Chapter 1164: Sanctuary

Both Tang Wulin and Wu Siduo felt as if they were dreaming, and they were overcome by countless emotions.

"It's me." Tang Wulin's lips were trembling, and there were tears shimmering in his eyes, but his heart was filled with an indescribable sense of joy.

The Godslayer missile had destroyed the entirety of Shrek Academy, and he had thought that everyone was dead aside from Shrek's Seven Monsters; who would've thought that he'd be able to see Wu Siduo again? What could be more exciting than this? Wu Sidou was still alive, and she had become a seven-ring Soul Sage!

Wu Siduo suddenly let loose a loud cry before abruptly springing forward and crashing into Tang Wulin's arms. She screamed over and over again as she wound her arms around his neck and her long legs around his waist with all her might. She then bit down onto his shoulder in a vicious manner as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Tang Wulin was afraid that his defenses would shatter Wu Siduo's teeth, so he made his muscles adopt a softened state as he wound his arms around Wu Siduo's body. His heart was also filled with countless emotions. There was nothing more exciting than being reunited with someone after an ordeal of life and death.

Long Yuxue was also experiencing strong emotions as she sat in the soul car. In the instant that the young woman wound her arms and legs around Tang Wulin, Long Yuxue's mood had soured significantly.

That clearly wasn't his girlfriend! She had only caught a brief glimpse of Gu Yuena in the abyssal passageway, but her stunning beauty had been branded deep into her mind. Furthermore, there was also that image of Gu Yue that Tang Wulin had drawn for her. She hadn't asked him about the specifics, but it was quite clear that one of those two women was definitely Tang Wulin's girlfriend.

However, never would she have thought that she'd encounter another beauty here who appeared to share a very special relationship with Tang Wulin as well!

Long Yuxue was feeling a little frustrated and infuriated. She had more love rivals than she had anticipated, and each and every one of them was so exceptional! That young woman seemed to possess twin martial souls, and judging from how excited they were to see one another, she most likely also came from Shrek Academy. Could it be that she was also one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters?

Tang Wulin gently patted Wu Siduo's back and comforted her as she sobbed, but she was struggling to collect her emotions. She continued to bite down viciously onto Tang Wulin's shoulder, refusing to let up even when traces of blood were beginning to seep through his clothes.

Tang Wulin's heart had been entirely filled with elation, so this pain was nothing to him.

Long Yuxue finally couldn't bear it any longer and got out of the car. She made her way over to Tang Wulin before glaring at him in a furious manner, and Tang Wulin was starting to feel rather awkward at the sight of her enraged gaze.

Thus, he patted Wu Siduo's back, and gently urged her to get down off him.

Wu Siduo reluctantly unwound her legs from around Tang Wulin's waist, but only got off him after biting his shoulder viciously a final time.

She was already an adult now, and had grown to over 180cm tall, making her only slightly shorter than Tang Wulin. Her legs were astonishingly long, and she was a little thin, but her voluptuous backside and slender waist created an extremely alluring figure.

Her long hair was draped haphazardly over her shoulders, and perhaps it was because she had just bitten Tang Wulin, but there was a feral aura about her.

Tang Wulin looked into her red and swollen eyes with an emotional smile, and said, "I'm so glad you're alive."

Wu Siduo couldn't help but burst into sobs again upon hearing this. She was once such a strong woman, yet following the destruction of Shrek Academy, she had been close to suffering a mental breakdown, and she was releasing all of those pent-up emotions now. She couldn't help but throw her arms around Tang Wulin again, but on this occasion, she was a lot more gentle and merely held him in her embrace.

Tang Wulin allowed her to hug him and sob into his chest as he silently patted her back to comfort her.

After a long while, Long Yuxue's eyes were practically shooting flames, and only then did Wu Siduo reluctantly release Tang Wulin. "Where have you been all this time, Wulin? We've been searching all over for you. If it weren't for Teacher's insistence that you were still alive, we would've given up in our search already."

"We?" Tang Wulin almost sprang up into the air upon hearing this. He abruptly grabbed onto Wu Siduo's shoulders, and asked in a fervent manner, "Did you say we? Are there more survivors aside from you? Is our teacher still alive?"

Wu Siduo nodded firmly as she smiled through her tears, and replied, "Yes, they're all still alive. Teacher, Xu Yucheng, Luo Guixing, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran are all still alive. What about you guys?"

Tang Wulin couldn't help but burst into tears after hearing all of those names. 

Wu Zhangkong was still alive. He was the teacher whom he had the closest connection with and he was also Tang Wulin's childhood idol.

Furthermore, Yang Xianxia, Zheng Yiran, Luo Guixing, and Xu Yucheng were also alive, along with Wu Siduo, who was standing before him. The most exceptional members of their class were all still alive! He still had so many friends and peers!

How could he not be excited to hear this news after such a devastating ordeal?

"They're all still alive as well; the pavilion master protected us seven monsters. This is great!" Tang Wulin was sobbing while laughing like an emotional child, and the envy in Long Yuxue's eyes had already completely faded.

She had never seen Tang Wulin release his emotions like this. In her eyes, he was always so calm and collected, yet looking at him now, it was hard to imagine that there was such a calm and steadfast facet to his personality at all.

She was even feeling rather envious toward them, envious that they had once studied together at Shrek Academy and shared so many valuable experiences. If only she had been one of them.

"Tell me what happened; how did you guys survive?" Tang Wulin urged.

Wu Siduo's expression soured upon hearing this, and a wry smile appeared on her face. "The academy's formation saved us. At the time, we were with Teacher Wu, helping him instruct the outer court junior disciple brothers and sisters in their cultivation. As you know, the five of us chose to stay at the academy even though we'd already satisfied the graduation criteria. We had already grown accustomed to life in the academy, and we loved the academy with all our hearts, so we chose to stay and become teacher aides to Teacher Wu.


"On that day, disaster suddenly struck, and the academy's teachers instantly reacted, activating the academy's defensive formation. When the Godslayer missile exploded, they bought us a minute of time by sacrificing themselves. Only then were we made aware that the academy had always had an underground sanctuary. It was only a single minute, but almost all of the teachers gave their lives to buy us that minute so the students could live on in their stead. The sanctuary had a limited capacity, and the protective barrier required energy input to be maintained, so we could only look on as one teacher after another ignited their flames of life.

"Even as they were consumed by the flames, all of them wore proud smiles as they urged us to enter the sanctuary. At the time, we wanted to join in on the defensive efforts, but Teacher Wu forced us into the sanctuary, and just as he was about to rush out to help the other teachers, Elder Li kicked him into the sanctuary as well."

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