Chapter 1173: It's a "Very Good" Place

Tang Wulin quickly analyzed the battle that had just taken place. His Spirit Domain realm spiritual power gave him the sense that he controlled the entire battlefield, and he was able to clearly recall every single minute detail.

He had constantly been improving, and in particular, his rate of growth following that battle against the abyssal plane had been truly astonishing.

Luo Guixing and the others had initially been itching to challenge him, but after witnessing his battle against Wu Zhangkong, all of them immediately relinquished that urge. Even Wu Zhangkong couldn't beat him; they were certainly no match.

After reuniting with everyone, Tang Wulin gave everyone a brief recount of his experiences. Everyone fell into a solemn silence after hearing about how the Atlas Douluo had sacrificed himself to save Tang Wulin and his friends.

"The academy may have been destroyed, but it's never actually disappeared. We'll revive Shrek Academy no matter what price we have to pay," Yang Nianxia vowed in a voice that was filled with conviction.

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "Teacher Wu just told me that he's going to be splitting everyone up into batches to undergo training in the outside world. The location for the training has already been decided, and all of you will most likely be part of the first group."

"Oh? What kind of place is this?" Wu Siduo asked in a curious manner.

Tang Wulin shrugged in response. "That's confidential information. If I disclose it to you in advance, it'll impact the effect of the training. In any case, I've already been there, and I can tell you that it's a 'very good' place."

For some reason, Luo Guixing was feeling rather uneasy at the sight of the smile on Tang Wulin's face. He couldn't help but feel that there was a somewhat sinister element to his smile, and it was quite clear that this was not going to be some ordinary training.

No one else managed to catch onto this. They were now all seven-ring Soul Sages with the exception of Zheng Yiran, and even she was at rank 68, so they were very confident in their own abilities. During the past year, they had been constantly cultivating arduously without slacking off in the slightest.

"What about us, Senior Disciple Brother? Will we also be able to undergo this training?" a young student asked.

Tang Wulin nodded with a smile in response. "Of course you can. Everyone will get a chance, but you have to improve yourselves to a satisfactory degree first."

"We'll be sure to work hard, Senior Disciple Brother!" 

Tang Wulin turned to Wu Siduo, and asked, "You're all still two-word battle armor masters, right? Have you thought about your suits of three-word battle armor yet?"

Wu Siduo replied, "Not yet. As you know, there's no way for us to get our hands on sufficient uncommon metals here. All uncommon metals are registered with the federation, so it'll be extremely difficult for all of us to secure sufficient uncommon metals for our suits of battle armor. Hence, we only have designs and haven't put anything into practice."

She wore a resigned expression as she spoke, and Yang Nianxia continued where she left off. "The most important element is forging. I'm sure you're aware that elevating a suit of two-word battle armor to the three-word level is a very important step up, and three-word battle armor masters are considered to be first-rate Soul Masters. However, suits of three-word battle armor require soul refinement, and there are only a handful of Saint Blacksmiths on the entire continent! It's way too hard for us to find a Saint Blacksmith to help us, so we can only set aside these plans for now."

Tang Wulin asked, "If I recall correctly, you're also a blacksmith; what's your skill level?"

A wry smile appeared on Yang Nianxia's face. "My skills are pretty shoddy. Spirit refinement is too difficult, and it requires the expenditure of a large amount of resources to perfect. Prior to the bombing, I had only just progressed to the fifth rank, but my spirit refinement success rate is less than 40%. Even the metals for my suit of two-word battle armor weren't refined by myself. The path to becoming an exceptional blacksmith is way too arduous. In the past, I had thought that everyone had simply been exaggerating your talents, but only after I became a fifth-rank blacksmith myself did I realize just how impressive it was for you to have reached the same level at such a young age."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. If it weren't for the endless supply of strength he received from his Golden Dragon King bloodline, combined with his arduous cultivation and immense spiritual power, he wouldn't have been able to reach this level so easily. Furthermore, he had two Saint Blacksmiths and a Divine Blacksmith instructing him! It could be said that he had the best teachers on the entire continent, and only then had he been able to progress so rapidly.

"Seeing as you already have the designs, you can leave the forging to me. Can you tell me what metals you require for your suits of three-word battle armor? We'll discuss a plan, and I'll source the metals. As for the specific construction of the battle armor, that'll have to be done by you guys. I want all of you to have at least partial suits of three-word battle armor before you get sent out for training."

Everyone was ecstatic to hear this, and even Xu Yucheng and Luo Guixing's envy toward Tang Wulin had clearly abated slightly. As Soul Masters and battle armor masters, who wouldn't want to become more powerful? In particular, once one became a three-word battle armor master, they would even be a match for Titled Douluos and perhaps even Hyper Douluos given that they didn't use their battle armor. Furthermore, the domains provided by suits of three-word battle armor would undoubtedly significantly enhance their powers.

As such, everyone eagerly brought out their battle armor designs and took Tang Wulin to the stone chamber where Yang Nianxia forged. All of the young students had been ordered to cultivate on their own by Wu Siduo. They weren't at a stage where they had to consider matters regarding suits of three-word battle armor yet.

Tang Wulin carefully listened to everyone's ideas first, particularly their thoughts surrounding the fusion of metals. After that, he gave some suggestions of his own, making sure to satisfy everyone's prerequisites while proposing plans that would improve their suits of battle armor in the metal fusion aspect. However, this would undoubtedly severely compound the difficulty of the forging process involved as well.

"So metal can be fused in such a manner; you've truly opened our eyes! At the very least, I think this is completely feasible from a theoretical standpoint," Yang Nianxia said as he looked at Tang Wulin with eyes that were filled with praise. They were both blacksmiths, so why was there such a huge disparity between them? He was far inferior to Tang Wulin in vision alone.

However, Luo Guixing was rather concerned. "If we do this, the difficulty of the forging process will be significantly increased, and we'll require even more uncommon metals. That'll make it very difficult for us to become three-word battle armor masters."

Yang Nianxia chuckled, "Guixing, aren't you supposed to be the smart one among us? Can't you see how confident Wulin is? He definitely has his ways. Besides, his teacher is a Saint Blacksmith, and his uncle-teacher is a Divine Blacksmith!"

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Nianxia's right, so just leave it to me. In terms of the uncommon metals required, the federation does keep records on the uncommon metals at the blacksmith association and will conduct audits periodically, but the blacksmith association has a private metal storage unit; I'm sure I'll be able to source some metals from there. On top of that, the Tang Sect can also supply uncommon metals. Even the federation isn't aware of just how much of a supply of uncommon metals the Tang Sect has."

Only the highest-ranking members of the Tang Sect were aware of just how much resources the Tang Sect had, and even Tang Wulin wasn't aware of this information. Prior to his departure from the Blood God Legion, Cao Dezhi had only told him to go to Zang Xin if he wanted any resources, and Zang Xin would do his best to source them.

The Tang Sect had built up a vast amount of power and influence during the past 20,000 years, and this influence spread over multiple continents. No one knew exactly how much wealth the sect had accrued, but Tang Wulin was sure that it wouldn't be an issue for the sect to supply the uncommon metals required for a few suits of three-word battle armor. As for forging, he would be able to complete everything on his own.

During the past few months, he had forged the soul refined metals required for the suits of three-word battle armor for A'Ruheng, Sima Jinchi, and himself, and as a result, his forging skills had improved markedly once again. Even though he hadn't verified this, Tang Wulin was sure that he already satisfied the prerequisites required for one to become an eighth-rank Saint Blacksmith. Even if his skills were still inferior to Mu Chen's, it wouldn't be by much.

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