Chapter 1172: Revered

That was Wu Zhangkong's martial soul! As a Soul Master, getting one's martial soul destroyed could most definitely count as a heavy blow, and it would require a very long time to recover from.

In a battle between a Soul Sage and a Titled Douluo, it was the latter who had his sword broken!

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin still had golden light shimmering around his body, and he didn't appear to have sustained any damage. The golden scales over his skin slowly receded, and he was standing on the spot like an almighty immovable mountain.

Wu Siduo stared blankly at him, and both in her eyes and within her heart, his stature continued to grow.

He had always been so exceptional, but she didn't think that he would already be this powerful. Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng's eyes were practically bulging out of their sockets. Yang Nianxia's mouth had completely gaped open, and all of the young students were staring at Tang Wulin with fervent and astonished looks in their eyes.

Who was that and what was going on with his soul rings? He seemed to be able to switch between two sets of soul rings at will, but even the most powerful set of the two only consisted of seven soul rings. Despite this, he had been able to defeat Teacher Wu, someone who was invincible in their eyes!

Not only had Wu Zhangkong lost and had his martial soul snapped, he had even been forced to don his suit of three-word battle armor to withstand his opponent's final attack. What if his opponent had also released his suit of battle armor? What would've happened then?

The Golden Dragon Spear was ringing slightly as if in a display of elation, and its sharp tip was so transparent that it was difficult to tell whether it actually even existed.

After being polished by the Dragonslaying Saber, which acted as the perfect whetstone, his Golden Dragon Spear was now sharper than ever. The Skyfrost Sword was unable to match the insane sharpness of this divine weapon in the end.

Furthermore, Tang Wulin hadn't attained complete mastery over his Path of Regal Domination yet, so he was unable to withdraw it at will. Thankfully, he was able to control his Golden Dragon Spear so that it refrained from unleashing its energy devouring ability. Otherwise, Wu Zhangkong would've most definitely been severely wounded, and even his three-word battle armor wouldn't be able to save him as even a suit of three-word battle armor would struggle to withstand the sharpness of the Golden Dragon Spear.

"Phew!" Tang Wulin opened his mouth to expel a burst of frosty white air, and his face also paled significantly. Defeating Wu Zhangkong had certainly not been an easy task, and even his dragon's repulse had been unable to completely ward off the threat of Skyfrost Absolute Zero. After all, he had only just attained his dragon's repulse and was far from being able to perfectly control it.

Only after several seconds had passed did Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong turned around to face one another almost at the exact same time.

Wu Zhangkong's Sky Dragon Ice battle armor melted away like snow and ice, and his face was also a little pale, but his eyes were filled with elation as he nodded at Tang Wulin. "You really haven't disappointed me. I can now fully approve your plan."

In his eyes, Tang Wulin had only attained his level of power through his experiences on the demonic island and in the military.

He was extremely elated that Tang Wulin had become so powerful, and he was also stunned that Tang Wulin had been able to defeat him as nothing more than a Soul Sage. What could be more exciting than to have such an exceptional disciple?

Only after this sparring match did he truly see hope in Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin withdrew his Golden Dragon Spear before extending a bow toward Wu Zhangkong. He didn't enquire about Wu Zhangkong's bodily condition as that would be a gesture of disrespect.

"Where are you staying at the moment?" Wu Zhangkong asked.

"I'm staying at the Heaven Dou City blacksmith association. The president of the association, Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua, is my uncle-teacher, and my other teacher, Saint Blacksmith Mu Chen, is also there. Teacher Wu, should we bring Her Majesty, Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, here as well? I know where she currently is."

Wu Zhangkong nodded in response. "Alright, get that arranged as soon as possible. The pavilion master's death must've dealt her an extremely heavy blow; perhaps being with everyone will ease her pain slightly."

Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was the only remaining high-ranking member of Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin's expression fell slightly at the thought of her.

Wu Zhangkong said, "What's happened has already happened, and no amount of remorse will change the past. All we can do is look ahead and do what's expected of us. Go and reunite with your friends. I'll formulate a plan and get the first batch of people sent to the demonic island as soon as possible. Are you going to make a trip to the demonic island in person?"

