Chapter 1171: Snapped

After unleashing his Fury of the Masses, Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Golden Array began to take effect.

In the instant that the elemental stripping effect manifested itself, the chill in the surrounding air abated significantly. At the same time, Tang Wulin flapped his wings, and instead of giving the Bluesilver Golden Array more time to exert its elemental stripping effect, he immediately unleashed an attack.

He had never sought to completely restrict Wu Zhangkong using his Bluesilver Golden Array; that was completely unrealistic. Instead, what he was trying to do was to use the Bluesilver Golden Array's ability to affect Wu Zhangkong and disrupt him as he unleashed his abilities.

Tang Wulin had undoubtedly already accomplished this. In the face of his Fury of the Masses and the effect of the Bluesilver Golden Array, the continuous string of attacks he had prepared had already faltered.

It was also right at this moment that Tang Wulin rose up into the air, flapping his wings to unleash his Golden Dragon Takes Flight. In doing so, he instantly transformed into a dazzling golden streak of light, hurtling directly toward Wu Zhangkong with his Golden Dragon Spear leading the charge.

At the same time, a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines emerged from his body before winding around the Golden Dragon Spear as he unleashed a blood soul fusion skill!

After being disrupted by Tang Wulin's tactics, Wu Zhangkong also instantly made adjustments. Rather than engaging in a direct clash with Tang Wulin, he instantly changed directions in mid-air and flew to several dozens of meters away.

However, his retreat undoubtedly allowed Tang Wulin to build up even more momentum, and his Golden Dragon Takes Flight changed directions in mid-air before continuing to pursue Wu Zhangkong.

In the face of the momentum that was mounting in a frenzy within the Golden Dragon Spear, Wu Zhangkong's expression changed for the very first time. His sixth soul ring lit up, and he placed both hands on the hilt of his sword before sweeping it upward.

Tang Wulin had a deep impression of Wu Zhangkong's sixth soul skill. This was a soul skill that required time to accumulate power, and Tang Wulin couldn't recall what it was called, but he knew that it was an extremely powerful attack.

Just as these thoughts were flashing through his mind, his Golden Dragon Spear clashed with the Skyfrost Sword.

"Clang!" The golden light around Tang Wulin's body instantly dimmed, and a layer of ice and frost appeared once again. There were even bursts of white frosty air surging throughout the surrounding space, but Wu Zhangkong's body was sent flying for over 100 meters like a cannonball.

It was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin had been frozen by Wu Zhangkong's Skyfrost Sword, but much to everyone's astonishment, the assault system Titled Douluo, Sky Dragon Ice Wu Zhangkong, His Majesty, the Sky Ice Douluo, was sent flying by a single spear strike from Tang Wulin!

He was only a Soul Sage while Wu Zhangkong was already a Titled Douluo!

How was this possible? How could there be such a huge disparity between them? Neither of them had donned their suits of battle armor; how was this happening?

Wu Siduo, Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran's jaws had already dropped to the ground.

Was this guy even a human anymore? Their former confidence had been wiped away in an instant. Even back when Wu Siduo was being dominated in battle by Tang Wulin outside, she had thought that with her Hell White Tiger soul fusion skill, she wouldn't be much weaker than Tang Wulin. However, she had no choice but to face reality now; the reality was that there was a massive insurmountable gulf between her and Tang Wulin!

How had he become so powerful? If they were in Wu Zhangkong's shoes, would they have possibly been able to block that spear strike?

Right at this moment, the golden light emanating from Tang Wulin's body reached the peak of its brightness. He was like a scintillating golden sun as he hovered in the air, pointing his Golden Dragon Spear directly down toward Wu Zhangkong.

Golden light immediately erupted forth, creating a dazzling trail of golden light through the air. This was the soul skill that he had invented for himself, the seventh of his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, Path of Regal Domination! 

