Chapter 1162: Life Blossom

It was done! The seed of life had successfully taken root!

Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh of relief. The seed of life naturally benefitted him greatly when it was within his body, but he would still rather see the seed of life take root and flourish.

It was the representative of all life force energy in the entire plane! Tang Wulin couldn't help but be struck by a sense of lingering fear as he recalled back to how he had almost been devoured by the Holy Lord of the abyssal plane. If even the seed of life had been devoured, then the entire Douluo Continent plane would've inevitably been destroyed by the abyssal plane.

Now that the seed of life had finally taken root again, the next problem was how to make it grow stronger.

Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh of relief as the destructive energy and life force energy in the air gradually trended toward an equilibrium. Destructive energy was constantly being converted before being transferred deep into the soil by the roots of the seed of life, and Tang Wulin prepared to return to the surface of the lake.

Under normal circumstances, holding his breath for this period of time wouldn't pose any issues, but he was very feeble after lending his energy to the seed of life with all his might. This, in conjunction with the crushing water pressure this deep in the lake, was really starting to make him feel uncomfortable.

Right at this moment, the uppermost branch on the small tree suddenly rustled before a small golden flower blossomed from it. As soon as it appeared, the surrounding water was completely basked in a golden light. The flower bud grew extremely quickly and was in full bloom in the blink of an eye. Tang Wulin couldn't help but pause at the sight of this miraculous scene.

The seed of life was flowering?

Before he had a chance to think of anything else, the golden petals of the flower suddenly fell away, and a golden fruit began to grow from where the flower once was. The golden fruit then flew directly toward Tang Wulin, and it suddenly exploded right before his astonished eyes, transforming into a stream of golden liquid that flowed into his orifices.

Tang Wulin could immediately sense that an indescribable fragrance had permeated throughout every single corner of his body. The exhaustion and feebleness he had been afflicted by completely vanished, and he was even struck by the feeling that his life force seemed to have been enhanced. Even the final seven Golden Dragon King seals had become more stable.

Tang Wulin looked down at his own skin, which had become translucent, and he didn't know what had just happened. In the next instant, a golden seed silently appeared where the golden fruit had just exploded.

This seed was only around a third the size of the original seed of life, and in the instant that it appeared, it vanished straight into Tang Wulin's glabella as a streak of golden light.

The void left behind in the absence of the seed of life was filled again, and it was as if everything had returned to normal.

"Go now, my child. Through our life connection, you can transmit life force energy to me at any time. I'll be relying on you to restore the vitality of this continent."

A burst of gentle energy enveloped Tang Wulin's body as a layer of golden light, sending him rising toward the surface of the lake.

Tang Wulin was quite stunned by this development. Was this the power of the seed of life? It was already capable of communicating with him?

He wanted to say something to the seed of life, but the connection was cut off here. Right as he departed, he could see that the tree of life had clearly dimmed slightly after producing that fruit.

"Brother Luo, what was that?" Tang Wulin asked in a perplexed manner.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip immediately replied in a voice that was brimming with excitement, "This is the tribute of life! You've received the tribute of life from the tree of life! We couldn't have made a better decision than when we decided to leave the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well with you! The tribute of life from the seed of life will grant you the power of virtual immortality. It will completely elevate your life force to the demigod level, and it also forges the most direct connection between you and the seed of life.

"I see now. The seed of life is concerned that it wouldn't be able to survive here, and if you can't supply it with sufficient life force energy, it's destined to wilt away in the end anyway. Hence, it expended a lot of its energy to produce a fruit of life that allowed it to bestow a tribute of life upon you. This will allow you to better absorb the life force energy of heaven and earth. The secondary seed of life will also become a future hope that will allow the seed of life to be revived even if it were to wilt away here. The seed of life really is doing everything in its power to help us help it! We have to find sufficient life force energy for it no matter the cost. You'll understand just how important the tribute of life is to you once the seed of life becomes a huge tree."

Tang Wulin didn't completely understand what the Beautiful Silk Tulip had said, but he knew what he had to do.

It was undoubtedly the case that the tree of life was the core of the entire Douluo Star, and only by supplying it with sufficient life force energy would it be able to grow. It would then be able to reciprocate enormous life force energy to the Douluo Star, thereby restoring the vitality of the entire planet.

What he had to do now was to supply it with sufficient life force energy and to keep it from wilting away at all costs. He firmly believed that once the tree of life grew up to become the ancient Golden Tree of the past, just its power alone would be able to contribute significantly toward the revival of Shrek Academy.

As such, he had finally taken a definitive stride toward rebuilding the academy.

After emerging from the water and taking a deep breath of fresh air, Tang Wulin felt as if he were a new man. With the nourishment from the tribute of life, his heart seemed to be beating stronger than before, and this was a result of his own power, as opposed to purely the Golden Dragon King bloodline power that originated from his dragon core.

He discovered that his heart had turned into a golden color, and that it was beating just as strongly as his dragon core. This enhancement had been bestowed upon him by the rich life force energy from the tribute of life!

Just as he was preparing to swim toward the shore, he suddenly sensed violent spiritual power fluctuations on the shore right at where Long Yuxue had parked her car.

Had she encountered an enemy?

Tang Wulin instantly rose up out of the water, and even though he couldn't use his battle armor at the moment, his powers as a Soul Sage allowed him to charge over the waves.

In the distance, he could already see lights flashing from different soul skills, and these were accompanied by a series of delicate cries, as well as violent soul power fluctuations.

Long Yuxue's opponent was more powerful than he had anticipated. One had to realize that she was now a six-ring Soul Emperor, as well as an elite of the Blood God Legion, so normal Soul Masters of the same cultivation rank were no match for her.

However, the opponent that Long Yuxue was currently facing was clearly more powerful than her. She was rushing through the air like an illusionary shadow, but her attacks were also imbued with immense power, and Long Yuxue had clearly been forced onto the back foot. If it weren't for the powerful control abilities of her ice and snow martial soul and the enhancements she received from the rich water elements of the Sea God's Lake, she would've most likely already been defeated.

"Let's see how much longer you can last!" The indistinct figure let loose a delicate cry, immediately following which her body suddenly became more substantial. She transformed into a black cat that rushed toward Long Yuxue like lightning. At the same time, the black cat's front paws suddenly swelled drastically in size while its body instantly became transparent, thereby allowing it to evade Long Yuxue's ice spear attack. The giant cat paws reached Long Yuxue in the blink of an eye before crashing down toward her shoulders. Long Yuxue had already released her suit of two-word battle armor at this point, but from the power imbued within those paws, it was most likely the case that even her battle armor wouldn't be able to withstand the attack.

Right at this moment, golden light flashed, and a tall and broad figure appeared in front of Long Yuxue.

The cat's paws crashed down viciously onto the golden figure, but the latter only swayed slightly before steadying himself, standing before the black cat like an impregnable fortress.

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