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "I think that would be best."

"Alright." Wu Zhangkong nodded before turning and departing.

Tang Wulin's arrival had truly instilled him with hope for Shrek Academy's arrival, and he couldn't wait to formulate this plan. The sooner he could send the first batch of students to the demonic island, the sooner they would become more powerful.

Following Wu Zhangkong's departure, Yang Nianxia immediately let loose a comical war cry before rushing toward Tang Wulin. He was far taller and broader than Tang Wulin, and he was built like a giant bear. He reached Tang Wulin after taking just a few steps before lowering his head and charging onward. A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he raised his right hand and pressed it against Yang Nianxia's head.

Yang Nianxia was far bigger than him, but just a single hand alone was enough to keep him from being able to approach Tang Wulin any further.

This was an indication of his absolute power!

Everyone else had already gathered around him, and all of the younger students were staring at him with curiosity in their eyes, especially those who were unfamiliar with him.

Luo Guixing smiled, and said, "Allow me to make an introduction. You may not have seen him before, but you've definitely heard of his name. He is the leader of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Dragon Moon Tang Wulin."

Dragon Moon was the name of his suit of battle armor, while Tang Wulin was his true name. All of the young students' eyes immediately lit up upon hearing this name. Indeed, they had definitely all heard of this name before, and it was no exaggeration to say that this name had accrued legendary status among everyone.

They had even seen this upperclassman during the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, but their memories were understandably a little fuzzy due to the passage of time. Never did they think that this upperclassman who wasn't much older than them would be powerful enough to defeat Wu Zhangkong.

"Hello everyone, I'm Tang Wulin," Tang Wulin greeted everyone with a smile.

"You're so powerful, Senior Disciple Brother! Even Teacher Wu was..."

Tang Wulin immediately cut off the young student who was speaking, and interjected, "There's no way that I'm a match for Teacher Wu; Teacher Wu went easy on me and didn't even use 50% of his soul power."

All of the young students were enlightened at the sight of Tang Wulin's genuine expression. No wonder this senior disciple brother had been able to defeat Teacher Wu; it was all a result of Teacher Wu holding back during their sparring match.

However, Wu Siduo and the others clearly weren't as easy to fool as the young students. All of them were easily convinced, but they were naturally well aware of whether Wu Zhangkong had used his full power or not.

In reality, even Tang Wulin himself was stunned by his own powers. He was naturally aware that he was far more powerful than the average Soul Sage, and that after breaking his 11th Golden Dragon King, he would've definitely been powerful enough to face the average Titled Douluo. However, even he didn't think that a powerful Titled Douluo like Wu Zhangkong would be defeated by him.

This undoubtedly had something to do with the peerless sharpness of his Golden Dragon Spear, but the role that his powers had played was certainly also a significant one that was not to be discounted. During the final clash, Wu Zhangkong's absolute zero really had affected him and made him feel as if his bloodline were about to freeze solid in his veins. However, thinking back now, his dragon core and heart had both exhibited emergency reactions at the same time, thumping violently to counteract the biting chill.

Tang Wulin was enlightened as he recalled this detail. It wasn't that Wu Zhangkong wasn't powerful enough; the reality was that his abilities had countered his Skyfrost Absolute Zero to a certain extent.

The Golden Dragon King had given him an ultra-powerful physical constitution, as had the congenital secret method of the Body Sect. The two sources of physical enhancements made him far more resistant to super-low temperatures than the average person, and on top of that, he also had his Golden Dragon Body, golden dragon scales, and dragon's repulse to defend himself, so the Skyfrost Absolute Zero had very little effect on him.

This was how he was able to unleash such devastating power during the clash. In the face of his Path of Regal Domination, Wu Zhangkong was immediately struck by a sense of life-threatening peril, which caused his suit of three-word battle armor to be released on its own, and only then was he able to withstand that attack. Even so, his Skyfrost Sword had still been snapped by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear. To summarize, Wu Zhangkong shouldn’t have used absolute zero against Tang Wulin. If he had used any other soul skills, they would've been far more effective, and the final outcome of the battle wouldn't have been so clear-cut.

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