Chapter 1165: The Shrek Spirit

"Do you still remember Elder Li? He's the constantly smiling old man who was present during our entrance examinations. At the time, Elder Li told us that we were still young, and that we were the future hopes of Shrek Academy. He told us to never forget the tradition of Shrek Academy and the glory of Shrek. The teachers sacrificed themselves so we could survive. They chose to give their lives without any hesitation, illuminating us with their flames of life and demonstrating the Shrek spirit to us through their actions. 

"They were truly noble men and women, and they used their flames of life to cleanse our hearts. Only 216 people managed to make it into the sanctuary, and Teacher Wu was the only teacher among us. All of the other teachers and the students who didn't get a chance to make into the sanctuary perished along with the academy."

Wu Siduo was already sobbing uncontrollably at this point.

Indeed, they had only had a minute at the time, but during that short minute, all of Shrek Academy's teachers made the same decision. Not even a single one of them had chosen to cower, and none of them competed with the students for space in the sanctuary.

 If it weren't for the fact that Wu Zhangkong was still quite young, Elder Li would've allowed him to sacrifice himself as well. This was the Shrek spirit, the spirit of the number one academy on the entire continent!

The teachers of Shrek Academy released their final radiance by igniting the flames of life, basking Shrek Academy in the most radiant light in its final moments.

Even as an outsider, Long Yuxue was completely rooted to the spot by this story.

This was Shrek Academy!

Her seniors had always spoken extremely highly about Shrek Academy, and even in the Blood God Legion, there were many Shrek Academy alumni. However, she had always been unconvinced. Wasn't it just an academy? So what even if it were truly as powerful as everyone proclaimed?

Only now did she truly understand that Shrek was no longer just an academy; it represented a type of spirit.

Even following the passage of 20,000 years, the Shrek Spirit hadn't waned in the slightest, and all of its teachers had made the selfless decisions in the most critical juncture. This was the Shrek Academy, an academy of heroes and legends!

Tang Wulin fell heavily to his knees before kowtowing toward the Sea God's Lake three times with tears streaming down his face.

Wu Siduo also fell to her knees beside him as she cast her gaze toward the lake before her, and they felt as if they could see the smiles and hear the voices of the seniors of Shrek Academy again.

Those strict teachers who were constantly urging them to better themselves now ceased to exist with the destruction of Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin could still clearly recall how stringent Silver Moon Douluo Elder Cai had been toward them in the past, but where was she now? As the principal of Shrek Academy's outer court, it was undoubtedly the case that she would've led the teachers from the very forefront.

In the dire situation that Shrek Academy had been faced with, all of the academy's powerful beings had given their lives without any hesitation to give the students the greatest chance at survival. All of them had departed from this world with smiles on their faces as they hadn't tarnished the glory of Shrek Academy. None of them thought themselves to be teachers; they had merely done what was expected of them as teachers.

In their minds, it was a teacher's rightful duty to protect their students with their lives, and in an ordeal of life and death, they had taught their students one final invaluable lesson through their actions. This was an extremely heavy lesson that all of the students would undoubtedly remember for the rest of their lives.

"Take me to see them; I want to see Teacher Wu and everyone else," Tang Wulin said to Wu Siduo through his sobs.

Wu Siduo nodded firmly in response before wiping the tears from her face, then turning toward Long Yuexue. "Who is she?"

Tang Wulin replied, "She's a friend of mine from the military; she's definitely trustworthy."

Wu Siduo glanced at Long Yuxue, and Long Yuxue was also looking back at her. As their eyes met, figurative sparks began to fly.

"Wulin, this is an extremely important matter, so I can't allow you to bring an outsider with you. I'm sure you know what I mean," Wu Siduo said with a serious look on her face.

Tang Wulin hesitated momentarily before turning to Long Yuxue. "Yuxue, can you go back for now?"

Long Yuxue didn't express any displeasure in response to this request. She merely nodded before departing in her soul car like an obedient wife.

Wu Siduo looked on as she departed with a peculiar expression, and asked, "Is she your woman?"

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Don't make jokes like that; we're just comrades. You know who I love."

Wu Siduo rolled her eyes in response. "Then what about her? Why isn't she with you?"

Tang Wulin's body stiffened upon hearing this, and he didn't know how to respond. He wished more than anything for Gu Yuena to be by his side, but he didn't even know where she currently was.

Wu Siduo could see the awkward look in his eyes, and she was rather taken aback. "Is she not with you?"

Tang Wulin sighed, "It's a long story. Take me to see Teacher Wu first."

He couldn't wait to see Wu Zhangkong. Ever since the destruction of Shrek Academy, he had always thought that he and his friends were Shrek Academy's final hopes. Only after meeting Wu Siduo today was he made aware that the academy had 216 survivors. 

Perhaps there weren't any top-tier powerful beings among them, but they were all seeds of Shrek Academy! Furthermore, Wu Zhangkong had also survived.

"Come with me." Wu Siduo didn't pose any more questions as she rushed away, and Tang Wulin hurriedly followed along behind her. She led him toward one side of the Sea God's Lake, and after running around approximately a third of the lake's entire circumference, she waved a hand toward him before leaping into the lake.

Tang Wulin naturally followed suit, and looking at Wu Siduo from behind, she was like a graceful mermaid flaunting her gorgeous figure as she swam through the water.

Wu Siduo continued to dive deeper into the lake, and light began to flash around her body, indicating that she was releasing her soul power to keep the radiation in the water at bay.

This place was quite far away from the epicenter of the explosion, so the radiation wasn't as severe here, but it was still completely devoid of all signs of life.

Tang Wulin followed Wu Siduo all the way down to the lakebed, and she turned around before planting her feet on the bottom of the lake. After searching around momentarily, she gently pressed down on a certain section of the lakebed, and a grinding sound rang out, following which a strange metal frame slowly rose up. There seemed to be air flowing out of it to prevent the water from gushing into the opening.

Wu Siduo waved a hand toward Tang Wulin before bright soul power light emanated from her body, and she dove directly into the opening.

Tang Wulin also arrived beside the opening, and the water pressure here was already very severe, but with his powers, this was naturally next to nothing.

Immediately after he entered through the opening, the powerful bursts of air being expelled ceased, and Wu Siduo pressed a button to close the metal door. After the door was completely closed, the air currents were naturally also cut off, and no water had managed to make it into the interior.

The lighting beyond the metal door was slightly dim, and there were soul lights on the walls, but they were only releasing a faint light.

Wu Siduo waved a hand toward Tang Wulin before walking on ahead, leaving Tang Wulin to follow along behind her with barely repressed excitement in his heart.

They made their way through many twists and turns, and the general trend seemed to be a downward one. As they continued, Tang Wulin couldn't help but ask, "How was this underground sanctuary constructed to have allowed it to survive the explosion?"

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