Chapter 1170: Tang Wulin vs Wu Zhangkong

So powerful! 

The temperature changes resulting from Wu Zhangkong's Skyfrost Sword had to be at least twice as potent as it had been in the past.

The blue Skyfrost Sword slashed horizontally through the air without any tricks or embellishments, reaching Tang Wulin in a flash.

Compared to in the past, Wu Zhangkong's attacks were cleaner and more direct, but also clearly more effective.

Even before being struck by the Skyfrost Sword, Tang Wulin was struck by the feeling that his heart had been frozen solid.

Wu Siduo and the others had all stopped and were looking on with rapt focus at the sparring match that had suddenly been arranged. All of them also wanted to see just how far Tang Wulin had come now.

After all, all five of them were once rivals with him! There was a period of time where they had already resigned themselves to being inferior to Tang Wulin, but after so long had passed, it was hard to say who was more powerful. All of them were very confident in their own improvements. Ever since Shrek Academy had been destroyed, they had focused wholeheartedly on their cultivation, and they were almost constantly working hard to improve every single moment of every day. They were confident that this level of hard work would've allowed them to catch up to and even surpass Tang Wulin.

Through his sparring match with Wu Zhangkong, they would naturally be able to see the extent of his powers.

Tang Wulin also sprang into action. In the face of Wu Zhangkong's attack, he didn't dare to display any complacency. A series of halos rose up from beneath his feet, culminating to five golden soul rings in total, and at the same time, a layer of golden light appeared over his body.

He then instantly swelled to over two meters tall, and his skin was covered by rhomboid golden scales, while the golden light emanating from his body was like a substantial barrier.

As Wu Zhangkong's Skyfrost Sword struck the golden light, it suddenly took on a translucent quality, becoming as transparent as golden crystal. A series of ripples ran over its surface, and the Skyfrost Sword was still advancing onward, but not only had its speed been drastically hampered, the sword itself was also revealed. The ripple continued to run through the golden light, and it just barely managed to stop the Skyfrost Sword's attack.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin raised his right Golden Dragon Claw and lashed out toward the Skyfrost Sword in a flash. At the same time, a pair of golden dragon wings spread open on his back.

"What is that golden light?" Zheng Yiran was stunned to see this, and the proud look on her face also vanished for an instant.

They were more aware than anyone of how sharp Wu Zhangkong's Skyfrost Sword was, yet Tang Wulin had managed to keep it at bay. Furthermore, he had only used some kind of protective barrier ability to block it, rather than any soul skills.

However, Yang Nianxia's attention was focused elsewhere, and he murmured, "If I recall correctly, he only had three of those golden bloodline soul rings the last time we saw him! Now that he's got five, his powers..."

Just as all of them were speculating about Tang Wulin's newfound powers, his clash with Wu Zhangkong truly commenced.

In the instant that his Golden Dragon Claw came into contact with the Skyfrost Sword, the latter suddenly exploded, transforming into countless sword threads that instantly rushed toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was quite startled by this, and the golden light radiating from his body became even brighter. At the same time, he abruptly stomped his right foot into the ground, and a loud dragon's roar rang out as eight golden dragons rose up from the ground.

These golden dragons were completely substantial and didn't look as if they had been formed by energy at all. In the instant that they appeared, they circled around in the air to stop the oncoming sword threads. At the same time, the violent vibrational effect generated by the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth spread directly to the ground beneath Wu Zhangkong's feet.

Wu Zhangkong was already a Titled Douluo, but it wasn't like Tang Wulin hadn't faced beings of this caliber before.

In the past, Blood Nine had also been a Titled Douluo, and he had been defeated by Tang Wulin, albeit mostly because he had underestimated Tang Wulin. However, the current Tang Wulin was completely incomparable to that Tang Wulin, so even though he was surprised by Wu Zhangkong's current cultivation rank, he wasn't fearful in the slightest.

The layer of light emanating from his body was none other than his dragon's repulse. His dragon's might and dragon's repulse actually hadn't been attained after he broke his 11th seal. Instead, those abilities were manifested after he attained his martial soul true body, thereby allowing his body to further integrate with his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

As the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was unleashed, Tang Wulin's aura also abruptly changed.

