Chapter 1161: Planting the Seed of Life

A resigned look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I can only get the seed of life to commence the Sea God's Lake's recovery process for now. It tells me that even though the situation here is quite horrible, it's able to use its own life force energy to convert the destructive energy here. The energy required for this will be quite significant, but if successful conversion can take place, the life force energy that would be gained would be even more enormous, and that will be very beneficial to its growth.

"That'll allow it to become far more powerful than before, and with the life force energy hidden within the rich water elements here coupled with the fact that it had been planted here to begin with, this is the best place for it to take root again. I'll plant it at the deepest point of the lakebed first, and its current life force energy supply is enough to sustain it for at least a year. After that, we'll have to supply it with more life force energy. If we can't obtain the life crystal or planar seeds, then other forms of life force energy can also suffice. However, we'll most likely have to obtain this energy through killing others."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip nodded with a serious look on his face. "That can't be helped. The seed of life is connected to the entire continent, and it's no exaggeration to say that even the future safety of the entire Douluo Star may hinge on it. If the seed of life is allowed to wilt away, then the entire place will gradually follow suit, and the human race will go down a path that will inevitably lead to extinction. Hence, we have to help the seed of life take root and recover its vitality no matter what."

"Alright, then I'll plant the seed of life here first." Tang Wulin nodded at the Beautiful Silk Tulip before asking Long Yuxue to wait for him here, then sprang up into the air and plunged down toward the lake again.

Long Yuxue couldn't help but let loose a disgruntled harrumph at the sight of Tang Wulin's calm and graceful diving technique. She had truly been worried for nothing; she didn't think that he would be such a strong swimmer.

Little did she know, Tang Wulin grew up by the sea and was forced to combat the winds and waves even as a small child, so his swimming skills were naturally quite exceptional.

There was destructive radiation energy that was constantly attempting to infiltrate his body from the surrounding water in the lake, but at this point, he had already made contact with the seed of life and was no longer affected by this energy.

The greenish-golden soul ring naturally conjured up a faint green light barrier around him, keeping the radiation at bay. Tang Wulin continued to dive deeper, and he could sense that the radiation was becoming more and more powerful the deeper he went.

This was sufficient testament to just how fearsome the Godslayer missiles were. Even a god would struggle against such insanely devastating weapons! Wasn't the human race afraid that it would destroy itself someday by creating these weapons?

The Beautiful Silk Tulip had already fused back into Tang Wulin's body, but it was also releasing its own faint fragrance. Even though that did nothing to ward off the radiation, it assisted Tang Wulin in making him more alert.

The deeper Tang Wulin dove, the dimmer the surrounding area became, and the seed of life continued to guide him onward.

Without any life forms around, the Sea God's Lake was silent to an unsettling and harrowing extent. Everything in the surrounding area was completely empty, and Tang Wulin's dragon core was beating vigorously to supply him with sufficient sustenance.

After reaching the Soul Sage level, one had actually already evolved beyond the realm of a human being, so diving underwater for extended periods of time posed no issue to him.

At this point, Tang Wulin was already several hundred meters deep into the lake, and he continued to descend. Thankfully, he had the seed of life to guide him. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult for him to find the central point of the Sea God's Lake.

Finally, the seed of life in his glabella shuddered slightly, and Tang Wulin stopped before controlling his own body to descend directly downward.

There was boundless water swirling around him, and through his spiritual power, he could even observe the faint purple radiation energy fluctuations that intermingled within the water. Even marine soul beasts with extremely powerful life forces would struggle to survive here. A faint itchy sensation appeared on his glabella, and a burst of green light shot forth before landing on the lakebed.

Immediately thereafter, a glowing figure emerged from Tang Wulin's glabella. This was an azure vine, and it burrowed directly into the lakebed, and there seemed to be no end to it as it continued to flow out of his glabella and dig deeper and deeper into the lakebed.

Tang Wulin was instantly struck by the feeling that he was being sucked dry. His soul core and dragon core were both pulsating violently, but they were releasing their purest energy into the vine in an uncontrollable manner.