The best gesture of respect that he could extend toward Wu Zhangkong was to fight him with all his power. This was something that Tang Wulin had already understood prior to the commencement of the sparring match, so he wasn't holding back at all, unleashing his most powerful attack right away.

After being sent flying, Wu Zhangkong also instantly reacted. With his vast wealth of battle experience, he was naturally able to instantly deduce that even though he had already become a Titled Douluo, his strength was still far inferior to that of Tang Wulin. Furthermore, he had also been truly stunned by Tang Wulin's blood soul fusion skills. Even so, he remained completely unflustered, and in the instant that he was sent flying, his seventh soul ring lit up as he unleashed his Skyfrost True Body!

His entire body suddenly began to elongate, and after being sent flying for about 100 meters, he had already reached four meters tall, while his Skyfrost Sword had extended to a terrifying six meters in length.

Wu Zhangkong currently bore the appearance of a white ice statue, and his facial features had become completely concealed. The Skyfrost Sword in his hand had also turned into a pristine white color, and this was the most powerful form of his Skyfrost Sword: it was his martial soul true body!

At the same time, Wu Zhangkong's eighth soul ring also lit up. As it did so, he raised his Skyfrost Sword high up into the air, and countless ice shards instantly erupted from it, causing the surrounding air temperature to plummet drastically.

Skyfrost Absolute Zero!

Wu Zhangkong sprang into action. He was still just as graceful as ever even in mid-air, and despite the fact that he currently resembled an ice statue, he still struck one with a peculiar feeling.

The ultra-low temperature of the Skyfrost Absolute Zero was contained within a small range, and it formed a ball of ice before crashing directly toward Tang Wulin's Path of Regal Domination.

In its absolute zero state, the Skyfrost Sword was capable of vanquishing all opposing forces!


The two clashed, and everything had taken place in an extremely short time. It would've been impossible for a normal Titled Douluo to have unleashed their martial soul true body and eighth soul skill in such rapid succession, but Wu Zhangkong had accomplished this, and he was facing Tang Wulin's attack in his most powerful form.

In the instant that the clash took place, Wu Zhangkong was greeted by the sound of countless thunderous dragon's roars. He felt as if he were facing a burst of terrifying pressure that resembled the paramount laws of heaven and earth, but even in the face of this overwhelming pressure, his Skyfrost Sword remained resolute and stable.

No one could shake his determination to revive Shrek Academy, and he had injected this unshakeable resolve into his sword.

Thus, the clash ensued, and in that instant, everyone was struck by a sense of disorientation.

The white ball of ice that Wu Zhangkong had unleashed was completely stained golden by the golden light, and it rapidly began to melt. However, in the next instant, the ball of ice abruptly exploded, and countless sword projections erupted through the air before flying in all directions.

Thunderous booms rang out as terrifying energy fluctuations surged through the entire drill grounds. Thankfully, the protective barrier on the drill grounds had been designed specifically to target clashes between Titled Douluos.

None of the spectators could see what exactly was going on as the terrifying clashes of energy were making the protective barrier release extremely scintillating light, to the extent that they were unable to see what was happening inside.

The light lingered for a long time before it finally faded, and the two figures within the barrier were revealed once again.

Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong had already swapped positions, and they had their backs facing one another. Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear was pointing diagonally down toward the ground, and Wu Zhangkong had already reverted back out of his martial soul true body form.

However, much to everyone's surprise, a suit of icy blue armor had appeared over Wu Zhangkong's body. The suit of armor was releasing wisps of white energy, and there seemed to be icy mist revolving within it. It was none other than his suit of three-word battle armor, Sky Dragon Ice!

Wu Zhangkong had been forced to don his suit of battle armor!

Right at this moment, a crisp and pleasant crack rang out in an extremely audible fashion. Wu Zhangkong's Skyfrost Sword then snapped right before everyone's astonished eyes.

Around a quarter of the sword's blade fell onto the ground, and Wu Zhangkong's body also swayed slightly.

The Skyfrost Sword had been snapped?

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