In Wu Zhangkong's eyes, it seemed as if a burst of golden energy had abruptly erupted from Tang Wulin's body in the instant that he stomped his right foot into the ground. This eruption of energy seemed to have slowed down his cognitive function, and to him, it seemed as if Tang Wulin's stature had suddenly expanded.

It was during this split second of disorientation that the vibration waves underfoot arrived. Wu Zhangkong was immediately able to react as blue light flashed from beneath his feet, propelling him up into the air. An ice spike had appeared from the ground that he was standing on just a moment ago, and that was what had launched him directly upward.

However, the eight golden dragons refused to give up and continued to fly toward him.

Meanwhile, the dragon's repulse around Tang Wulin's body tremored, and all of the sword threads that fell upon it were destroyed amid a string of explosions. This was a result of Tang Wulin's innovative integration between his dragon's repulse and Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion.

The most fearsome part about his dragon's might and dragon's repulse was that they were the Golden Dragon King's innate abilities, so they could perfectly integrate with all of the Golden Dragon King's abilities. After going through so many practical battles and experiencing such marked enhancements in his spiritual power, Tang Wulin had already attained full mastery over his own powers, thereby allowing him to use his Golden Dragon King abilities in an extremely flexible manner, rather than having to use one skill at a time.

Wu Zhangkong hovered in the air, and his Skyfrost Sword abruptly expanded before splitting up into eight. The eight sword projections crashed down from above, instantly sending the eight golden dragons flying before transforming into a wheel of swords that hurtled directly toward Tang Wulin with devastating force.

As expected of Teacher Wu, Tang Wulin was immediately placed under immense pressure.

At the same time, a halo of golden light quickly radiated from beneath his feet, and his five golden soul rings also transformed into seven soul rings, the third of which was already shimmering with light. It was none other than his Bluesilver Golden Array. Aside from its control abilities, the Bluesilver Golden Array's forte lay in its elemental stripping ability.

Meanwhile, the Skyfrost Sword was only in its most powerful state when it was enhanced by ice elements, so he was trying to strip these ice elements away.

Luo Guixing couldn't help but furrow his brows as he looked on from afar. "What is Wulin doing? How can he still worry about things like this when facing a direct attack from Teacher Wu?"

In his eyes, Tang Wulin had made a fatal blunder. With Wu Zhangkong's powers, how could his elemental stripping take effect in time? How was he supposed to defend himself against the sword wheel unleashed by the descending Skyfrost Sword?

However, right at this moment, an astonishing turn of events unfolded.

Tang Wulin's eyes suddenly lit up, and he raised his head to the heavens. Golden light erupted from his eyes, and there was even golden light flowing out from the corners of his eyes.

His Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his hand, and he thrust it forward at once; Fury of the Masses!

Countless streaks of golden light shot forth before converging and meeting Wu Zhangkong's sword wheel. As opposed to taking any evasive measures, he was going to take the attack head-on!

A crisp clang rang out, and Tang Wulin's body shuddered slightly as a layer of ice and frost instantly appeared over his entire body. However, with the protection of his dragon's repulse and the elemental stripping effect of the Bluesilver Golden Array, the ice and frost quickly faded away.

Meanwhile, the sword wheel up above was instantly shattered into powdered ice that wafted through the air, revealing a stunned Wu Zhangkong looking on from above.

He had already known that Tang Wulin had become a Soul Sage, and with his Golden Dragon King bloodline, his powers were most definitely far superior to those of the average Soul Sage. However, he didn't think that Tang Wulin would be able to directly oppose his sword wheel, given that both of them were assault system battle Soul Masters. He hadn't held back at all, so that was an attack that was truly of the Titled Douluo caliber. However, the terrifying penetrative and offensive power imbued within Tang Wulin's spear strike was not only enough to break his sword wheel, even he was forced to take evasive measures. What an immensely powerful display Tang Wulin was putting on!

Even with such a drastic cultivation rank disparity between them, Tang Wulin had completely managed to hold his own. Wu Siduo, Luo Guixing, and the others were already completely rooted to the spot. Was he already this powerful?

He didn't appear to have done anything special, but he had managed to block a full-power attack from Wu Zhangkong! Just that alone was beyond the capabilities of every single one of them!

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