Some changes began to take place on the lakebed. With the influx of the seed of life, faint green light began to emanate at the bottom of the lake, and as soon as this green light appeared, the surrounding destructive energy began to churn. This energy was naturally averse to the life force energy being released by the seed, and a dark purple vortex soon took shape around the place where the seed of life had taken root.

However, what was quite peculiar was that after the purple vortex appeared, the green light emanating from the lakebed became even brighter. The faint purple energy was being devoured by the green light in thin wisps and threads, and sure enough, the seed of life had begun to convert the destructive energy within the lake.

Tang Wulin was ecstatic to see this, and he injected his own soul power into the seed without any reservation, using the power of his Mysterious Heaven Method to assist the seed of life.

He was gradually struck by a sense of mounting feebleness, but right at this moment, an extraordinary scene ensued within the Sea God's Lake.

Tang Wulin could sense that the rich water elements had begun to fluctuate, and the tiny blue specks of light in his sensory scope were beginning to slowly manifest into larger specks of blue light. These larger specks of light were visible even to the naked eye, and they converged directly toward the seed of life, making the green light it was radiating even more pronounced.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin's glabella shuddered, and he felt as if something were struggling free of his body. Immediately thereafter, his fifth greenish-golden soul ring instantly dimmed before becoming transparent, looking as if it could vanish at any instant.

Meanwhile, the green light on the lakebed became even brighter, resembling a massive emerald. Deep within the emerald, there was a faint golden seed that was pulsating in a gentle and rhythmic manner like a heart, releasing extremely pure life force energy.

Every time its life force energy was released, large amounts of destructive energy in the surrounding area were absorbed and devoured, following which the green light continued to increase in brightness.

It had successfully taken root!

Tang Wulin was extremely elated to see this, and he wasn't dejected in the slightest at losing his fifth soul skill. The seed of life taking root was clearly far more important, and it could be said that this was an imperative step to reviving Shrek Academy. As long as the seed of life existed, Shrek Academy had a foundation and a core.

In the past, the ancient Golden Tree was like a guardian of Shrek Academy and the Sea God's Pavilion, allowing the academy to produce more powerful beings while also acting as its final line of defense. Without the Golden Tree, Tang Wulin wouldn't even be alive right now. However, as an extension of the seed of life, the Golden Tree had become quite feeble due to the progressive deterioration of the life force energy on the continent. On top of that, it had been further debilitated after bestowing so much of its power upon Tang Wulin. Otherwise, it should've been able to protect even more people.

Tang Wulin had always felt extremely guilty about this. If it weren't for him, perhaps more people would've survived.

As such, as soon as the seed of life began to take root, the pent up emotions in his heart erupted like a volcano.

Pavilion Master, Grandteacher, and all of my teachers and peers of Shrek Academy, please bless me from the heavens and allow the seed of life to flourish so our Shrek Academy can return to this continent! 

Tang Wulin's lips were tightly pursed, and his hands had reflexively balled up into tight fists as he silently appraised the seed of life while injecting his own life force energy into it without any reservation. Even though he was already beginning to feel rather feeble, he showed no signs of stopping, and the light from the seed of life grew brighter and brighter.

The tip of the seed gradually split open, and tiny little seedling emerged from the soil. Despite the vast amount of destructive energy around it, it had peeked out of the soil in a proud and resilient manner before swaying gently in the water.

In the instant that it appeared, all of the destructive energy within a radius of around 100 meters suddenly surged toward the seed of life at once.

Tang Wulin was given quite a fright by this, and he wanted to keep the energy at bay, but he didn't know how.

Right at this moment, a layer of green light radiated from the seed of life, and as soon as the destructive energy came into the contact with the light barrier, it became a part of the green light before flowing along the seedling to its roots.

Was this life conversion? Was it converting destructive energy into life energy? As expected of the seed of life!

As the seed of life continued to absorb this destructive energy, it began to grow at a rate that was discernible even to the naked eye. After just a short while, it had grown to become a small tree that was around three feet tall. The tree had seven branches, and each branch had seven leaves, all of which were of a vibrant green color and contained rich life force energy.

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