pagoda's massive selfless donations have weakened them significantly. However, is that really the case? They'll be able to earn back everything they've given in a short time by selling black soul spirits, and it's hard to say whether those donations have even put a dent in the Spirit Pagoda's enormous hidden wealth. When all Soul Masters have to go to the Spirit Pagoda for their future soul spirits, their influence and control over the Soul Master world will even exceed that of the former Spirit Hall."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly upon hearing this. "So aside from the Holy Spirit Cult, our main adversary will be the Spirit Pagoda?"

Zang Xin replied, "You can put it that way. Furthermore, what I'm most concerned about is that we don't know just how much the Spirit Pagoda and Holy Spirit Cult are cooperating with one another. Qiangu Dongfeng hails from a prominent family, so no matter how he uses the Holy Spirit Cult, he'll have to stand against them in the end. The Holy Spirit Cult exists solely to destroy and to seek ascension through slaughter and destruction. Hence, their goal is to end all of humanity, which makes them unworthy of even being referred to as humans. In contrast, Qiangu Dongfeng's objective is for the Spirit Pagoda to take over the federation and rule over the human race, so the two objects are conflicting ones.

"However, both of the organizations will benefit from the destruction of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, which is what has led to their cooperation. Qiangu Dongfeng is already willing to stoop to any lows to achieve his objectives, and my main concern is that his selfishness will allow the Holy Spirit Cult to rise into prominence. Both Heaven Dou City and Shrek City have been severely ravaged by the Holy Spirit Cult, resulting in the deaths of a vast number of life forms, creating countless vengeful spirits and boundless negative energy, both of which act as perfect sustenance to Evil Soul Masters.

"I think that even Qiangu Dongfeng doesn't know just how powerful the Holy Spirit Cult currently is, and once the federation declares war on the Star Luo Continent and Dou Spirit Continent, a vast number of casualties will inevitably result, and I'm sure I don't need to tell you who will benefit the most from that. Qiangu Dongfeng is doing this to plunder more resources for the Spirit Pagoda and sell more soul spirits, while the Holy Spirit Cult simply wishes to see more casualties.

"Hence, in a sense, the invasion of the Star Luo Continent and Dou Spirit Continent will unite them again as common beneficiaries. Once they join forces again, not only will disaster strike all three continents, the biggest issue lies in just how powerful the Holy Spirit Cult will become in the aftermath of the disaster."

Tang Wulin had nothing but burning hatred for the Holy Spirit Cult. The fact that they were even willing to release the abyssal plane into this world was a clear indication that there was no semblance of empathy or compassion in their hearts.

"I need more allies," Tang Wulin said without any hesitation.

Zang Xin nodded in approval. "Indeed, which is why I have a suggestion: I think you should visit the Star Luo Empire, then the Dou Spirit Empire."

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. "You mean on behalf of the academy? But the academy is already..."

If Shrek Academy were still around, then that obviously wouldn't be an issue, but Shrek Academy didn't even exist now; would the Star Luo Empire and Dou Spirit Continent still take him seriously? This was quite a problem.

However, Zang Xin shook his head in response. "No, not on behalf of the academy; you'll be representing the Tang Sect and the federal Dove Faction."

"Huh?" Tang Wulin could understand representing the Tang Sect, but what was this about the Dove Faction?

A faint smile appeared on Zang Xin's face. "Have you thought about how the Dove Faction is still able to hold its own against the Eagle Faction even under such terrible circumstances? Truth be told, there are at least seven hidden sects that support the Dove Faction, as well as at least two military factions. As for us, we are the main source of financial support for the Dove Faction. Qiangu Dongfeng thinks that the answer to all his problems is to kick our Tang Sect's parliamentary members out of parliament, but what he doesn't know is that we are the main source of financial support for the Dove Faction, as well as even the hidden sects and military factions that support them. Not only that, but there's even a military faction in the Eagle Faction that's supported by our Tang Sect."

Tang Wulin's mouth gaped open upon hearing this. This was most definitely top secret information that few people would believe even if it were to be made public!

A hint of pride flashed through Zang Xin's eyes. "Even back before the Spirit Pagoda had even been founded, our Tang Sect had already accumulated an enormous amount of wealth through developing soul technology, so our Tang Sect has actually had our own legion ever since 10,000 years ago. The Spirit Pagoda may have developed extremely quickly, but think about this; does the federation have a greater requirement for soul tools or soul spirits?"

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. The answer to that was quite apparent; only Soul Masters required soul spirits, yet the entire human race required soul tools. Soul tools didn't just include soul weapons, but also many pieces of technology that were used in everyday life.

Zang Xin continued, "The largest few manufacturers of soul tools in the federation and even the largest few retailers all have ties with the Tang Sect. We control over a third of their shares, and as for the other two thirds, we hold shares in around 60%. Truth be told, even I don't know just how much total wealth the Tang Sect has. If we really wanted to prevent this war from taking place at all costs, we can even boycott the military! Qiangu Dongfeng has his trump cards, as do we."

Wealth! The Tang Sect's trump card lay not only in its power, but also in its wealth!

Tang Wulin forcibly repressed his awe and astonishment, and asked, "What would you like me to discuss with the Star Luo Empire and Dou Spirit Empire? What kind of help can our Tang Sect provide them with, and what do we want in return?"

Zang Xin replied, "It's very simple; I want you to encourage the two empires to form an alliance, then sell them weapons that are powerful enough for them to contend with the federation. What we have to do is prevent this war from taking place, and only by creating a situation where both sides are equal in power can we achieve this."

Tang Wulin looked at Zang Xin in a stunned manner. "You want me to set all of these things into motion?"

Zang Xin smiled, and replied, "Of course it has to be you. Not only does a leader have to be powerful, they also have to be charismatic and have enough allies. These allies will have to be earned through your power and cannot be given to you by us."

"But I'm just a nobody! Can I really do this?" Tang Wulin was only a Soul Sage who was in his early twenties; he wasn't confident at all in his ability to secure approval from both of the major empires! Even with the support of the Tang Sect behind him, he was still so young; how could he convince the two empires to place their trust in him?

He would undoubtedly have to face countless issues; he wasn't afraid or daunted by the task, he was simply concerned that he would ruin everything with his lack of power and credibility.

"Of course you can. After you've heard everything I just said, no one will be able to look down on you ever again. Do you think I'd reveal these core secrets of the Tang Sect to you before you attain a certain status? In this regard, my thoughts are concurrents with that heartless bastard; from this moment forth, you are the master of the Tang Sect."

Tang Wulin felt as if he had been struck by lightning upon hearing this.

Zang Xin had revealed this information to him in a casual manner, but the subject matter being discussed was anything but casual!

If he were to become the Tang Sect Master, he would be one of the most powerful people in this world! The Tang Sect had a heritage of 20,000 years that was comparable to Shrek Academy, and now, he was the sect master?

Even his status as the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters was nowhere near as important as that of the Tang Sect Master! The Tang Sect Master was someone who was equal to the Sea God's Pavilion Master! Never did Tang Wulin think that Zang Xin would suddenly drop such a massive bombshell on him!

"I'm not dreaming, am I, Your Majesty? Or perhaps you misspoke just then?" Tang Wulin asked in a hesitant manner.

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